10 Best Thermogenic Supplements

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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or get shredded, a thermogenic supplement can work miracles. But not all supplements are created equal. Only an in depth analysis of the supplement’s key ingredients can determine the proper rankings of the best thermogenic supplements.

Before we jump into the review, lets make sure everyone is on the same page as to what a thermogenic is. Simply put, a thermogenic supplement is one that accelerates the rate in which your body metabolizes fat cells.

How does it work? Well it’s actually a fairly simple process. These supplements work to slightly raise our core body temperature in order to boost metabolism and burn fat. A lot of good thermogenic supplements additionally work to regulate insulin levels, suppress appetite, prevent fat cell uptake, as well as increase energy so that you can exercise harder and longer. They really are an essential component of any successful weight loss supplement regimen.

Now that you understand what a thermogenic is, and why it is important, lets jump into the rankings. The following 10 supplements are the top thermogenics available (in order of greatness).

1. Kor Nutrition: Thermakor

new thermakor bottle imageThermakor is nothing short of intense. It has quickly become my favorite weight loss product of all time! I like to use it before going to the gym, as a sort of pre-workout. It gives me great, clean energy that lasts pretty much all day long. Thermakor works to:

  • Suppress Apetite
  • Boost Metabolism (by thermogenesis)
  • Improve Digestion
  • Increase Energy

After reviewing their extensive ingredient list (16 key ingredients) and testing the product, we are convinced. This is one product you can feel AND see noticeable results. I personally dropped 1.5% body fat in 3 weeks while keeping all workout and eating consistent.

Like most popular and effective fat burners, Thermakor utilizes the powerful weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, and green tea. These are great ingredients, and should absolutely be included in all fat burners, but they are a dime a doze. What makes Thermakor unique is its addition of ingredients like Salicin, Synephrine, Hordenine, and Forslean. These ingredients work to provide an intense thermogenic burn, 4x more powerful than caffeine alone. [1]

Update: The makers of Thermakor were kind enough to offer readers of SupplementHQ a 10% off coupon (since we send them so much traffic)! Use promo code “supplementHQ” at checkout! Read the full Thermakor weight loss supplement review here.

Buy from:ThermaKor.com

2. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

hydroxycut harcore eliteThe two primary ingredients in the product are Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Coffee Extract (as made famous by Doc. Oz). Based on two clinical studies, Green Coffee Extract has shown to be affective in helping individuals lose weight. Hardcore Elite also contains Coleus Extract, which is said to promote the release of fat burning enzymes and hormones.  A very popular product – you can’t go wrong here. Read the full review of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite here.

Buy from:Amazon.com

3. BSN Hyper Shred

bsn shred reviewHyper Shred comes from a very well respected brand and performs up to expectation. This product works to boost metabolism by the power of thermogenesis, promote effective weight management, stimulate energy and focus, and boost physical performance. Hyper Shred was specifically designed to be doubled as a pre-workout as well as a thermogenic weight loss product.

Buy from:Amazon.com

4. Cellucor: Super HD

cellucor super hd themogenicCellucor’s Super HD won the bodybuilding.com fat loss supplement of the year in 2012. There’s no doubt this is a great product. Not only is this product a super thermogenic but it also boosts focus and curbs hunger. Burning fat and eating less is a great combo for losing weight.

Buy from:Amazon.com

5. OxyElite Pro

oxy elite proOxyElite is very intense thermogenic. There’s no doubt this is a strong product that gets results. OxyElite works to activate fat burning receptors as well as increasing vasodilation. It’s a great thermogenic if you plan on working out. OxyElite targets the areas of stored fat… the areas most difficult to lose fat.

6. Muscle Pharm: Shred Matrix

muscle pharm shred matrixThis product packs a ton of fat burning ingredients into every serving… a huge variety. They call it their multi system, or 8-stage fat loss system. But does it work? Majority opinion is that it effectively curbs hunger, but the energy and thermogenic power is slightly sub par in comparison to other products. Overall, a decent product if hunger is your biggest weight loss hold back.

7. MyoRipped

myoripped a good thermogenicThis is an interesting product. It is designed to not only burn fat, but also to promote muscle enhancement and boost testosterone. Active ingredients work to decrease appetite and burn fat through thermogenesis. This product also contains creatine, so unless you are working out, you probably shouldn’t be taking MyoRipped. If you fall into MyoRipped’s targeted market, thin this product may be awesome. Designed for the select few (and probably not women).

8. Universal Nutrition: Ripped Fast

universal nutrition ripped fast reviewEven at 4 capsules a serving, Ripped Fast is a fantastic buy for the money. Its primary ingredients are caffeine anhydrous (125 mg) and Green Tea extract (250 mg). Both of these ingredients together provide an insane amount of energy and a great thermogenic boost to your metabolism. Mostly, this product will help you lose excess water weight (credit patrick). There is not a lot of high quality fat blockers.

9. NGN: GlycoEnergy

glycoenergy review There’s not a lot of reviews or ratings on the web regarding this product, but we think its under rated. It has a decent ingredient profile with good thermogenic properties. This product contains green tea extract for a natural boost in metabolism (as well as antioxidant effects) and also raspberry ketone and black pepper. GlycoEnergy was designed to help regulate insulin levels which are directly related to weight loss.

10. Abidexin

abidexin reviewAbidexin contains a few great ingredients like green coffee bean and green tea. Additionally, the product contains 210 mg of caffeine anhydrous for a thermogenic boost. Overall, the product is effective in stimulating the metabolism of calories from fat, curbing appetite and blocking fat uptake within the body. Reviews seem to be so-so. Some sites rave of its effectiveness and some bash it hard.

It’s important to keep a level head when buying and using weight loss supplements. These products are designed as a tool to accelerate weight loss in combination with exercise and diet. Studies show that these ingredients on their own WILL burn additional calories, but for visual body composition improvements, you need all 3. Fat burners are 1 of the 3 pillars to weight loss success. Pursue all 3 and you are guaranteed to have results.

Have you tried any of these weight loss thermogenics? What has been working for you? Share in the comments below! Also, be sure to subscribe and follow us on the TWITTER.

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  1. Great reviews, so many choices to choose from, they all look to get the job the done

  2. I came across Thermakor while searching the web a few weeks ago. After just 2 weeks with minimal exercise I am down 14 pounds and couldnt be happier. I would recommend anyone looking for a workout/weight loss edge to give it a try.

  3. Awesome, Tom! I was intrigued with Thermakor as well when I first saw it, I’ve been using it the past 6 weeks. I haven’t lost as much weight as you, but there has definitely been a noticeable change. Here’s to losing a few more pounds!

  4. I really need these

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