Get Huge: What to Take

Here are our guides and supplement reviews for bulking up and getting huge. We're all about that massive aesthetic look, paired with functional strength. Check out our articles below for help bulking up.

10 Best Pre Workout Supplements

A quality, well made, complete pre workout means more to us than words can describe. Yeah, this sounds dramatic, but once you’ve found your perfect mix of stimulant and performance in a pre-workout supplement… It just all makes sense. Purposes align. With the right pre-workout, variables in your life that once mattered and really interfered […]

PRE by ORIGIN Review

While we are mega into brain supplements on this site, we also love getting our lift on too. Lately, we’ve been getting back into awesome shape, and with that comes a new pre workout supplement review. What are we taking? PRE by Origin Supplements. When we first saw this pre workout, we weren’t that sold. […]

Best BCAA Supplements – A Definitive Guide

Here’s a thought I’m sure most of you have had but are kinda embarrassed that you don’t already know the answer… or maybe that’s just me. “What is the difference between BCAA’s and protein?” Everyone knows that BCAA’s are “the building blocks of protein”, and that protein contains BCAA (and a variety of other amino […]

Best Human Growth Hormone (AKA.. The Fountain of Youth)

The quest for a fountain of youth as intrigued mankind since days of Herodotus in the 5th century B.C. This mythical spring of water that restores the youth and vitality of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters is wildly sought after even to this day- but perhaps the search ended in 1981! The […]

ON’s Essential Amino Energy Product Review

This just might be my new favorite pre-workout/intra-workout ever! Essential AmiN.O Energy product highlights: Increased energy and focus for improved workout & exercise experience Provide essential amino acids for muscle recovery and growth Increased Nitric Oxide (hence the strange capitalization of N.O. in “amino”) Exercise longer and harder One could argue that the old-school days of […]

MusclePharm Z-Core PM Review

You may just be like me and overlook that whole, “don’t take preworkouts four hours before bedtime as they may cause sleeplessness.” Well, yeah, preworkouts will keep you up late if you take them too late in the day. Having done that before, I started looking into sleep aids. When it comes to trying new […]

Review of Shock Therapy by Universal Nutrition

The original Shock Therapy was the go to preworkout. Universal Nutrition, the same company famous for the Animal line of supplements, recently revamped Shock Therapy. Universal Nutrition describes Shock Therapy as an “all-in-one pre-workout powerhouse”. A 1.85 lbs can contains 42, one scoop servings. Each serving is about 20g and has a great profile. Each […]

Aftershock by Myogenix

Aftershock Myogenix is a powerful post workout recovery drink. It’s not too pricey at around $2.10 per serving but it packs a punch. It has an excellent ingredient profile and is great tasting. Like similar post workout recovery drinks, Myogenix is higher in calories when compared to traditional protein shakes. The mentality is different though: […]

MHP Dark Matter Review

Dark Matter by MHP is my favorite post work out protein/recovery drink. When I lift at the gym, I push myself and go all out. When it’s time to drop the weights after the final rep, I am ready and waiting for a delicious beverage to quench my thirst and provide my body the nutrients […]

7 Best Smelling Salts for Athletes

You’ve heard of smelling salts before. For centuries they’ve been used almost exclusively to revive people who have lost consciousness. It just so happens that the same properties that make smelling salts so great at reviving people, also serves to deliver a heck of an energy boost. In the past 20 years or so smelling […]