M Theory Quantum T Test Booster Review

Test boosters are like business cards for fitness companies, everybody got one and they are always cheap. Well, until Quantum T. Quantum T has large doses of the most scientifically backed natural test boosters to date. No flash, no filler, no false claims – just gobs of the ingredients that actually work. With Quantum T, […]

Best D Mannose Supplements – Complete Guide and Overview

D Mannose – Best In Class at Preventing UTI Infections D Mannose Supplements are made from a form of sugar which is related to glucose. Supplements of this type are utilized in order to prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections) and in order to treat glycoprotein syndrome that is carbohydrate-deficient in type. This syndrome is a […]

Protein Intake for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss – Maximum Effect

Protein. Your body loves this stuff. Everything that makes up you, from the top of your head to the tip of your long toe, is made up of some form of protein. Just by living, you have an RDA recommended daily need of 56 grams of protein as a man, and 46 as a woman […]

PRE by ORIGIN Review

While we are mega into brain supplements on this site, we also love getting our lift on too. Lately, we’ve been getting back into awesome shape, and with that comes a new pre workout supplement review. What are we taking? PRE by Origin Supplements. When we first saw this pre workout, we weren’t that sold. […]

ORIGIN Performance Whey Review

No matter if we are in an intense training week, or hitting the books hard getting next to zero exercise – team SHQ is always leveraging protein shakes to up our protein to calories ratio. As of lately, Performance Whey has been our go-to powder for high quality whey protein isolate in a seriously great […]

Think Gum Review

Big thanks to Think Gum for sending me a stack of their delicious chewing gum to try and review. One of my favorite and most delicious samples to date! Think Gum is exactly what the name implies… Chewing gum to help stimulate thinking, focus, and memory. It basically delivers small doses of nootropic brain-boosting ingredients […]

Growth Factor-9 Review: Complex Hormone Antecedent

Growth hormone, or HGH as it is more commonly referred, is the ultimate tool for boosting lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, our bodies stop producing (or dramatically slow) after adolescence. The benefits of HGH are substantial. To list a few, HGH can promote increased metabolism (great for calorie burning /weight loss), increase muscle mass, improved endurance […]

Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk Review

Transparent Labs is brand new in the industry, and in my opinion, they are a supplement company finally doing things right. They make all their products with 100% formula transparency. They don’t use food coloring/dyes, artificial sweeteners, or unsupported claims. In fact, the amount of claims on their site is pretty slim – instead letting […]

Comprehensive Quadralean Review by RSP Nutrition

Not all fat is created equal. Believe it or not, some fat is harder to lose than others. Sometimes, exercise and eating healthy just wont get you the results you want fast enough. Whether you have been engaging in a healthy lifestyle for sometime, or if you are looking to begin on your journey there is […]

FENFAST 375 Rapid Fat Burner Review

In my opinion, one should avoid any product that makes claims that sound to good to be true. The word “rapid” in the name “Fenfast 375: Rapid Fat Burner” sets my bull sh*t alarm off every time. But that being said, here at supplementHQ we strive to provide complete, unbiased reviews, regardless of personal word biases. Weight […]