PRE by ORIGIN Review

While we are mega into brain supplements on this site, we also love getting our lift on too. Lately, we’ve been getting back into awesome shape, and with that comes a new pre workout supplement review. What are we taking? PRE by Origin Supplements. When we first saw this pre workout, we weren’t that sold. […]

Staunch Koala Freak Pre Workout Review

Koala Freak by Staunch Supplements is no joke. Inside this pre workout, there’s a supernova of different pre workout qualities that smash together all-into-one, in a way that we’ve never seen done right before. What does that mean? What is different? Koala Freak Is a Super Stimulant Pre Workout Koala Freak Has a Full Pump […]

Staunch PRE Original Review

Not even going to try to deny it, we had a great time reviewing the new Pre Original Pre Workout by Staunch. Between Pre Original and its comrades: PRE Zero-Stim and PRE Koala Freak – this line has something for any type of lifter to appreciate. To give you a taste of what’s to come: Staunch Original Pre Workout […]

Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk Review

Transparent Labs is brand new in the industry, and in my opinion, they are a supplement company finally doing things right. They make all their products with 100% formula transparency. They don’t use food coloring/dyes, artificial sweeteners, or unsupported claims. In fact, the amount of claims on their site is pretty slim – instead letting […]

ON’s Essential Amino Energy Product Review

This just might be my new favorite pre-workout/intra-workout ever! Essential AmiN.O Energy product highlights: Increased energy and focus for improved workout & exercise experience Provide essential amino acids for muscle recovery and growth Increased Nitric Oxide (hence the strange capitalization of N.O. in “amino”) Exercise longer and harder One could argue that the old-school days of […]

USPLabs Amino Lift Review

Brand new product announcement from USPLabs – Amino Lift contains essential amino acids, 1000% RDI (recommended Daily Intake) B-Vitamins, and provides “clean energy and focus.” Sounds like an awesome pre-workout. Stay tuned for more information once this product is released. We will definitely be trying it out.

Review of Shock Therapy by Universal Nutrition

The original Shock Therapy was the go to preworkout. Universal Nutrition, the same company famous for the Animal line of supplements, recently revamped Shock Therapy. Universal Nutrition describes Shock Therapy as an “all-in-one pre-workout powerhouse”. A 1.85 lbs can contains 42, one scoop servings. Each serving is about 20g and has a great profile. Each […]

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre Workout Review

When it comes to choosing supplement brands, Optimum Nutrition is well known and is a great choice. ON has been making supplements for many years and has some great and dominant products, e.g., Gold Standard Whey. When they finally announced Platinum Pre, I knew they were onto something great. A can of Platinum Pre usually […]

Purecap Labs: StokED Pre-Workout Review

An obvious knock off of the original Jack3d in terms of naming and labeling, this product is actually different in terms of ingredient profile. StokED has a 4,433 mg proprietary blend  consisting of L-Citrulline Malate, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, L-Arginine, Caffeine, and Schizanda… in order of quantity. StokED’s primary ingredient, L-Citrulline is included to combat muscle fatigue […]

Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre-Workout Review

Cellucor’s C4 Extreme pre-workout supplement has topped the list for years. An all around fantastic product providing excellent pump and energy to take your lifts to the next level. C4 has a very good profile of ingredients, which other companies try and mirror, but do so with lesser quality. You can trust that this product […]