10 Best Protein Powder Supplements for Men and Women

If you have had any exposure to the fitness world, you most certainly have heard of the importance of protein powder. It’s no gimmick.  Protein supplementation is perhaps the single most important element in fitness nutrition. What does it do? In short, protein provides your body with the building blocks needed to repair and grow. It […]

Protein Intake for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss – Maximum Effect

Protein. Your body loves this stuff. Everything that makes up you, from the top of your head to the tip of your long toe, is made up of some form of protein. Just by living, you have an RDA recommended daily need of 56 grams of protein as a man, and 46 as a woman […]

ORIGIN Performance Whey Review

No matter if we are in an intense training week, or hitting the books hard getting next to zero exercise – team SHQ is always leveraging protein shakes to up our protein to calories ratio. As of lately, Performance Whey has been our go-to powder for high quality whey protein isolate in a seriously great […]

Aftershock by Myogenix

Aftershock Myogenix is a powerful post workout recovery drink. It’s not too pricey at around $2.10 per serving but it packs a punch. It has an excellent ingredient profile and is great tasting. Like similar post workout recovery drinks, Myogenix is higher in calories when compared to traditional protein shakes. The mentality is different though: […]

MHP Dark Matter Review

Dark Matter by MHP is my favorite post work out protein/recovery drink. When I lift at the gym, I push myself and go all out. When it’s time to drop the weights after the final rep, I am ready and waiting for a delicious beverage to quench my thirst and provide my body the nutrients […]

Review of Elite Mass by Dymatize Nutrition

Reaching all the way to number 2 on our Top 10 Best Weight Gainer Protein list is Elite Mass by Dymatize Nutrition.  For the athlete or gym rat who is trying bulk up or the man or women who has been blessed and cursed with an incredibly fast metabolism, you are going to want to […]

iSatori Bio-Gro Review

Bio-Gro, by iSatori, is part of a new breed of lean muscle building products to hit the fitness scene. Described by iSatori as “fertilizer for your muscles”, it has received an outpouring of positive reviews with consumers for noticeable results in helping to overcome previous muscle building plateaus. Word around the supplement community is that […]