Driven Sports Craze PreWorkout Review

craze pre workout reviewCraze is known for its ability to boost focus and improve mood… and based on our testing, it does just that. Some people even go as far as to describe it as “tunnel vision.” Simply put, you get locked in with gym hunger, fueling your workouts with blind rage and energy. Endurance is good and can easily extend your workouts 30-50%.craze ingredients

Craze is one of the first mainstream pre-workout products to use what is frequently being called, the “DMAA alternative” – Dendrobium. Dendrobium is a central nervous system stimulant that boosts energy and elevates mood. This, combined with other leading stimulants effectively work to provide clean (jitter free) energy perfect for big lifts and extended workouts.

Overall, fantastic energy, focus, and endurance from Craze by Driven Sports. See where Craze ranks on our top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplement Post.

Dendrobex, Citramine, and caffiene all add up to make this an awesome energy enhancing product.
Craze contains Creatine Monohydrate and L-Citrulline for enhance muscle pumps and vasularity. Additionally, your insane drive boosts pump naturally. Really don't need more.
Ingredients in Craze work to have an awesome effect on focus and mental awareness, primarily by boosting dopamine.
Relatively gross but no unbarable
An average priced pre-workout. Can't complain here.
Overall a fantastic pre workout and definitely worth a try. We think a lot of companies are going to follow suit - at least with Craze's killer energy blend.

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  1. I miss Craze. Why is it not available anymore?

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