Top 10 Best Prohormones

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Building that perfect physique is one of toughest challenges a man or women can undertake.  You start out by finding a gym and setting a schedule.  You stick to your schedule and add a carefully thought out supplement plan.  You have a quality protein supplement post workout and you have a powerful pre-workout supplement.  Your diet is lean and healthy.  The gains are coming quickly but all of a sudden, they stop.  You have hit the wall.

Pro-hormones are supplements designed for the person who is dedicated to gaining that god like physique.  They are serious supplements for serious goals.  Pro-hormones are the milder/safer cousins of steroids and therefore should be taken with caution.  Pro-hormones are the precursors to actual hormones like testosterone.  You need to have a good diet and a great workout schedule to see those truly massive gains (anywhere for 10-15 lbs for most products).

As far as preventing possible bad side effects you MUST have a quality PCT (post cycle therapy) to take immediately after your cycle of pro-hormones is complete.  This won’t only keep bad side effects at bay but will help you keep the gains you build during your cycle.  We also recommend an Omega 3 supplement while on cycle.  Also some sort of liver support is always recommended as your body is going into overdrive mode and your liver is trying to flush out more toxins than usual.

1. Dual Andro Stack

This is a combination stack of the #2 and #3 prohormone on our list. This is the 1-2 punch for not only gaining mass and lean muscle, but also for helping you stay cut and lean while you are doing so.

Many users are seeing up to 8lbs of muscle mass while still remaining or getting their bodyfat even lower than at the beginning of their cycle.

You should take this stack for at least 4-6 weeks, while some stay on it for 8 weeks.

2. IronMagLabs 4-Andro

This prohormone is a favorite for those look to do a bulking cycle. Where 1-andro is good for cutting, 4-andro is awesome for bulking. This is a great prohormone that you can use for 4-6 weeks and gain up to 10lbs of mass. Some users have seen even more.

I have personally used 4-andro and saw about 8lbs of mass increase…I would say 90% of that was muscle. I was trying to stay relatively lean so I am sure I could have gained even more.

3.IronMagLabs 1-Andro

For those who are fans of IronMagLabs, their 1-Andro is a very popular seller. Many people actually stack this with the 4-andro. Where the 4-andro is more geared towards those looking to bulk up, this 1-andro formula is perfect for those looking for a cutting cycle.

This is another formula I have personally taken. I didn’t see much size from it (maybe 4-5lbs of lean muscle), but I lifted heavier than I have ever done in the past. I hit PR’s in every lift within about 4 weeks.

4. Advanced Muscle Science 1-Andro Liquid

This formula is gaining popularity as it’s one of the only liquid prohormones on the market. Plus it’s the potent 1-andro, so this one will be great for cutting and strength. Being in a liquid form, AMS says that this will be much quicker to be absorbed and much more effective than the pill form from other manufacturers.

Users of this prohormone often love the muscle hardening effects of it.

5. LG Sciences Bulking Andro Kit (6 Week Cycle)

Out of the prohormone kits on the market, the LG Sciences Bulking Andro Kit is hands down the most popular. This kit is the go to stack for those wanting to gain muscle mass, especially during a bulk. It contains three different prohormones and a PCT in one kit. It makes it very easy to use and has everything you need.

Expect lean muscle mass gains, strength and more aggression in and outside the gym.

6. Advanced Muscle Science Anabolic Growth Kit (4 Week Cycle)

This powerful kit is for those looking to increase lean muscle mass and strength in only 4 short weeks. This awesome kit contains 4-AD, 1-Andro and Decavol. This powerful combination means big gains without questions. All in one kit. We would recommend picking up a cycle support and PCT supplement for this kit though.

Advanced Muscle Science claims you can gain up to 15lbs in just 30 days!

7. LG Sciences Trifecta Andro Kit (6 Week Cycle)

super dmz 2.0 reviewThis is another popular kit from LG Sciences. LG Sciences recommends this kit for anyone looking to build lean muscle mass and strength, but at the same time getting ripped and lean. More for people looking to cut and to bulk up. It contains Epi-Andro and M1D-Andro, along with a PCT supplement.

This is the original kit from LG Sciences. Still popular today for those looking to cut.

8. Advanced Muscle Science Decavol RDe Chrome

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This product is perfect for those looking to get the leanest, dry gains possible in the least amount of time. With the new RDe formula, you should expect it to be even 30% strongest than previously. It also has a joint ingredient to help reduce joint pain which is common when taking prohormones.

This formula is also available in liquid.

9.  Blackstone Labs OstaPure (SARM)

alpha 20 review

Technically not a prohormone, but a SARM. All the rage right now due to the gains you can achieve off of it and none of the side effects of prohormones. And instead of taking it for only 4 weeks, you can take it up to 12 weeks!

Users are seeing big gains in lean mass, cutting bodyfat and increases in strength. One recommendation…take a anti-estrogen supplement about 1/2 way through your cycle as some experience estrogen increases (common with prohormones too).

10. Blackstone Labs Epi-Cat

blackstone labs metha quad reviewThis is also not technically a prohormone, but a brand new Epicatechin supplement that claims to help block Myostatin…which can unleash gains that were not possible before. Just released in February of 2015, it’s gaining more and more popularity for lean muscle mass and strength gains.

Blackstone Labs recommends taking it for 8 weeks and to see the full potential of what this supplement can do!

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  1. Kevin Tran says:

    How dangerous are prohormones? Im scared to try them.

  2. Follow the label and you shouldnt have any problems. They are not steroids.

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