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Building that perfect physique is one of toughest challenges a man or women can undertake.  You start out by finding a gym and setting a schedule.  You stick to your schedule and add a carefully thought out supplement plan.  You have a quality protein supplement post workout and you have a powerful pre-workout supplement.  Your diet is lean and healthy.  The gains are coming quickly but all of a sudden, they stop.  You have hit the wall.

Pro-hormones are supplements designed for the person who is dedicated to gaining that god like physique.  They are serious supplements for serious goals.  Pro-hormones are the milder/safer cousins of steroids and therefore should be taken with caution.  Pro-hormones are the precursors to actual hormones like testosterone.  You need to have a good diet and a great workout schedule to see those truly massive gains (anywhere for 10-15 lbs for most products).

As far as preventing possible bad side effects you MUST have a quality PCT (post cycle therapy) to take immediately after your cycle of pro-hormones is complete.  This won’t only keep bad side effects at bay but will help you keep the gains you build during your cycle.  We also recommend an Omega 3 supplement while on cycle.  Also some sort of liver support is always recommended as your body is going into overdrive mode and your liver is trying to flush out more toxins than usual.

1. Havoc by RPN

rpn havoc prohormone reviewHavoc (also known as epistane).  We put Havoc at #1 because it is a powerful non-estrogenic testosterone booster and is easily accessible. It truly breaks through any wall or plateau you might be encountering and it will do it with minimal side effects.

Other epistane clones have been known to be under dosed but we haven’t seen that with RPN’s version. The pumps and gains you see from a cycle of Havoc will truly surprise you.  It isn’t we have seen most cases gaining around the 10 lb. mark and it is hard lean muscle.  Looking down at your arms you’d think you’re continuously flexing.  It gives you a very hard, big and lean look.

If you want to explode that barrier that’s stopping your gains Havoc is your dynamite.

2. Xtreme Mass by Anabolic Technologies

xtreme mass supplement reviewXtreme mass is a newer supplement that has hit the mass gaining pro-hormone market.  It takes our number two spot because it is simple, effective, and easy on the wallet.  That’s what this list is about, not just what is best but what is easily accessible as well.

I recently had a colleague who gained 20 lbs from one cycle!  It is a mass gainer which means it’s not just muscle you’re gaining so most cut down with diet and cardio after their cycle.  It is very similar to Super-drol but from what we’ve read much more effective and safe.

3. Reign by Dark Cyde

reign dark cydeReign is a less known product that we’ve seen to be very effective.  We put it a little farther down on the list just because we recommend it for an athelete who is more experienced with a pro-hormone cycle.  Strength, size and pump will go way up on Reign.

Two pills a day were all that was required for massive gains in strength.  This product is non estrogenic so it does not convert to estrogen in your system.


4. Halo Suspension by Helica Pharm

halo suspension reviewHalo Suspension, like the top 3 before it, delivers rapid muscle growth, increases in strength, muscle hardening, and solid pumps.  The key ingredient that Helica Pharm uses to deliver these gains is Dymethazine.

We recommend pro-hormones which have Dymethazine as an ingredient because it is an incredibly potent compound, akin to superdrol, but much lower chances of side effects.


5. Halobolin by MyoPharma

halobolin prohormeMyoPharma has been around for years and is regarded as a quality company in the prohormone industry.  Their main ingredient in Halobolin is the incredibly powerful Halodrol.

From our research we have concluded that Halobolin is the one of the biggest bangs for your buck you can find.  You get great gains for a good price.


6. Epistane by IBE

epistane prohormoneWe’ve seen Epistane deliver time and time again with strength and increased training intensity.  It really gives you an aggressive mental state in the gym.

A nice part about Epistane is that it gives you a lean, dry look and reduces fat storage in the body.  Very good prohormone for those trying to lose weight but gain muscle.


7. Raptor Redux by NutraClipse

raptor reduxRaptor Redux was designed for the serious bodybuilder.  It delivers massive gains to those whose diets and workouts are already in top shape.  It uses methylated compounds to deliver loads of strength building testosterone.

The cycle should last you a month and in that time you will see some definite changes in your muscle size and strength.


8. Sledge by Dark Cyde

sledge prohormoneSledge is the mass gaining cousin of Dark Cyde’s other product Reign.  It’s another quality product which delivers more mass than the more defined cuts of Reign.

It is a great product for the serious body builder on a budget.


9.  Oxanavar by Pro-anabolic

oxanavarOther staff here and I personally have had great results with Anavar products.  It may not grant you huge loads of muscle but you will absolutely see an increase in strength.

As a competitive rugby player for me Anavar’s biggest upside was the recovery.  My body seemed to recover fast from hard cardio and training.  This is invaluable for most athletes because the faster you recover, the faster your back out there training.

We recommend a dose of 2-3 capsules daily for the duration of the cycle.


10. Bedlam by Underground Pharma

bedlam prohormone reviewBedlam is a newer product that has been giving guys some huge gains.  It is a little on the pricey side but if you are looking for pure mass then this is the supplement for you.


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T.C. has been around weightlifting and fitness since he was young. His father was a professional body builder and made sure his son knew the tools of the trade. T.C. has 6 years of experience in the supplement industry and a degree in bio chemistry. In his spare time he is an avid rugby player and loves spending time with his wife Britta in nature. Connect with him on Google+.


  1. Kevin Tran says:

    How dangerous are prohormones? Im scared to try them.

  2. Follow the label and you shouldnt have any problems. They are not steroids.

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