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prohormones vs steroids

Building that perfect physique is one of toughest challenges a man or women can undertake.  You start out by finding a gym and setting a schedule.  You stick to your schedule and add a carefully thought out supplement plan.  You have a quality protein supplement post workout and you have a powerful pre-workout supplement.  Your diet is lean and healthy.  The gains are coming quickly but all of a sudden, they stop.  You have hit the wall.

Pro-hormones are supplements designed for the person who is dedicated to gaining that god like physique.  They are serious supplements for serious goals.  Pro-hormones are the milder/safer cousins of steroids and therefore should be taken with caution.  Pro-hormones are the precursors to actual hormones like testosterone.  You need to have a good diet and a great workout schedule to see those truly massive gains (anywhere for 10-15 lbs for most products).

As far as preventing possible bad side effects you MUST have a quality PCT (post cycle therapy) to take immediately after your cycle of pro-hormones is complete.  This won’t only keep bad side effects at bay but will help you keep the gains you build during your cycle.  We also recommend an Omega 3 supplement while on cycle.  Also some sort of liver support is always recommended as your body is going into overdrive mode and your liver is trying to flush out more toxins than usual.

1. Havoc by RPN

rpn havoc prohormone reviewHavoc (also known as epistane).  We put Havoc at #1 because it is a powerful non-estrogenic testosterone booster and is easily accessible. It truly breaks through any wall or plateau you might be encountering and it will do it with minimal side effects.

Other epistane clones have been known to be under dosed but we haven’t seen that with RPN’s version. The pumps and gains you see from a cycle of Havoc will truly surprise you.  It isn’t we have seen most cases gaining around the 10 lb. mark and it is hard lean muscle.  Looking down at your arms you’d think you’re continuously flexing.  It gives you a very hard, big and lean look.

If you want to explode that barrier that’s stopping your gains Havoc is your dynamite.

2. IronMagLabs Super DMZ 3.0

This prohormone has become so popular due to 3 potent compounds within the product. People notice huge increases in weigh gain, muscle mass and strength. This is a strong one so make sure that you are familiar with the pct and cycle support you need to take!

I personally have used Super DMZ 3.0 and gained about 12lbs of weight. I would say about 10lbs was muscle. I hit my max on deadlift, squat and bench as well. I did the cycle for 5 weeks, so a little over the 4 weeks recommendation, but the gains were insane.

3.Halo-V by Vital Labs

Halo V Review

This prohormone is a halodrol compound and is a favorite of those looking to get more of that ripped, dry look while maintaining the muscle mass they have. Expect to gain lean muscle and lose a lot of fat while on this prohormone. Due to it being milder, less side effects.

This is a perfect prohormone for the beginner or the advanced user. It’s milder, so no problems with beginner users, but also gets you get up, which is why advanced users love it!

4. M-Sten by Assault Labs

This formula is a pure M-Sten compound. Each capsule has 4mg of Methylstenbolone. Most will use this product for mass and strength. This is one of the top selling because it works…over and over again. People tend to work well off this compound and this brand. That is why it’s the most popular m-sten on the market.

Because most people work well with this product, it is recommended for many looking into increase size and strength. It is still a very powerful prohormone and should only be used by intermediate and advanced users.

5. EPI 2a3a by Vital Labs

Epistane is one of the most popular prohormones for getting that hard, ripped look. It’s perfect for leaning out or staying lean while going through a bulking cycle, which is why many people stack it with other prohormones. An added benefit is that it also can increase libido, which is extra important while on cycle.

From our research people use this product as a standalone or stack with another more mass-focused prohormone to help to stay lean.

6. Halo Extreme by IronMagLabs

This is a mild prohormone perfect for the beginner user or the advanced user. This is a halodrol compound so you can expect this to help you really lean out and get that hard look. It has very few side effects, which is why it’s a perfect for time prohormone.

Many people use this prohormone before a bodybuilding show or in the spring, as it’s great at leaning you out.

7. Super DMZ 2.0 by Blackstone Labs

super dmz 2.0 reviewThis one is closely related to Super 3.0 by IronMagLabs, but only contains two compounds. Not to say that is anything to sneeze at! This is still a very powerful prohormone, just better for intermediate users and less side effects.

Because this still has two compounds, count on big gains in strength and muscle mass. PCT and Cycle Support definitely needed.

8. Beast Flexx by Assault Labs

assault labs beast plexx reviewThis is one of the strongest prohormones you will come across due to it being a quad compound. This means it has four different compounds. Because of that, it’s only recommended for advanced users. Big strength gains and muscle mass follow.

This one is more expensive than many here due to all the compounds. People literally go “beast mode” on this prohormone so get ready if you are going to take it!

9.  Alpha 20 by LGI

alpha 20 reviewRemeber M1T? If not, look it up! This was the hottest prohormone out in early 2000’s, until it was banned. Well this is a precursor to M1T, so it’s going to give you the closest results to it! This mean big strength gains and muscle mass. This is a favorite from the guys here.

One of the best things about this prohormone is the price too. If you are on a budget and want size, this is the perfect compound for you.

10. Metha-Quad Extreme by Blackstone Labs

blackstone labs metha quad reviewThis prohormone is just crazy. This is the second quad compound prohormone on the list, but this one is strongest as all hell. It has four compounds that are very powerful. ONLY FOR ADVANCED USERS. This one will knock your socks off, and the reviews from people are amazing. Part of the reason it’s so expensive!

Why #10? It’s because this is the newest prohormone of the bunch, just released in mid-2014. I am sure this will climb the list as more reviews come in.

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  1. Kevin Tran says:

    How dangerous are prohormones? Im scared to try them.

  2. Follow the label and you shouldnt have any problems. They are not steroids.

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