10 Best Creatine Supplements

get huge with creatine
Forget what you may have heard from skeptics, creatine is essential and one of the most important supplements for bodybuilding. If it wasn’t important, your body wouldn’t naturally produce it. Oh, you didn’t know that? Yep its true.

Creatine is simply a combination of 3 amino acids – arginine, glycine, and methionine. This threesome works to convert spent ATP (aka ADP) back into ATP to be used for muscle energy. In essence, creatine helps recycle energy.

Quick note on water weight, the #1 fear people have in regards to creatine:

  1. Yes, creatine will increase your bodies overall water weight, but not dramatically.
  2. The first 1-2 pounds of weight gain can be attributed to water, the subsequent gains are do to increased muscle mass as creatine helps to BUILD MUSCLE.
  3. It works by pulling more water into your muscle’s cells, increasing protein synthesis and enabling increased physical output.

In essence, take creatine and your muscles will grow!

This is not supplement company marketing bullsh*t. This is the most tried and tested, proven to work, sports enhancement ingredient available, followed close by whey protein.

Creatine can be found in small quantities in both fish and red meat, but obtaining sufficient levels from natural food sources is difficult. So that’s where supplements become critical.


Fun fact, it would take 2.5 pounds of beef to get the optimal 5 grams of creatine.

Best Creatine Supplements to take for Strength and Size

The following is a list of the best creatine supplements – in order of awesomeness.

1. Transparent Labs Creatine HMB

Top Creatine Powder BrandTransparent Labs makes pretty awesome supplements with full label disclosure and products dosed at clinically tested levels.

So it should come to no surprise that their product contains a full 5 grams of Creapure (considered  the high end supplier of pure creatine monohydrate).

Monohydrate is bar none, the most tested and proven form of creatine. Other forms (listed below) have their fans, but none compare in terms of “proof” to monohydrate.

2. Vitadirect Creatine Monohydrate (Micronized) (Value Deal)

Creatine DealIf you are all about getting a solid deal, Vitadirect’s Micronized Creatine Monohydrate is the only option.

With VitaDirect, you’re getting 100 servings of micronized creatine monohydrate for under $14 dollars using amazon prime shipping! That’s a steal.

And yes, we’ve taken this stuff, the quality is on point, it just isn’t as officially recognized as creapure and doesn’t come with HMB like the legendary TL Creatine HMB above.

3. ProMera Sports: Con-Cret

con-cret reviewsCon-Cret by ProMera Sports contains creatine HCL which is just creatine monohydrate bonded to hydrocloric acid – which helps make the creatine more soluble in water. No need to load days before hand with this product, it should have noticeable effects on muscle endurance with the first dose. Additionally, it is believed that with creatine HCl there are less side effects (like water retention). One of our favorite benefits to Con-Cret is its microdosing formulation. Get the same effects as taking 3 grams of creatine with only 750 mg.

4. Muscle Pharm: Creatine

muscle pharm creatine reviewCan’t decide which type of creatine you prefer? Try Creatine by Muscle Pharm. This product combines 5 different types of creatine. (Monohydrate, ABB, Nitrate, Malate, and MagnaPower).

5. All American EFX: Kre-Alkalyn

EFX Kre Alkalyn ReviewKre-Alkalyn is commonly referred to as PH correct creatine monohydrate. The PH levels play a crucial role in the reaction the supplement has with stomach acid… basically effecting absorption. No loading necessary.

6. Beast Creature

beast creature creatineThis supplement has some fantastic reviews. Creature combines 4 different types of creatine including: Creapure as mentioned above, MagnaPower which is creatine bonded with magnesium to form Creatine Chelate, Create Anahydrous which is creatine with the water molecule removed, and Creatine AKG. Creature is reported to have fantastic purity and rapid uptake. If it wasn’t for the price, this creatine supplement could have easily taken the number one spot.

7. Optimum: Micronized Creatine Powder

micronized creatine powder reviewTaking a different approach is Optimum’s Micronized Creatine Powder. Primary difference here is this supplement is composed of the classic, Creatine Monohydrate made from the CreaPure brand – which a large percentage of body builders swear by. This product offers 99.99% pure creatine and no additives. For the price, you just can’t go wrong here.

8. AST: Micronized Creatine Powder

AST micronized creatineAST claims to have created a new form of creatine monohydrate that incorprates PMT or Particle Micronizing Technology. These creatine particles are 20 times smaller then normal creatine and results in better absorption, no upset stomach, and improved results.

9. Labrada: Kre-Alkalyn

labrada kre alkalyn review1 capsule of Labrada’s Kre-Alkalyn is equivalent to 7.5 grams of powdered creatine monohydrate. Corrected to a PH of 12, this Kre-Alkalyn boasts superiorly improved absorption and improved interaction with stomach acid.

10. Universal Nutrition: Creatine

universal nutrition creatine reviewUniversal Nutrition provides quality products, and their Creatine is no different. This is your standard, tried and tested, proven to be effective,  creatine monohydrate. Help restore ATP within your body with this great product.

11. ABB: Crea-Force

crea-force reviewBoost muscle strength and power with ABB’s Crea-Force. Made with the German made CreaPure, Crea-Force is pure creatine monohydrate in 5 gram servings.

FYI: There are hundreds of fantastic pre-workout supplements that also contain your daily servings of creatine. Read our article on 10 Best PreWorkout Supplements here.

Do you have a favorite Creatine supplement or brand? Let us know what works for you below. Monthly product giveaway recipients are chosen from the comments!

Just incase you are interested, we have put together a list of the…

7 Most Popular Types of Creatine

  1. Monohydrate: Commonly regarded as the most studied dietary supplement in history, creatine monohydrate has been proven time and again to be effective to resynthesize ATP. Effective absorption is commonly disputed. Large loading fazes are required for optimal effectiveness.
  2. Creatine-ethyl-ester: CEE is essentially a creatine molecule with ester attached. The results are no need for loading faze and increased absorption. Some reports claim as much as 99% absorption.  It is more effective and tastes terrible in powder form.
  3. Hydrochloride (HCL): Creatine HCL contains a hydrochloride, making it a salt. This change makes it one of the most soluble and bioavailable creatines on the market. No loading faze required. There is substantially less research on Creatine HCL, but reported user experience is very positive.
  4. Micronized: Micronized creatine is creatine monohydrate refined to smaller particles (20x smaller). The primary benefit of micronized creatine is mixability and faster absorption.
  5. Kre-Alkalyn: Kre-Alk is relatively new, being patented in 2008. It essentially is creatine monohydrate with a pH buffer. This stops the breakdown of creatine into creatinine in the stomach, allowing pure creatine to be passed along to the muscle cells. The results are less bloating and more appropriate water retention.
  6. Citrate: This too is a bonded creatine with improved absorption.
  7. Malate: This is creatine monohydrate bonded to malic acid. The benefits of this are it blends easy with water and transfers water more efficiently throughout the body. This is particularly helpful for people with gastro-intestinal issues.  This type of creatine is expensive.
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  1. Im a big fan of kre-alkalyn. I woulda put it first. But other then that, this is a great list. Cant go wrong with any of those products. All fantastic brands from good companies. Lets see some more posts! You guys should consider doing a brain supplement ranking. No good ones out there.

  2. Andrew Flenery says

    I have been using USPLabs jack 3d pre workout supplement which contains creatine. Jack 3d is an effective pre workout supplement and many body builders in my gym are using this supplement and getting bodybuilding benefits. Thanks for listing these branded products with us. But one thing I want to say that we should be very careful while choosing any kind of supplement and should consult with our doctor.

  3. It drives me nuts when people say they dont need creatine! Or that it just ads water weight. This is a great post! Everyone should read the intro. Concrete is my favorite.

  4. Daniel Yang says

    Creatine is good for only minimal gains in my opinion. I started using con-cret about 3 months ago. Probably increased my lifts by about 5%. I wouldn’t expect much more than that.

  5. Chealsea says

    Are these supplements good for women, and if so, which are the best ones. I don’t want to gain to much muscle mass, but I would like the extra energy for my lifts.

  6. Love this list! I heard of Creapure HMB for the first time from your site and bought it, my favorite creatine supplement yet, and I’ve been training for 8 years! Excellent find!

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