10 Best Probiotic Supplements

probioticsWhile you may not think of probiotics as much more than the bacteria in your yogurt, these microorganisms have been found to provide a wide range of health benefits. Probiotics are most commonly used for digestive health but also provide benefits to brain function, cholesterol, blood pressure, infection and overall immune system health.

Probiotics are found naturally in foods such as yogurt, kefir, aged cheeses, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut and soy drinks. Additionally, some food products, including juices and cereals, are probiotic-fortified. If you’re not getting your daily fix of kefir and sauerkraut, a probiotic supplement is a good way to keep up the health of your immune system.

Which one, you might ask? Below is a list of the ten best probiotic supplements based on customer and ingredient reviews.

1. Garden of Life Primal Defense

garden of lifePrimal Defense believes natural is healthy and includes a unique blend of Homeostatic Soil Organisms that come naturally from the soil. However, due to the increasing amount of pesticides and chemicals used in farming, these probiotics may be missing from our diets.

Primal Defense includes 12 species of microorganisms that help with normal bowel function and immune system health. Taking Primal Defense daily is sure to improve overall health and the balance of good and bad bacteria in the body.

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2. Culturelle Probiotic with Lactobacillus

culturelleCulturelle Probiotics use 100 percent Lactobacillus GG, one of the most commonly used probiotics. Lactobicillus GG has been studied extensively and found to successfully survive stomach acids, allowing it to reach intestinal walls.

Proper digestion is crucial in helping the body extract necessary nutrients from food. Culturelle benefits digestive health by balancing out the bad-bacteria in the digestive tract.

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3. Sedona Labs iFlora Multi-Probiotic

sedona labs ifloraSedona Labs iFlora Probiotic contains 16 different probiotic strains. iFlora’s variety of probiotic strains allows it to significantly improve digestive health and overall immune system health.

This probiotic is also occasionally used to alleviate constipation and diarrhea by promoting balanced, healthy bowels and digestion.

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4. Now Foods 8 Billion Acidophilus & Bifidus

acidophilus bifidus Now Food’s 8 Billion Acidophilus probiotic supplement uses two of the most prominent probiotics, Acidophilus and Bifidus. This supplement is used as a dietary supplement and it is recommended that adults take one to two capsules a day between meals.

Acidophilus and Bifidus are powerful probiotics and are able to keep the large intestine healthy by maintaining intestinal flora. Healthy adults can expect to see improvements in digestion and overall health when regularly taking this probiotic.

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5. Nutrition Now PB8 Acidophilus

nutrition now pb8PB8 uses inulin, a natural carbohydrate, to grow beneficial bacteria in the intestine. PB8 is considered a “prebiotic” because it promotes the growth of probiotics.

Inulin can also be found in fruits, vegetables and grains and helps the body improve intestinal tract health. Adults should take two capsules a day to improve digestion.

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6. Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion

ultimate flora Ultimate Flora contains ten strains of “good bacteria” that are often depleted in the body from stress and poor diet. The 50 billion live bacteria are especially helpful with problems in the digestive tract.

Ultimate Flora is a great probiotic for those wanting to treat occasional constipation or bloating. It is recommended that adults take one capsule a day with a small meal for the best possible results.

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7. Natrol Acidophilus Probiotic

natrol acidophilusNatrol Acidophilus Probiotic is a natural probiotic immunity enhancement supplement. Adults can take up to three tablets a day before meals to build the protective barrier in the digestive tract.

Customer reviews report that this particular probiotic is not only easy on the stomach, but also easy to swallow, compared to some of the more “horse-pill-like” vitamins on the market. Women especially can expect to see positive results when taking Natrol Acidophilus Probiotic daily.

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8. Natural Factors Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 Formula

ultimate probioticDr. Michael Murray formulated this probiotic and it has become one of the most popular probiotic supplements since. Dr. Murray’s 12 strain probiotic complex can be taken up to three times a day with meals to improve intestinal health.

For maximum potency, Natural Factors Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 Formula supplement should be kept refrigerated.

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9. Suprema Dophilus Multi-Probiotic

suprema dophilusSuprema Dophilus Multi-Probiotic is a powerful probiotic supplement used to promote healthy digestion and overall immune system health. This probiotic includes bacteria strains that are able to better survive stomach acid than others. This allows the probiotics to reach the intestinal walls.

Both men and women have found Suprema Dophilus Multi-Probiotic to be a great daily supplement for improving digestion.

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10. Now Foods Probiotic-10 50-Billion

now probiotic Now Foods Probiotic-10 50-Billion supplement benefits overall immune system health and digestive regularity by helping the body maintain healthy intestinal flora.

To maintain it’s highest potency, this supplement should be kept refrigerated. Adults should take one capsule a day of Now Foods Probiotic-10 50-Billion to improve immune system health.

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What probiotics have you had success with? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. How come all the bacteria are for the most part lactobacillus and many of the folks you serve don’t eat dairy? Lactobacillus are only one kind of bacteria in the gut. What about the other strains? With the new information about Parkinson’s disease, it would seem one would want to get a handle on the others. I can get enough to lactobacillus for this price to last several years for my goats.

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