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The effort to burn fat seems like a big commitment from the outside. But honestly, once you start working towards doing it… Losing weight is nothing more than a collection of small tasks that add up to the ultimate result that matters.

Getting that six pack, having legs that don’t jiggle, or simply looking like a true athlete or bodybuilder…

It really is achievable by nearly anyone.

Especially when you tag team the job with a powerful thermogenic supplement!

When taken correctly, the right fat burner can increase metabolism through ‘thermogenesis.’ Which basically is a cool way of saying the body burning off calories and producing heat.

When taken correctly, what does that mean?

To make a fat burner work well, you’re going to need to set it up for success. That means limiting your caloric intake while at the same time increasing your activity level.

High quality fat burners are designed to make this easier, in 3 ways:

  1. Increase resting caloric burn (thermogenesis)
  2. Reducing appetite (control caloric intake)
  3. Increase energy and mood so you can exercise more (athletic burn)

And naturally all 3 of these qualities must occur without stressing out your body. Something far too many underqualified products do.

You know what we’re taking about, think about the last fat burner you tried…

It hyped you up on high amounts of caffeine, dehydrated you so you thought you had lost weight, and then left you feeling burnt out and ready for a stress-rebound.

Sounds crappy, but way to many products do this to the T. That’s the last thing we tolerate, and you won’t find products like that on our reputation-first ranking.

Here’s What To Look For In A Quality Fat Burner

Natural thermogenics that work on their own and together.

Caffeine 100 to 250 mgs

Caffeine does a great job at increasing energy levels, but it is also a pretty effective fat burner. The only problem is that most fat burners on the market contain way to much caffeine thinking more is better.

What does too much caffeine do?

While 100 to 250 mg can effectively increase energy and metabolism, going above this threshold can put the body into a stressed state. When the body is stressed, cortisol is released in massive quantities leading to increased fat storage. Most notably, this occurs in the love handles – exactly where it isn’t wanted!

Verdict: Look for a thermogenic fat burner delivering 100 to 250 mg of caffeine in its formula.

Synephrine 25 to 75 mg

Remember back in the day when ephedra was all the rage, but a few people ruined it for everyone? Well, ephedra is still off shelves, but its similar and safer variant synephrine is still available.

What we love about synephrine is its clean energy when paired with a reasonable caffeine dosage. Together, these two ingredients make you feel like you can take on the world, while stimulating natural thermogenesis and not stressing the body.

Verdict: Not all fat burners are going to have synephrine, but the good ones will pair 25 to 75 mg with caffeine.

Higamine and Hordenine at low dosages

These two are often accessory to synephrine as all 3 originate from bitter melon citrus. Together, synephrine, higamine, and hordenine act to increase energy levels and even further promote thermogenesis.

The only downside, is that these two ingredients often make the energy experience less smooth and more jittery. Look for these ingredients in low-caffeine fat burners but avoid in high caffeine ones!

Verdict: Good bonus thermogenic ingredients, but avoid in high-stimulant products.

Forskolin 250 to 500 mg

Unlike the previous ingredients, Forskolin is not a stimulant. Instead, forskolin acts to release stubborn fat from adipose tissue so that the body can metabolize it. Due to this, Forsklin is popular in both stimulant and non-stimulant fat burners alike.

When choosing a thermogenic fat burner, you should make sure it includes non-stimulant pillar fat burning ingredients like forskolin.

Verdict: Forskolin is an effective fat activator that plays nice with other ingredients, 250 to 500 mg is recommended per day.

Cayenne Pepper Extract 25 to 100 mg

Ever notice how spicy foods make you sweat and heat up? This is a price example of the thermogenic effect!

The thing is, just eating spicy foods isn’t going to produce the type of fat metabolism that you’re looking for because you need a ton of “capsaicinoids”. Supplementing does the job better.

Verdict: Increase thermogenesis with spicy capsaicinoids for extra non-stimulant fat loss. Shoot for 25 to 100 mg.

Glucomannan 2,000 to 3,000 mg

For satiety (feeling full), stimulants works very well since they dull appetite. For a non-stimulant approach, the fibrous cognac root “glucomannan works well too.

Since its purpose is to make you feel full, larger dosages are required. Digging deeper, since this is a relatively inexpensive ingredient, you won’t want to be overpaying for a multi-ingredient fat burner that is 90% glucomannan. Consider getting glucomannan on its own to accompany your thermogenic.

Verdict: Use glucomannan as a solo ingredient to aid hunger suppression if you find yourself over eating. Dose at 2,000 to 3,000 mg.

Keeping Expectations In Line – Thermogenics and Dieting

Can you take one magical fat burning supplement to make the weight melt off instantly?

No, absolutely not.

If you come across someone (or a site) that says xyz supplement does just that, we recommend you run from it as fast as possible. Guaranteed it’s a scam.

While this page will recommend thermogenic supplements that we have ranked on effectiveness; under no circumstances do we mean to trick you into thinking that they do all of the work. At the end of the day, no fat burner does all the work.

So, how to we ‘cut the crap’ and get straight to burning fat?

It’s all in the facts.

Losing weight has been a science for a long time. That science has worked for our staff, and it can work for you.

What is it? Here:

  1. Sleep Proper Hours
  2. Exercise Regularly
  3. Eat at a Small Caloric Deficit
  4. Take a fat burner to speed it up

Really, that easy? Yes.

Change your routine and you’ll change your body.

The 10 Best Thermogenic Fat Burners for Weight Loss

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or get shredded, a thermogenic supplement can often speed up the fat burning process. But not all supplements are created equal. Only an in depth analysis of the supplement’s key ingredients can determine the proper rankings of the best thermogenic supplements.

Before we jump into the review, let’s make sure everyone is on the same page as to what a thermogenic is. Simply put, a thermogenic supplement is one that triggers weight loss by accelerating the rate in which your body metabolizes fat cells.

The byproduct of this is raising your body temperature, hence the name – thermogenic.

Let’s begin with our first recommendation.

#1: Transparent Labs Fat Burner: The Right Energy and Thermogenesis Combo for Effective Fat Loss

number one thermogenic fat burner

  • 9 Clinically Relevant and Dosed Ingredients
  • Reasonable Stimulant Matrix for Energy + Fat Loss
  • 5-HTP for Improved Mood and Less Food Cravings
  • Our Favorite Pick by Far, Read Description for Why

Fat Burner by Transparent Labs easily earns our top recommendation as the best thermogenic fat burner. What separates Transparent Lab’s fat burner from other supplements is their strict discipline to using the right ingredients, but more importantly in the right dosages.

Now days, you come across many supplements that say they have ingredient xyz on the front, but when you turn the bottle around and look at the ingredient facts, the dosages are miniscule. Transparent Labs is different. If it’s included in the supplement, it’s in a proper science-backed dosage. Simple and logical.

Likewise, many of the hottest fat burners on the market right now (hot by popularity and marketing, not effectiveness) are loaded to the roof with caffeine. This can be fun for the first day or two, but as days go on all this caffeine starts to wreak havoc on your body and mind.

Transparent Labs Fat burner includes caffeine, but at a proper dosage that will elevate fat loss and energy, while not over-doing it and stressing your body out. Essentially, you can take this fat burner without slowly feeling bad day after day – which is a massive breakthrough.

The ingredients in this fat burner include: Forskolin, Green Tea, 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Caffeine, Salicin, Cayenne Pepper Extract, and Synephrine HCL.

We encourage you to learn more about the ingredients in this fat burner, and why they are in the dosages they are at You can follow our direct link to the product page on the link below.

2. BURNING MAN by Staunch

Burning Man Thermogenic Supplement
Burning Man is nothing short of intense. Due to this ‘in-your-face’ nature, it has quickly become my favorite weight loss product of all time! I like to use it before going to the gym, as a sort of pre-workout. It gives me great, clean energy that lasts pretty much all day long.

Burning Man works to:

  • Boost Metabolism (by thermogenesis)
  • Improve Digestion
  • Increase Energy
  • Specifically Target Belly Fat

After reviewing their extensive ingredient list (11 key ingredients) and testing the product, we are convinced. This is one product you can feel AND see noticeable results. I personally dropped 1.5% body fat in 3 weeks while keeping all workout and eating consistent.

Like most popular and effective fat burners, Burning Man utilizes the powerful weight loss benefits of L-Carnitine, purified Yohimbine HCL extract, and green tea. These are great ingredients, and should absolutely be included in all fat burners, unfortunately that’s not the case. What makes Burning Man even more unique is its addition of ingredients like ThermoDiamine, Grains of Paradise, Hordenine, and Forskolin. These ingredients work to provide an intense thermogenic burn, more powerful than caffeine alone.

3. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

hydroxycut harcore eliteThe two primary ingredients in Hydroxycut are Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Coffee Extract (as made famous by Doc. Oz). Based on two clinical studies, Green Coffee Extract has shown to be affective in helping individuals lose weight.

Hardcore Elite also contains Coleus Extract, which is said to promote the release of fat burning enzymes and hormones.

Overall hydroxycut is a mainstream winner that you can find at basically any GNC or supplement store. Its a rougher fat burning experience, and you risk stressing the body to a degree… But if you take it correctly and do your part – you can burn fat!

Read the full review of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite here.


4. BSN Hyper Shred

bsn shred reviewHyper Shred comes from a very well respected brand and performs up to expectation. This product works to boost metabolism by the power of thermogenesis, promote effective weight management, stimulate energy and focus, and boost physical performance.

Hyper Shred was specifically designed to be doubled as a pre-workout as well as a thermogenic weight loss product. This is good for some that prefer to take their fat burner before exercise, however, for those that value quality pre workouts… This isn’t going to be a valid substitute.

We recommend Hyper Shred for individuals who don’t take a pre workout, but want to burn more fat while exercising.


5. Cellucor: Super HD

cellucor super hd themogenicCellucor’s Super HD won the fat loss supplement of the year in 2012. There’s no doubt this is a great product. Not only is this product a super thermogenic but it also boosts focus and curbs hunger. Burning fat and eating less is a great combo for losing weight.

The only downfall is that the entire formula is stimulant-focused. Meaning, you are paying a lot for strictly stims, without getting extra non-stimulant value.

If you just want an energy burst to burn through extra calories, this is great. However if you need a serious fat burning wingman, consider the more well-rounded options above.

6. Muscle Pharm: Shred Matrix

muscle pharm shred matrixThis product packs a ton of fat burning ingredients into every serving… a huge variety. They call it their multi system, or 8-stage fat loss system. But does it work? Majority opinion is that it effectively curbs hunger, but the energy and thermogenic power is slightly sub par in comparison to other products.

Overall, a decent product if hunger is your biggest weight loss hold-back. Though this product frequently comes and goes off the market.

7. MyoRipped

myoripped a good thermogenicThis is an interesting product. It is designed to not only burn fat, but also to promote muscle enhancement and boost testosterone.

Active ingredients work to decrease appetite and burn fat through thermogenesis. MyoRipped also contains creatine, so unless you are working out, you probably shouldn’t be taking it.

If you fall into MyoRipped’s targeted market, then this product may be awesome for you. Designed for the select few (and probably not women).

8. Universal Nutrition: Ripped Fast

universal nutrition ripped fast reviewEven at 4 capsules a serving, Ripped Fast is a fantastic buy for the money.

Its primary ingredients are caffeine anhydrous (125 mg) and Green Tea extract (250 mg). Both of these ingredients together provide an insane amount of energy and a great thermogenic boost to your metabolism. Mostly, this product will help you lose excess water weight (credit patrick). There is not a lot of high quality fat blockers.

A few years back this fat burner was a go-to. However now days there are a lot more value-packed thermogenics available for same-price and less.

9. NGN: GlycoEnergy

glycoenergy review There’s not a lot of reviews or ratings on the web regarding this product, but we think its under rated. It has a decent ingredient profile with good thermogenic properties. This product contains green tea extract for a natural boost in metabolism (as well as antioxidant effects) and also raspberry ketone and black pepper. GlycoEnergy was designed to help regulate insulin levels which are directly related to weight loss.

10. Abidexin

abidexin reviewAbidexin contains a few great ingredients like green coffee bean and green tea. Additionally, the product contains 210 mg of caffeine anhydrous for a thermogenic boost. Overall, the product is effective in stimulating the metabolism of calories from fat, curbing appetite and blocking fat uptake within the body. Reviews seem to be so-so. Some sites rave of its effectiveness and some bash it hard.

It’s important to keep a level head when buying and using weight loss supplements. These products are designed as a tool to accelerate weight loss in combination with exercise and diet. Studies show that these ingredients on their own WILL burn additional calories, but for visual body composition improvements, you need all 3. Fat burners are 1 of the 3 pillars to weight loss success. Pursue all 3 and you are guaranteed to have results.

Have you tried any of these weight loss thermogenics? What has been working for you? Share in the comments below! Also, be sure to subscribe and follow us on the TWITTER.

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  1. Great reviews, so many choices to choose from, they all look to get the job the done

  2. I came across Thermakor while searching the web a few weeks ago. After just 2 weeks with minimal exercise I am down 14 pounds and couldnt be happier. I would recommend anyone looking for a workout/weight loss edge to give it a try.

  3. Awesome, Tom! I was intrigued with Thermakor as well when I first saw it, I’ve been using it the past 6 weeks. I haven’t lost as much weight as you, but there has definitely been a noticeable change. Here’s to losing a few more pounds!

  4. I really need these

  5. I used the transparent labs fat burner for a couple weeks and definitely noticed a improvement in my hips and abs…I like how it doesn’t make you feel cracked out like some of the other brands. Transparent labs is the quality choice so i definitely agree with your rankings here.

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