10 Best Testosterone Supplements

Hand picked best testosterone supplementsHit a plateau in your workouts? Looking to rejuvenate your sex drive and reinvigorate your youthful energy? Testosterone supplementation may be exactly what you are looking for.

Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in the body for both men and women. Men have about 5-10 times more testosterone than women on average, resulting in increased muscle mass and size. Testosterone is responsible for many “manly” and physical attributes including…

benefits of testosterone supplementation

  • Muscle Mass
  • Libido
  • Bone Strength
  • Heart Health
  • Energy
  • Cognition
  • Confidence
  • Happiness
  • Reducing Body Fat

There are many things that help boost testosterone; exercise and nutrition being the two main components. When you work out in short, high-intensity burst, testosterone levels are boosted. Additionally, key nutritional components help aid your body in safe and effective testosterone production. The most notable nutritional element for testosterone is zinc. For achieving normal T levels, simply exercise and maintain healthy levels of Zinc. For above average T levels and superior manliness, keep reading.

Take your testosterone to the next level and achieve superior physical results with the following branded supplements. These products are not designed to help you achieve normal T levels, but to take your lifting, sex life, and overall drive to the next level.

Without further adieu, the 10 best testosterone supplements.

 Best 10 Natural Testosterone Boosters

1. M Theory QUANTUM T

Best Test Booster for strengthQuantum T is the highest quality natural test booster that we’ve ever taken, and it easily wins the crown as the #1 top rated test booster for 2017. When you buy Quantum T, your getting two products in one – an AM blend and a PM blend, both designed to optimize your testosterone throughout the entire day and while you SLEEP!

If you want to make massive gains, feel more energy, and do it in a way that makes you healthier without any compromises… Quantum T is the only option.

We wont even get into the formula, stacked with a laundry list of properly dosed natural testosterone optimizers. You can read our full M Theory Quantum T Review for that!

But we will say that Quantum T is the highest quality, most effective testosterone booster out right now. And incase you are wondering, it doesn’t rely on D-Aspartic Acid which doesn’t even work to raise testosterone above average… Like unfortunately, many of the old industry leaders rely on.

Buy from: Amazon.com

2. Testo-Fuel

testofuelRelatively new to the testosterone boosting scene is Testo-Fuel. We tested this product back in 2014 and did really like it. I personally have gained 4 pounds in lean muscle* – maintaining a consistent 9% body fat (digital read, so who knows how accurate that is).

The ingredient profile is fairly simple, but competitive compared to what was common in 2014. Testo-Fuel packs a solid dose of D-Aspartic Acid, ZMA, and a few others (oyster extract, fenugreek and ginseng).I especially love the addition of vitamin D3, at ample quantities, because of the amazing benefits as detail here. Overall, this is a pretty good test booster to consider.

*I of course was weight training and eating healthy too. Testosterone supplements won’t have results on the lazy man.

Buy from:testofuel.com

3. Driven Sports: Active Xtreme

active extreme t boosterOne of the most popular T-Booster on the market, Active Xtreme (AX) works by binding to SHBG resulting in a noticeable increase in free testosterone. Free testosterone is responsible for the enhanced growth of the body.

Active Xtreme has a loyal fan base claiming noticeable improvements to muscle strength and overall performance. If you are looking for a tried and tested product to help boost your testosterone levels and overall health and drive – this is it.

Buy from:Amazon.com

4. Universal Nutrition: Animal Test

animal test testosterone supplementAnimal Test is one extremely potent and effective product. It works by increasing free testosterone and also limiting the production of estrogen – the body builders hormone nightmare.

Animal Test contains the patented Arachidonic acid along with a number of other natural herbs for rapid testosterone production. This is no mild T-Booster. If you are looking for serious, fast gains, this is the product for you. Take on 3-6 week cycles.

Buy from:Amazon.com

5. Nutrex: T-Up Black

t up nutrexNutrex claims that T-Up Black can boost testosterone levels in healthy males as much as 42% in as little as 12 days. Pretty impressive numbers.

Its two main ingredients are Sodium D-Aspartic Acid – which works to boost the release of testosterone and Massularia Acuminata – which helps to balance the estrogen levels.

Despite the decent reviews we’ve been sent in regarding T-UP black test booster, we prefer and recommend our top #1 choice, Quantum T.

6. Muscle Pharm: Z-Core PM

muscle pharm z core pm reviewMuscle Pharm’s Z-Core PM takes a bit of a different approach with their night time testosterone booster. Good sleep helps aid your body in natural testosterone production.

Z-Core PM contains ZMA (aka Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin-B6) and fenugreek for natural T production, enhanced sexual drive, as well as improved muscle development. It also contains melatonin to help you fall asleep faster and obtain deeper sleep.

Z-core is partly comparable to the PM bottle included in the Quantum T AM/PM stack.

7. BSN: EvoTest

evo test BSNWith this product, you have the option of purchasing capsules or powder. I personally prefer powder because I like the flavor and I tend to choke every time I swallow pills.

voTest contains the powerful D-Aspartic acid and magnesium oxide. This products formulation is semi-unique with no tribulus terrestris and the inclusion of a large number of other unique ingredients.

Overall, a decent product with a definite noticeable testosterone boost.

8. USPLabs: Test Powder

USP Labs Test PowderI have not tried this product personally, but the opinion of others is that it is effective. Test Powder contains a bunch of the essential ingredients including DAA (D-Aspartic Acid) at at clinically proven effective doses.

Additionally, Test Powder contains active ergogenic ingredients for improved performance at the gym (muscle pump).

Note: Test Powder will not be surviving into our mid 2017 best testosterone boosters ranking. Again, cause of D-Aspartic acid and its ineffective nature that keeps coming up again and again.

9. Beast Sports Nutrition: Super Test Powder

beast super testBeast Sports Super Test Powder also comes in capsuled form – so this review applies to both. This is a great product. It packs a TON of ingredients that work to naturally boost testosterone, block estrogen, increase energy, muscle recovery, NO pump, and liver detox.

Personally, I don’t think its possible to pack enough ingredients to actually have claimed effects. With only 500 mg of muscle pump, you can almost bet that its not doing much.

Overall, a great test booster though in comparison to everything else on the market.

10. Magnum Nutraceuticals: Thrust

thrust testosterone supplementThrust is a pretty big deal in Canada. Noticeable effects include improved muscle density and strength, deep sleep, increased libido, and … acne. But that’s a common side effect of all test boosting supplements.

Ingredient profile is decent but reviews on the web are either strong in support or strong against. Magnum Nutraceuticals has some good products, this one is one of them.

That’s a Wrap – Enjoy Your New Test Booster

As with all supplements, everyone reacts differently. Find the product that works best for you. And remember, supplements are for ENHANCING your workout. You will NOT notice muscle gains just by taking a testosterone supplement alone. You still need to work out.

Be sure to check out our Best Pre Workout Supplements post here.

What testosterone supplements have you taken? Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Let us know in the comments below. Commenters are automatically entered into our monthly supplement giveaway. Get in on that!

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  1. Animal test FTW!!! I had HUGE testosterone gains with it. Best T booster by far and I have tried half of the products on this list.

    • Hi James . Saw your post last night .. Thanks for your suggestions. I’m 21 and I found struggling to gain muscle mass since 19. Hope I have low testosterone level , so I would like to ask you about the Quantum T AM and PM product . Since I could find this product in top list only in very few sites whereas other site don’t even display the name of quantum .. Is ta worth buying or Testofuel if good ? Quantum was cheaper and free shipping compared to Testofuel . So can I buy it ? Kindly help me Mr. James . Thanks in advance

      • SupplementHQ says

        Both are great products, but the Quantum T combo pack is top of our list right now! Hope that helps!

  2. Careful with animal – last time i tried my libido hit the floor. Wont try any animal stuff again.

  3. You should try Testo-Fuel. Gained 10 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks. Its the only testosterone supplement I have tried but I liked it a lot.

    • Tried it. Loved it. Top of the list.

    • You sound like a company rep. You didn’t gain 10 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks, you’re lying. You won’t gain 10 pounds of muscle off of even a few bottles. I don’t know if this product is good, I haven’t tried it- though the daa is underdosed- but I just want people reading not to fall for a blatant lie

  4. I see that Testo-Fuel was replaced by Syntheroid. Is Syntheroird really that much better?

  5. You can’t gain 10 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks it takes a good 6 months to a year .
    You have to workout hard.

  6. Don’t forget that juicing sweet potatoes in a juicing machine along with Broccoli is a great way to raise Testosterone and block Estrogen.

  7. Alex - Anabolic Health says

    Nice roundup!

    I think some important notes however is that Testofen has actually been shown to increase prolactin for some guys. And D-Aspartic Acid is only proven to boost testosterone in the short term (1-2 weeks) at a time.

    There is some interesting ingredients though, like in T-Up Black that has Massularia Acuminata, a herb not well researched yet but has interesting properties on hormones.

    I think Beast Sports Nutrition: Super Test generally has the best ingredient profile here.

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