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SHQ History

Supplement HQ began in 2013 as a workout supplement ranking site, but years later we found ourselves ever interested in the science and evidence behind specific ingredients and types of supplements.

Now, Supplement HQ works with registered dieticians, naturopath doctors, and health experts to bring together real-world and research-backed information on ingredients of interest.

Our Mission

While we include lists of our highest rated supplement recommendations on this site, or primary focus is on the accuracy of the information we provide on each topic.

Basically, teaching you about an ingredient is our primary concern, while giving you an easy, well-vetted recommendation is our second.

Relations Manager

Nico Lee

Nico is a fitness enthusiast and supplement experimenter at heart. He manages all of the day-to-day operations and ensures that only the highest quality content, by legitimately educated authors is published. Nico can be reached at friend(at)transparentlabs.com or through the contact us page.


James H. Lyons

Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

James Lyons is a clinical nutritionist, medical writer, and educator. He specialises in plant-based nutrition and is passionate about improving public access to reliable and accurate health information. James works in private practice in Sydney’s eastern beaches, runs an online health content agency, and hosts educational events for healthcare providers. You can find out more about his work or book a nutritional session at https://www.james-lyons.com/

Matt Carland

PhD Neuroscience

Matt Carland is a highly educated professional from Canada who has prepared a selection of nootropic and brain health related articles on SHQ. With multiple degrees and a strong work ethic, Matt is sure to influence the future of medicine for the better.

Additional Posts By:

  • T.C Davey
  • Spencer Durrant
  • Linden Baker
  • Justin Bauer
  • And Jeff Kingston

If you would like to write for SHQ, and have a related degree, please reach out to Nico to familiarize yourself with SHQ. This site is not intended as an advertising platform, but an informational resource.