ADDtabz Comprehensive Review

addtabz review

Over the past decade, Adderall has sky rocketed to be the second most abused drug in the United States (second only to marijuana). It is commonly used as a party drug, stacked with alcohol and energy drinks. But more than anything, Adderall is used by students and white collared individuals looking for a mental competitive boost. Few people realize the dangers of abusing this prescription drug. Fortunately, there ARE Adderall alternatives that are much safer.

One such alternative that markets itself heavily is ADDtabz – cleverly utilizing the acronym of the disease Adderall is intended to treat. The company makes lofty claims and comparisons, insinuating that their proprietary formula is basically pharmaceutical. Personally, I don’t like the “so good its basically illegal” approach. I think it’s scammy and a sign of an immature company. But, to each his own. We are not reviewing ADDtabz marketing tactics, only their product.

Ingredients – Do they work?

Addtabz contains 4 main ingredients, in 395 mg proprietary formula.

Octopamine: By influencing the norepinephrine and dopamine systems within the brain, Octopamine is believed to improve wakefulness, focus, and motivation. Studies on this ingredient are sparse. In my opinion, there are better and safer alternatives to Octopamine that have more documentation to support them.

Methylhexaneamine (DMAA): A powerful central nervous system stimulant that boosts energy and focus. Although very effective, DMAA has some drawbacks. Read more below.

Caffeine: The most popular central nervous system stimulant on earth. Works synergistically with DMAA to increase energy, alertness, and focus. However, taking too much can have the opposite effects.

Choline-CDP (Citicoline): Hey, what do you know! An actual legit nootropic (brain supplement). Citicoline works to increase focus and cellular energy (non central nervous system stimulant). In proper dosages (usually around 250 mg), this is a very effective ingredient.

Safety and Legality

ADDtabz inclusion of DMAA makes it unfortunately, not technically a legal “supplement” in the United States. This doesn’t always exclude it from sale entirely, but it does mean the product itself can not legally be sold as a dietary supplement. NOTE: Cerebral Success originally contained DMAA but removed it once the US FDA banned it. DMAA has also been banned in professional and college level sports. If you are an athlete, be warned.

Is ADDtabz a safe product? There is not sufficient evidence to support a definitive position for either defense. The FDA has banned DMAA due to safety complaints (and a number of deaths, including a US Marine). However, it is believed that all incidents were a result of substantial overdose. I personally, really enjoyed my experience with DMAA (Cerebral Success and the original Jack3d). It definitely is in a league of its own compared to caffeine. Although, that may be the very reason the FDA banned it.

The lack of evidence and testing done on Octopamine further makes this a questionable product.

Is ADDtabz worth the Price?

At $70 for 40 capsules, this is no cheap product. The ingredients themselves are fairly cheap and could be stacked yourself for a much lower price point (although, there is value in a ready made product). Overall, if you are looking for something that will keep you up for hours, alert and focused, this might be the product for you. If you are looking for a high end brain supplement that boosts energy AND also supports memory and focus, check out our top 10 best brain supplement post here.

Addtabz Review
Citicoline is great. There are better ingredients than Octopamine. DMAA and caffeine are intense, but effective for energy. Overall, a simple formula that leaves you wanting more.
Could be better.
Caffeine and DMAA will keep you up and going for 5-6 hours
Summarize why you chose this rating
Solid formula if energy is all you care about. However, way more expensive than it should be.

Thanks for reading our review. Have you tried ADDtabz? What did you think. PLEASE leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Hi, I can guarantee you that Alcohol is a more commonly abused drug than addTABZ. Alcohol is more commonly accepted, most notoriously used by Americans and is a drug with deep roots. BTW marijuana has took the lead.

  2. I was extremely disappointed with ADDtabz. It felt like drinking half a cup of coffee. What a huge waste of money!

  3. Save your money and have a cup of coffee. You’ll have better results. Product has no effect whatsoever!!!

  4. Manuel Rodriguez says

    At the beginning, I thought ist was a waste of money but within a few days ADDTABZ started to kick in.
    Now I alternate Addtabz with Adderall and almost feel a similar effect.
    I highly recommend this product.
    Don’t pay attention to negatives about this product until you give it a try.
    Thumbs up for ADDTABZ!
    Note: I am a smoker and with ADDTABZ I get more cigarette cravings than normal.
    My overall rating would be 5 stars because of it’s effects and availability without a prescription.

  5. The very first pill gave me a massive headache and caused ringing in my ears. Too bad there is no Money Back Guarantee or this bottle would already be on it’s way back.

  6. I literally felt absolutely nothing from taking this! I even tried taking 2 at a time and still nothing. Took 2 more 4 to 6 hours later….and honestly just woke up from the best nap I’ve ever had. I wanted to at least try it, but it was a complete waste of money because it doesn’t do anything….

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