AlphaMom: First Nootropic Made Specifically for Women – Full Review

Alpha Mom ReviewI’ve been testing and experimenting with nootropics for a long time, and there are some really great products out there, but the other day I came across AlphaMom it’s a new nootropic product formulated specifically for woman.  I hear from my friends who are moms all the time about how its hard to keep up with all the things it takes to raise kids these days, its cool someone finally has a product to combat “mom brain” so I couldn’t wait to try this one out.

First off AlphaMom is a little different than most of the nootropic products I’ve reviewed.  Instead of a bottle of pills it comes in a box with 20 individual drink mix packets.  To take AlphaMom you tear open a packet and pour the powder inside into a glass or shaker cup.  The directions say to add 12 ounces of water and then mix it up and drink quickly.  This is pretty clever as there are two advantages of this drink mix packaging vs using pills; first there is no capsule to dissolve so the active nootropics in AlphaMom are going to quickly produce an effect, and secondly, there is 8 grams of power in a packet! – if you were to put that in to pills it would be equivalent to taking 8-12 pills, which even for me, is a lot to get down.  This means AlphaMom is going to be delivering much more than token amounts of nootropic ingredients than your simple one to three pill products do.  Additionally, the packets are big enough to hold a full nutritionally label and are really handy if you want to take them on the go, which I guess is the whole point if the product is called AlphaMom.

Umm… I’m a man, Can I take AlphaMom?

Nootropic for women... and men

So right away I was a little concerned, I’m not a woman, but I took a look at the nutritional label and it great, it’s a fully transparent label which means there is no proprietary blends.  With a transparent label you know exactly what and how much you are taking; with a proprietary blend you only have a list of ingredients and how much in total of all those ingredients is in the mix.  Proprietary blends are frequently used to make the formulation cheaper to manufacture because you can include really small amounts of the most effective and expensive ingredients but a manufacture doesn’t have to show that.  I was really pleased to see the transparent label on AlphaMom, it’s a sign of a quality product.  As I looked over the ingredient list there isn’t anything that that screamed to me that a man shouldn’t be taking this; there are a couple things I didn’t expect, but nothing I haven’t taken before.  So I had no concerns, as a man, taking AlphaMom.

Alpha Mom Ingredients

AlphaMom’s Formula

AlphaMom lists 21 ingredients on the supplement facts label, at 8 grams a serving I was really interested to see what was included.  Clearly this is going to be a “big” product employing a multi-pronged nootropic approach.  I’ll break down the formula into a couple of stacks based on the way I interpret what they are trying to do with this product.

Acetylcholine Stack

Acetylcholine is a workhorse neurotransmitter; its used in the brain to send signals to your muscles as well as to store and recall memories, its also known as the learning neurotransmitter.  See my guide to choline to know more.  AlphaMom includes 600mg of AlphaGPC and 500mg of Citicoline; these are “full sized” does.  AlphaGPC is considered by many to be one of the best sources of choline due to how it’s able to cross the blood-brain barrier at a higher rate than other forms; this quickly boosts acetylcholine levels in the brain bringing focus and improving ability to store and recall memories.  Citicoline is a two-in-one nootropic for its ability to boost acetylcholine directly but also that it delivers Uridine.  Uridine is a neurogenerative or a substance that promotes nerve tissue growth particularly in synaptic connections. Without going into too much detail, synaptic connections help boost memory, learning capacity, and ability to retain more information.  The downside with citicoline is that it takes awhile for it to start to have an effect as it has to go through a couple of body processes before it is processed into the brain.  In AlphaMom coupling fast-acting AlphaGPC with Citicoline keeps acetylcholine levels elevated longer than either would on its own.   Finally, AlphaMom includes Huperzine-A which, without going into too much detail, slows down the bodies processes that recycle acetylcholine, this is going to mean more memory and focus for longer.

General Nootropic Stack

Further into the AlphaMom label I see a set of general purpose nootropics including:  Phosphatidylserine, ALCAR, and Mucuna Pruriens, and L-Tyrosine.  See my comprehensive guide to nootropics as well.

  • Phosphatidylserine is an amino acid derivative compound that is very common throughout the brain and plays a critical role in cognitive function. Your body makes phosphatidylserine but supplementation has been shown to have increased benefit.
  • ALCAR is helpful in slowing brain related aging by influencing mitochondrial vitality. It also works to reduce fatigue and increase cognition.
  • Mucuna Pruriens is a herbal supplement that due to its high levodopa content improves mood and feelings of motivation
  • L-Tyrosine though not really a nootropic in its own right, is the base stock for a number of neurotransmitters and body hormones; with everything else going on in AlphaMom this can’t hurt

Energy Stack

AlphaMom includes an interesting three-way energy stack.  Like a lot of products it includes caffeine – 120mg, about the same as a cup of gourmet coffee, but in addition it contains Theacrine.  Theacrine is a chemically similar to caffeine and has some of the same energy promoting effects but doesn’t share some of the downsides of caffeine like an impact on blood pressure or quick habituation, and therefore generally provides more consistent levels of effect.  Theacrine also tends to take longer to start to have an effect but has a much longer lasting effect than caffeine.  See our article on Theacrine for more info.  Finally, AlphaMom contains L-theanine which is commonly paired with caffeine.  Theanine has a calming effect and reduces the tendency to get jitters with caffeine and lessons the crash that some people get as caffeine wears off.  This is a neat energy stack.  Combining the fast acting and medium-to-long lasting effects shows they’ve really thought about the formula.

Ashwaganda and DIM

Also included in AlphaMom are Ashwaganda and DIM or Diindolylmethane.

  • Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb known for centuries but is only now experiencing major growth worldwide because of a burst of recent studies in pharmacology and medicine. Ashwagandha promotes balance in the body. It is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body successfully adapt to stressful conditions. Ashwagandha is one of the few herbs with significant effects on both psychological and physiological aspects of human functioning.  Clinical studies show wide ranging effects of Ashwaganda including improved sexual function, cardio respirator endurance, weight management, and cognition and anti-aging properties.
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) is found in the extract of coniferous vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.  Its been studies for its potential anti-cancer properties; and also for its ability to balance estrogen in women, preventing drastic increases or decreases in estrogen levels; and in men for preventing testosterone from being converted into estrogen.  This is going to dampen any hormone related mood changes for the ladies, and for the men promote the effects of healthy testosterone levels.

B Vitamin Stack

To round out this interesting formula, AlphaMom also includes a somewhat comprehensive B-Complex stack, including Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), P-5-P (B6), Biotin (B7), Methylfolate (B9), and Methlycobalamin (B12).  Each of these B vitamins is included in the methalated form which have higher bioavailability than the other forms as the body can pick them up and use them directly rather than having them undergo an enzyme reaction to yield their active forms.

So… How effective is AlphaMom?

Alpha Mom Product Image

I typically use AlphaMom in the morning.  I mix up a packet and drink it either right before or right after eating in the morning.  The flavor is good, it has kind of a sweet berry taste, not bad at all and it doesn’t linger in your mouth like some drink mix products can.  It would probably go good in a smoothie if that is your thing, but I just drank it mixed up in water.

Within 15 mins of taking AlphaMom I could feel it starting to have an effect.  I noticed improved mental function, both in ability to think clearly, my motivation to get to work and make progress on the projects I was working on, and I also found that when talking on the phone or in conference calls I would be able to organize my thoughts on-the-fly and could speak with energy and confidence for what seemed like endless periods of time.  The effect carried with me through mid-day and while it was more subtle in the afternoon then earlier in the day, I feel there was an effect until late in the evening.  My energy was up throughout the day as well, and while I still had a cup of coffee after lunch, it may have been just because that is something I do rather than something I really needed.  I didn’t experience any crash and I didn’t have any issues falling asleep.

Bottom Line on AlphaMom

While clearly I may not be the target market for this project, I found I really like AlphaMom.  I find myself taking it along especially when I travel, rather than taking along my kit of assorted nootropics I keep at home.  Its full coverage, but not overwhelming in any one area, and because each packet holds a full nutritional label it makes it easy to share it with someone else.  I can’t speak to how a woman might experience it; but I have no problem recommending it to anyone, especially anyone less initiated to the world of nootropics.  Its simple to take and it doesn’t really need any explanation.  That just leaves the cost.  AlphaMom retails for more than $70 for 20 servings.  That’s right there with other elite and high end full-spectrum nootropic products.  Is it worth it?  I’d say yes, when you consider the amount of active ingredients in AlphaMom and positive effects it provides; the cost really breaks down to be about what you’d spend on a latte.  Right now the product is only available on Amazon, and there isn’t a subscribe and save option on it yet, I hope that changes.  Knocking off a few bucks to make sure I had this product around whenever I wanted it seems like a reasonable thing.  If you want to experiment and fully customize your daily stacks, this might not be right for you, but if you consider this is made active moms probably trying to get kids to school, make it to the gym, and lunch with friends and still remembering to pickup Joey for an appointment, and tomorrow is Jenny’s birthday, its probably a home run choice.

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