Top 10 Best CBD Lotion Topical Creams – 2020

The Top 10 CBD Creams of 2020CBD lotions and creams are growing in popularity for topically applying CBD directly to aching muscles.

Compared to ingesting CBD capsules or gummies, lotions act quickly to sooth points of application. And unlike using straight oil tinctures, CBD lotions and creams manage mess and dosage conveniently.

CBD infused lotions are used for multiple reasons. From reducing soreness and inflammation, to clearing up skin irritations and moisturizing without clogging pores (1).

To receive the best experience using CBD infused topicals, it is important that you pick the correct product that has adequate dosage, preserves CBD-rich hemp oils therapeutic effect, and doesn’t add-on harmful preservatives or dyes.

A note on labeled CBD dosage: CBD lotions, creams and topicals vary in how their CBD is disclosed. Some do not disclose at all. Others disclose the total CBD per bottle, and others disclose CBD per serving. Be sure to confirm the CBD dosage per serving as apposed to per bottle when making your decision.

When looking for CBD-rich hemp lotions, we focus on the following:

  1. All-natural ingredients, colors, etc.
  2. Standardized CBD content disclosed.
  3. Adequate servings versus cost.
  4. Overall review staff experience.

So which CBD lotion / cream is best? Below we have compared the top 10 highest ranking CBD topicals for your consideration.

Top 10 CBD Lotions and Creams

In our ranking, we’re focusing on real user experiences and testimonials. CBD lotions do get great results for a wide variety of uses, however, we do believe that many reviews are far over blown.

#1 KANIBI CBD Infused Sports Cream

Best CBD Cream

Kanibi CBD Infused Sports Cream contains 250 mg full spectrum CBD per bottle and proved to be the best value in our ranking.

What we liked about Kanibi Sports Cream:

  • Bottle has a pump dispenser to maintain product freshness.
  • Added menthol for cooling effect and pleasant mint smell.
  • Also contains: arnica, aloe, rosemary and camphor extracts.
  • Shea butter base, does not leave an oily residue.

While using Kanibi Sports Cream, we noticed that applied cream dries in about 5 minutes without leaving any oily residue. The menthol cooling effect is strong, and provides a second layer of therapy effect.

While we didn’t apply Kanibi CBD Sports Cream to the face for this review, we did notice the product to be very skin-nourishing and not pore clogging. However, the menthol smell is strong at first, so apply very lightly near the eyes or nose.

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#2 Lord Jones and Tamara Mellon CBD Stiletto foot cream

Lord Jones Cream

Lord Jones has made a unique CBD foot cream for the luxury brand Tamara Mellon. While Lord Jones’s standard CBD lotion is very similar to Kanibi’s (yet way more expensive), their stiletto foot cream is a unique product that shouldn’t be overlooked.

What we liked about Lord Jones CBD Stiletto Cream:

  • Cruelty free and gluten free ingredient sourcing.
  • 200 mg of CBD per stiletto cream bottle.
  • Cocoa and shea butter base
  • Natural fragrances and minimal preservatives.

Lord Jones recommends that their stiletto cream be allowed to air dry 15 minutes before putting on shoes. As well, do not apply to broken or highly irritated skin.

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#3 MedTerra CBD + Manuka Honey Cream

MedTerra Cream

Medterra makes multiple CBD creams, however it is their CBD + Manuka Cream that earns its spot on our ranking. MedTerra’s CBD + Manuka infuses aloe and palm with THC-free CBD and specialty Manuka honey.

What we liked about MedTerra CBD + Manuka Honey Cream:

  • USA sourced hemp from Kentucky.
  • Available in 125 and 250 mg CBD dosages.
  • Good alternative to strict Manuka Honey products.

MedTerra also makes a roll-on CBD cream and cooling CBD cream, however we found them to be less interesting than like-products on our ranking. Of note with CBD + Manuka Honey is the presence of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate that may not be appropriate for all skincare regimens.

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#4 Charlotte’s Web CBD Infused Hemp Balm

Charlottes Web CBD Topical Balm

Charlotte’s Web makes an extremely potent CBD balm for those willing to spend extra for a concentrated, thicker product. Charlotte’s Web’s Hemp Balm contains 300 mg CBD extract per ounce, with 0.5 and 1.5 ounce sizes available.

What we liked about Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Balm:

  • Higher CBD concentration than other brand lotions (but a balm).
  • Base formula contains shea butter and apricot oil.
  • Made with mostly organic ingredients

Similar to the other CBD lotions and creams, Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Balm isn’t meant to be applied to the face or bruised/cut skin. Overall this is a respectable choice for those seeking a thicker balm.

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#5 Sagely Naturals CBD Roll-On

Sagely CBD Roll

Sagely isn’t the only company to make a CBD roll-in, however, we consider theirs to be the best CBD roll-on product. Each roll-on bottle contains 50 mg CBD and is enriched with eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint and rosemary making this a cooling and mint-scented experience.

What we like about Sagely Naturals CBD Roll-On:

  • Contains the least added ingredients.
  • Mild 50 mg CBD per 10 ml.
  • Sleek highly-liquid application (not lotion or balm).

Really the only thing that doesn’t make us happy about Sagely Naturals is the small product size and low CBD dosage. From the outside, Sagely CBD products look very inexpensive, until you realize that the quantities are much smaller than the industry average.

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#6 Green Roads CBD Skin Relief Cream

Green Roads Skin Relief

Green Roads is one of the larger CBD brands, boasting a very wide range of CBD products. Their CBD Skin Relief Cream really caught our eye as a specialty product.

What we like about Green Roads Skin Relief Cream:

  • Specially formulated for skin conditions.
  • 200 mg CBD per 1-ounce container.
  • Large, trusted CBD brand name.

In addition to Skin Relief Cream, Green Roads also makes Muscle & Joint cream as well as Heat Soothing creams. Overall, a well trusted brand with experience across several CBD product lines.

#7 Spruce high CBD Salve

Spruce Salve

Spruce is a smaller and lesser-known CBD brand that makes a few, extremely potent CBD products. Of them, their Salve has caught our attention as unique due to its 1,000 and 2,000 mg strengths.

What we like about Spruce CBD Salve:

  • Extremely high potency CBD Salves.
  • 100% organic CBD products.
  • Small CBD operation sourcing out of KY and NC.

We will be interested to see where Spruce CBD gets to in a few years from now – but currently their CBD Salve is a good high-potency addition to our ranking. Be aware that Spruce products are occasionally out of stock.

#8 CBD Distillery CBD Lip Balm

CBD Distillery Lip Balm

Thus far the top-rated CBD creams and lotions have explicitly been non-facial. CBD Distillery brings forward a half-way option for facial CBD with their own CBD Lip Balm.

What we like about CBD Lip Balm:

  • 25 mg CBD per lip balm tube.
  • Significantly less expensive than Vertly Lip Balm.
  • Traditional Chapstick packaging.

CBD Distillery’s CBD Lip Balm is extremely affordable at around $8 per stick and is super-easy to carry around in your bag. Thus far, this is the best option for a CBD lip balm.

#9 Solace CBD Salve

Solace Topical Salve

Solace makes a unique salve that combines CBD with lavender, coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E. This is a pleasant alternative compared to the many mint / menthol variations.

What we like about Solace CBD Salve:

  • Strong CBD strength at 250 mg per ounce.
  • Solace claims their CBD to have healing properties.
  • Relatively inexpensive at $48 per 2 ounces.

We prefer our higher-ranking creams and lotions; however, Solace is a reasonable option for avoiding the cooling menthol creams. Solace’s Salve contains lavender, which may be more appealing to some.

#10 CBDFX CBD Cream


Last but certainly not least is a fan favorite CBDFX’s CBD Cream. Similar to Sagely Naturals, CBDFX CBD Cream is a testament to large things coming in small packages. This CBD cream provides 50 ml of cream totaling 150 mg CBD per bottle.

What we like about CBDfx CBD Cream:

  • Well known CBD Brand with multiple product types
  • Fast-acting and cooling CBD cream.
  • Over 6,000 certified reviews for CBDFX brand.

We would have loved to rank CBDfx higher, however the quantity is quite small and we were unable to establish its quality superior to its other competitors. Regardless, it is a top 10 worthy CBD cream in a marketplace that contains hundreds of options, that says something.

Wrapping it all up

We did our best to bring forward the most useful and unique CBD creams, lotions and topicals for you in this ranking. Popular runners up that didn’t quite make the list this year include: Reliva, Pure Relief, PureKana, Shikai and Fab CBD. We anticipate re-reviewing new products to kick off 2020!

During our review we came across several brands making exuberant health claims towards their products. We recommend that our readers take their claims with a grain of salt, as CBD topicals can only go so far. Be weary when something seems too good to be true!

Did you find our buyers guide helpful? Please comment below.

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