Best Collagen Supplements for Healthy Younger Looking Skin

Best Skin Collagen SupplementThe benefits of collagen supplementation are multifaceted. Current research confirms that proper Collagen supplementation not only makes skin appear younger, but also has the ability to repair joints, ligaments, intestines, as well as improve nearly all connective tissues.

The only catch, is that you are going to need to supplement with the right type of collagen to meet your goals. With that being said, there are 6 primary types of collagen: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 (the six fibrous collagens).

Each of these 6 types of collagen are involved in different parts of your body. Here, we’re going to direct you to the right type(s) of collagen to meet your goals, as well as dish out all the benefits that you should know as well as how much you need to take.

Editor’s Note: Feel free to jump ahead to the best collagen supplements for skin if you’d like, but we’d really love to share this information with you first and give you a mini collagen PHD. Also, if you are interested in collagen for joint health, that’s going to be Type II collagen. You can view the best collagen supplements for joint health here.

Collagen for Youthful and Healthy Skin

Skin health and appearance is easily the most common use of collagen supplements. Based on the research we did, this is for good reason too, collagen works.

As it turns out, Collagen types 1, 3, and 5 are most important for increasing your skins collagen levels (mainly type 1). Upon regularly supplementing with collagen for skin health, users report softer, firmer, and younger looking skin. Some ladies even claim that their skin has a ‘glow’ to it.

Here are some actual research studies evaluating the skin benefits of collagen supplements:

  • Type 2 collagen supplementation improved skin appearance and micro circulation effectively combating the visual signs of aging in women. In this study, women were only taking 1,000 mg of type 2 collagen (Clinical Interventions in Aging 2012).
  • Subjects taking 3 grams of a collagen peptide supplement displayed signs of improved skin hydration and elasticity. Vitamin C supplementation in addition to the collagen did not warrant additional results (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy 2014).
  • Volunteers taking 3 grams per day of collagen hydrosylate displayed signs of improved elasticity and barrier strength compared to the control group. In addition, volunteers also taking astaxanthin displayed even more impressive results. The volunteer group consisted of people with relatively photo-damaged skin (damaged from the sun), and this indicates that collagen supplementation can help protect and treat sun damaged skin (Journal of Medicinal Food 2014).
  • More support for improving sun damaged skin (source).

But how exactly does Collagen Supplementation lead to healthier, younger looking skin?

  • As a 2014 study published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology found, supplementation with collagen peptides leads to increased levels of procollagen type 1, elastin, and possibly fibrillin after 8 weeks consecutive use. In this study, women were receiving 2.5 grams of collagen peptides for 8 weeks, and eye wrinkles were the primary focus of the study.
  • Supported by previous research suggesting collagen supplementation promotes an anabolic affect (re-building) in the skin.

All of this culminates to a full review of previous research to make this 2015 review of collagen supplementation, where it was concluded that collagen supplementation can improve the appearance and health of skin.

The research has been done, and nearly all parties agree that proper collagen supplementation can improve the health and appearance of skin. You just need the right type of collagen, the right amount of it, and then take it consistently for 4+ weeks so the effects can kick in.

Side Note: Do Collagen Creams Work?

In our opinion, collagen creams are a waste of money in comparison to collagen supplements that you consume. The likelihood of a cream being able to deliver an actual effective dosage of collagen to the deep layer of your skin is low. If this was possible, then why cant we drink through our skin?

One may consider that since coconut oil has the ability to moisturize skin, so too can collagen cream penetrate the skin and have an effect. However, if the coconut oil actually hydrating your skin, or simply keeping water from escaping and further drying… Allowing your skin to naturally hydrate from the inside out?

Best Collagen Supplements for Healthy Younger Looking Skin

In order to get the best results using collagen supplements for healthy, younger looking skin – we recommend getting in at least 2,500 mg of type 1 collagen hydrolysate per day. The rankings below dictate this stance, as well as compare price and overall reviews. We want the best collagen supplements for you.

#10 Aspen Naturals Marine Collagen

collagen for skinIf you are an Amazon shopper, then you will definitely notice Aspen Naturals as you check out what types of collagen supplements are out there. From the label, you will notice that this brand provides 10 grams of fish-sourced collagen per serving, which is a great sized dose.

However, we have to rank this product last on our top 10 collagen supplements list, despite its ample dose, because: 1) the product isn’t flavored, and 2) who is Aspen Naturals?

What do we mean? Well, go search and try to find a website for Aspen Naturals… It doesn’t exist.

They don’t have a website, and appear to only sell via… So who are these guys anyways? To make matters worse, if you look on the back of their product for an address – there isn’t one. Only Colorado and a zip code. Mad shady.

Based on this, we have to recommend continuing on down our list.

#9 Flight Nutrition Collagen

Type 1 CollagenFlight Nutrition claims to make a high quality hydrolyzed collagen supplement that contains 20 grams of collagen per serving. But unfortunately, like Aspen Naturals, Flight Nutrition doesn’t have a website. Is this even a real company?

One of our readers also gave us an inside tip that Flight Nutrition is owned by the same company that owns Xwerks nutrition… A company that sells workout supplements. Something just doesn’t seem right about these guys.

Once they have a proper storefront or website that explains who they are, then we will consider them as an option. Until then, why risk it.

#8 Doctors Best Collagen Types 1 & 3

Collagen PillsDoctors Best makes a wide variety of supplements, so it comes as no surprise that they would provide a collagen supplement. But unfortunately, their version is out of date, in the sense that the milligrams per dose is only 2,000.

This is the low end of the spectrum if you want to take collagen supplements to make your skin look better.

As well, this is a pill supplement – so to get those 2,000 milligrams of collagen you are going to need to swallow 4 pills every single day. Even if you increase the servings to get a desired 6,000 milligrams – that would be 12 pills every single day.

Due to the low dose and need for swallowing multiple pills, we rank this collagen supplement as #8.

#7 Zint Beef Collagen Powder

Zint CollagenZint Nutrition is a relatively new brand that focuses on natural products and sweetener alternatives. Aside from collagen and beef gelatin, they make xylitol, maca, camu camu, lucuma, and mosquite.

We bring this brand up to #7 because it has a large dose of hydrolyzed collagen.

However what we do not like about Zint Collagen, is that if you look on the label, it says there is 11 grams of protein per serving (collagen is considered protein), and beef is the only ingredient, yet per scoop there is 12 grams. What is the extra gram?

Additionally this product is not flavored, which makes it rank lower as well. If it was flavored, like some of our higher ranking collagen supplements for skin are, then it would perform better.

#6 PhiNaturals Collagen Complete Powder

Collagen CompletePhiNaturals produces an attractive large-dose collagen supplement that has 10,000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen per scoop. In addition to this, the PhiNaturals Collagen Complete Powder also has large doses of: Chondroitin, Glucosamine Sulfate; small doses of: hyaluronic acid, trace minerals, and an enzyme blend.

As a whole, this is a very attractive collagen supplement for skin health. However, it does have a super-premium price tag, along with a brand reputation that doesn’t quite excite us.

We look forward to receiving more reviews about this product in the future to know it’s true value.

#5 Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Collagen for younger skinThis Collagen Hydrolysate powder is loaded with 18 grams of collagen per serving, and includes 28 servings per container. Not bad!

As well, Vital Proteins is an actual brand, with a real website and product line. This is a supplement maker that we can trust.

For this product by Vital Proteins, the collagen is sourced from Brazilian cows where it is hydrolyzed into small peptides that can be easily absorbed (no enzymes required). If this product is easily available to you, it’s a good choice.

#4 Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Sports Research CollagenSports Research is a very popular brand that has lately begun making semi-premium products. When you look at their primary supplement products, we like and trust Sports Research a lot. There is little room for dislike.

However, for these well-packaged and semi-premium products, comes a premium price.

Each serving of Sports Research’s Collagen Peptides contains 11 grams of collagen per serving. In addition, there are roughly 41 servings per container.

This is pretty good total volume, and its hard to match that through pill collagen supplementation!

#3 YouTheory Collagen Advanced Formula

Skin Collagen FormulaYouTheory Collagen Advanced is the best pill-form collagen hydrolysate supplement we’ve ranked. In each serving, you are getting a total of 6 grams collagen hydrolysate. Three from beef, and 3 from chicken.

This mixture gives you not just type I collagen, but also types II and III.

To get a complete serving, you are going to need to take down 6 fill sized capsules. This is a big task for some, but we know that certain individuals are looking specifically for pill form. With that in mind, here it is!

#2 NeoCell Super Collagen

Neocell Super CollagenNeoCell is a large company with experience in the collagen supplement manufacturing game. We rank their Super Collagen #2, because of their standing as a reputable company, as well as their collagen coming in both powder, and pill form.

Super Collagen is extremely affordable, and provides 6,600 mg of collagen per serving, with 30 servings per their smallest quantity powder.

Like many of the top ranking collagen powders on this page, Super Collagen is sourced from grass-fed beef. That, paired with NeoCells decent reputation allows us to recommend this brand with confidence.

#1 VitaDirect Collagen Hydrolysate – Type I for Total Skin Health

Best Collagen PowderComing in as our top recommendation for skin health via collagen hydrolysate is VitaDirect’s own Collagen Hydrolysate.

Each can of VitaDirect’s Collagen Hydrolysate packs 41 servings with 11 grams of collagen per serving.

It is a bit expensive, but it’s worth noting that this pretty high quality stuff. Additionally, VitaDirect is a growing and reputable brand (especially compared to other collagen supplement makers).

We believe that our readers will be very satisfied with this collagen supplement for use as a skin rejuvenating supplement. To get the most benefit, supplement consistently for at least a month straight.

Note: This Collagen powder comes in both chocolate and unflavored, if you pick unflavored, we recommend mixing it into your favorite flavored drink or protein powder.

View VitaDirect’s Collagen Hydrolysates on Amazon

Conclusion on the best Collagen supplements for Skin

No matter which collagen supplement you decide to take, we recommend that you ensure there is atleast 6,000 mg collagen per serving. Additionally, make sure that you take it consistently… A few dosages here and there are not going to make a difference. Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

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