Best Collagen Supplements for Joint Support

Top Collagen SupplementAs a whole, collagen is most commonly supplemented with to improve the health and appearance of skin. We know this, because we wrote a whole article on the best collagen supplements for younger looking skin. For skin health, type I collagen is the primarily recommendation.

For your joints though, the focus is on type 2 collagen (hydrolyzed of course).

On this page, we’re going to share with you the current research supporting collagen supplementations ability to help reduce pain as well as repair the joints. We’re also going to come to our own conclusions, as well as bring forward the 10 most relevant collagen supplements for joint health. These collagen joint supplements are ranked on a basis of quality, dosage, source, and price.

How Collagen Supplements Aid Joint Health (Repair and Lubricate)

Collagen supplements are believed to help with joint repair and comfort. As we will show you, there are studies that suggest collagen to directly increase joint tissue re-growth, as well as several studies suggesting collagen to reduce joint pain.

Editor’s Note: Whether or not you supplement with collagen, be sure to drink plenty of water if you are experiencing joint pain. Inside your joints, there is a special lubricant that does require adequate water to stay hydrated and do its job. So, if you have poor joints and low water intake, that’s a double-whammy against you. Alternatively, if you have bad joints but drink plenty of water – then you will be maximizing the synovial fluid that your body can make, which can mean pain relief and more function.

So, where is the science linking collagen supplements to improved joint health? Here is what we found (listed from oldest to most recent):

  • A comprehensive 2010 study published here in the International Journal of Orthopedics evaluated the effects of 10 grams hydrolyzed collagen/day supplementation versus 1.5 grams glucosamine sulfate/day supplementation in 400 individuals. They were evaluating joint pain, mobility, and quality of life. At the end of this 90 day study, it was determined that 10 grams collagen hydrolysate daily greatly reduced joint pain, improved mobility, and enhanced overall quality of life. It was also deemed more effective than glucosamine sulfate.

Next, we have a 2011 study evaluating Type II collagen supplementation. The only catch, is that the study was performed in dogs…

  • Published in Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, researchers evaluated the effects of 10 mg daily supplementation of Type II Collagen in dogs with arthritic joint pain. To evaluate pain reduction, they used a force plate model, where essentially they measure how much weight the dog puts on the force plate to indicate pain tolerance for that limbs joint. At the end of the study, they determined that Type II collagen supplementation reduced joint pain. Something that chondroitin and glucosamine couldn’t match.

Fast forward to 2012, we have a study with humans! Though, they were only receiving 1,200 mg per day of collagen hydrolysate which may not have been enough.

  • Published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, researchers evaluated the effects of 1,200 mg collagen hydrolysate per day for 6 months versus placebo. Overall results were considered to be not entirely conclusive, however, here they are: at 3 months, 44% of collagen patients reported less joint pain compared to 40% in the control group; later at 6 months, 52% for collagen group and 37% for control group.

This split isn’t large enough to statistically state that collagen reduced joint pain, however, to us it does mean something. Especially considering that the low end of collagen supplementation was used here.

It is worth noting though, that also during 2012, another literature review took place looking at all the studies evaluating collagen supplementation and joint pain/recovery. That study, which you can see right here, determined that the research is still inconclusive on collagen supplementations ability to improve joint health.

Inconclusive until 2016.

  • Viewable here, this 2016 study evaluated the effects of 1,500 mg daily supplementation of collagen type II hydrolysate for a period of 20 days on individuals with joint pain. They determined, in a manner that they consider conclusive, that this daily supplementation significantly relieved joint pain and improved mobility.

Up until this study, we couldn’t find a solid link between collagen type II supplementation and joint health. We knew that type II was found in joints, but, it was unclear if supplementing with type I versus type II would stimulate different or the same collagen production (since hydrolysate is such small fragments, and type I and type II are quite similar).

However, the overwhelming positive results of the 2016 study above, show a clear indication that type II collagen should be the preferred source for those looking to relieve joint discomfort.

Bonus Study: Is your joint pain caused by inflammation? A 2013 study published in Inflammopharmacology demonstrated turmeric supplementation to help alleviate joint pain. We are big fans of Tumeric, primarily the refined end product – curcumin. You can view the best curcumin supplements here.

Best Collagen Supplements for Joint Comfort and Recovery

#1 – Protein Essentials InstaBroth

Bone Broth CollagenFor quite some time, bone broth (typically from chicken bone) has been the go-to treatment for easing joint pain. Protein essentials makes this treatment much more effective with their type II collagen supplement InstaBroth.

In InstaBroth, you are getting over 12.5 grams of collagen. This is the highest dosage of type II collagen that we’ve seen thus far.

When you buy InstaBroth, you are getting 10 servings per container. Additionally, each container is either from Beef, or Chicken… So you can imagine what it’s going to taste like.

To be even more descriptive, this isn’t to be taken like a standard protein drink or vitamin mix. Instead, the directions state that you prepare it for 3 minutes by cooking – and then drink it (like broth).

Despite its meaty taste and extra effort to prepare, we believe that InstaBroth is a smart choice for joint support.

View InstaBroth on Amazon

#2 Zen Principle Marine Collagen Powder

Marine Collagen SupplementZen Principle makes several other wellness supplements in addition to their Marine Collage Powder. With Marine Collagen Powder, you get 10 grams of fish derived collagen per serving. Like collagen from chicken or bovine bone – fish collagen is primarily type II.

For that reason, Zen Principles supplement ranks high, as it is pretty difficult to find a type II collagen supplement with a good hearty dosage.

Each container of this collagen supplement has 34 servings, and the product is unflavored. Collagen is typically has a neutral flavor to it. However, once we find a well-flavored collagen supplement that also has a strong dose – you can count on us ranking it very high.

#3 NeoCell Type II Collagen Pills

Collagen for JointsIf you do not wish to cook Protein essential’s InstaBroth, or mix up Zen Principles Collagen Powder – then you should consider these type II Collagen pills by NeoCell.

Each serving contains 2,400 mg in 4 capsules, and the collagen is sourced from chicken bone.

This is a high quality source of type II collagen, and 2,400 mg per serving isn’t too bad either.

As you may have seen, not very many other brands offer such a large dose, which is unfortunate for them and their users.

#4 Dr. Collagen – Collagen Joint Support

Collagen Joint SupportThis collagen supplement is made by Dr. Axe supplements, and is a proprietary blend of bovine, chicken, fish, and egg collagen totaling 7.8 grams per scoop.

From a scoop perspective, this looks good. However, based on the order of the proprietary blend, type I collagen containing bovine collagen is the primary component. Therefore, we really don’t know how much type II collagen is actually in this supplement… And that’s a problem.

Overall though, for an athlete looking for moderate joint support, plus skin support with the type I collagen – this may be a great choice.

We really wish they disclosed how much type II collagen was in this product instead of hiding it.

Editor’s Note: These top 4 choices are our primary recommendations. We could have expanded further as there are more type II collagen supplements and collagen supplements directed towards joints, however, they just don’t hit relevant dosages.

Conclusion on The Best Joint Health Collagen Supplements

There are several different causes for joint pain. Type II collagen supplementation focuses on relieving joint pain caused by grinding down the joints, however, this stuff will not aid joint pain caused by gout or other illnesses.

If you have any questions, comments, or shout outs – below is the place to share! We’ll respond to the important comments.



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