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MCT Oils you should be takingMCT Oils have quickly become all the rage for ketogenic dieters, brain hackers, and health gurus alike. One commonality that you’ll find shared between these 3 groups of people is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. But how do you get all that fat in for energy?

To better optimize performance and results, MCT Oil is a common supplemental addition to diets. Because, MCT Oils are not your average fat.

What is an MCT OIL?

MCT Oil is the preferred acronym for medium chain triglyceride. By definition, these are fatty acids that range in length from 6 to 12 carbons. This is essentially the biological ‘sweet spot’ for rapid energy production.

And this is where many end their research immediately, though they shouldn’t.

See MCT is a subcategory of fatty acids, one that can be further broken down to the most effective types of medium chain triglycerides.

What are the best fatty acids in MCT Oil?

Within the subcategory of medium chain triglycerides you will find:

  • Caproic Acid
  • Caprylic Acid
  • Capric Acid
  • And, Lauric Acid

What you need to know: These 4 fatty acids are similar but not the same. And many ‘bargain’ or ‘generic brand’ MCT Oil supplements contain the less advantageous types.

Out of them all:

The best medium chain triglyceride in MCT Oil is: Caprylic Acid.

Compared to its counterparts, Caprylic Acid is the ‘diamond in the rough’ typically only found in very small percentages within raw coconut oil and mainstream MCT supplements.

What makes Caprylic Acid special, is that it is the easiest digesting medium chain triglyceride there is. Likewise, it does not easily elicit negative side effects like stomach cramps or diarrhea – something the others may induce.

When looking for an MCT Oil supplement, make sure that Caprylic Acid is the primary ingredient.

Pros and Cons of MCT Oil Supplementation

Throughout our MCT and Ketogenic Supplement journey, we’ve experienced both ups and downs. Here are the primary benefits of MCT Oil (the subcategory) followed by common side effects. To get the full scoop read the benefits of MCT Oil here on SHQ.

Common Benefits of MCT Oil

  • Improve focus
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote satiety
  • Reduce food intake
  • Increase lipase activity
  • Contain less calories than other fats
  • Can lower cholesterol

Common Side Effects of MCT Oils

  • Stomach cramps / bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight gain

These MCT Oil side effects really do not happen by chance though. All of these can be attributed directly to not properly taking MCT Oil. Some examples of this are:

  • Taking too much MCT Oil in a sitting
  • Taking the wrong type of MCT Oil (too much Lauric acid)
  • Adding MCT Oil to an unrestricted high calorie diet

So, how much MCT Oil should you be taking at a time?

That depends on the type you are taking, your goals, as well as how much your body has adapted to taking MCT Oils.

We recommend following your chosen brand’s directions, though, feel free to begin with a lesser amount than the recommended.

Pro Tip: Want to get into Ketosis fast? You should check out BHB salts… View the best exogenous ketone supplements here for our top ranking of salts.

If you are already in ketosis, then the MCT oils below are perfect options for maintaining the ketogenic state.

The 10 Best MCT Oil Supplements Ranked by SHQ

#1 PURE C8 MCT Oil Powder by Team Keto

PURE C8 MCTLong after our review process ended for the top MCT oils, the SHQ team found ourselves continuing to take one brand in particular. That brand is Team Keto, and the supplement is PURE C8 MCT Powder.

Here’s why PURE C8 was better:

  • Creamy, delicious and easy to mix.
  • No ‘burning’ sensation at all.
  • Powder based, so no messes or stomach aches.
  • Priced well for 9 grams caprylic acid per serving.

Ultimately the experience, results and price all make PURE C8 the only MCT oil that we’re happy to take day-in and day-out.


#2 Brain Octane by Bulletproof

Bullet Proof MCT Oil

Brain Octane is one of the original MCT Oil supplements, made by the well-known brand Bulletproof. What we love about Brain Octane, is that they use C8 Caprylic MCTs exclusively. This isn’t cheap to do, but it’s the best thing to do.

Each serving of Brain Octane delivers 14 grams of Caprylic Acid per 15 mL serving.

Really, the only thing that could make Brain Octane better as a product is if it was in powder form for easier use and less “oiling of the kitchen”.

View Brain Octane on Amazon

#3 MCT Oil by Left Coast Performance

C8 MCT Oil

The difference between #1 and the rest of the list is quite dramatic. This is because only Brain Octane provides C8 Caprylic Acid exclusively.

Though, MCT Oil by Left Coast Performance wins over the #2 spot by disclosing their Caprylic acid content, which, is the highest ratio compared to #3-#10.

Each bottle of MCT Oil provides about 60 servings of 14 grams fatty acids per serving. All of this costs about $25 on Amazon which isn’t bad at all.

Note: the cost would be higher if only Caprylic Acid was used (the most expensive of all MCTs).

#4 Organic Coconut MCT Oil by Garden of Life

Organic MCTs

Ranking #2 and #3 was very, very close. In Garden of Life’s MCT Oil, there are a few key differences.

Garden of Life contains:

  • Caprylic, Capric, and Lauric Acids
  • Is Organically Sourced

Left Coast Nutrition’s:

  • Is less Expensive
  • Strictly Caprylic and Capric Acids

Being a larger brand, Garden of Life should be more competitively priced if they want to earn a higher ranking; organic or not.

#5 MCT Oil by BioOptimal

BioOptimal Coconut oil MCTs

BioOptimal is a newer brand to us, but so is the entire MCT Oil market. With that being said, we gave them a chance and were not disappointed.

In BioOptimal’s MCT Oil, there is:

  • 55% Caprylic Acid
  • 45% Capric Acid

This is a decent ratio compared to the market as a whole. Likewise, the price wasn’t bad. A good addition to the list if higher ranking options can’t be found.

#6 Pure MCT Oil by Onnit

Medium chain triglyceride oil

Making big moves since 2017, Onnit is one of the most exciting wellness / sports nutrition brands out there. It’s not surprise that they make a great MCT Oil, sourced from Coconuts.

While this is a quality supplement, the ratio of Caprylic Acid in this product is lesser than the options mentioned above. This is particularly important to those with sensitive stomachs or brand new to MCT supplements, as your body most likely will react best to higher ratio Caprylic Acid products.

#7 MCT Oil by Now Sports

Ketogenic MCT Oils

Looking for a generic value buy that isn’t necessarily a compromise? That’s Now Sports MCT Oil.

Each serving provides 7.8 grams Caprylic Acid and 6.2 grams Capric Acid.

For that dosage, you are also getting 63 servings for about $19 if you pick the larger 32 ounce size.

#8 Sustainably Sourced MCT Oil by Sports Research

Sports Research Ketone Oil

Just missing the top 5 MCT Oils is Sports Research’s option: MCT Oil. Despite being a very popular and widespread brand, Sports Research has the lowest percent of Caprylic Acid in the top 6.

For its low Caprylic Acid content, we had to rank it lower – since its digestibility simply won’t be as good.

#9 100% Potency MCT Oil by Natures Way

MCT Natures Way

Natures way offers their own coconut oil MCT supplement that boasts being purely sourced without any fillers. From the outside it looks good, however, we are uncertain the ratio of MCT oils within this supplement.

For instance, there could be next to no Caprylic acid in it – and we wouldn’t’ know. Likewise, the ratios may change between bottles since there isn’t a labelled standardization.

For those reasons, we had to rank to lower similarly to the next two ranking products.

#10 MCT Oil Powder by Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto MCT Powder

MCT Oil Powder came so, so close! After all, it allows you to get your MCT Oils in through a powdered form – which is much easier to add into our lives…

However, we have two factors that make this a less appealing choice compared to the supplements above.

First, the ratios of MCT’s are not provided.

Second, its expensive at around $37 (with 30 servings per container with 10 gram serving sizes).

Bottom line – could be better.

You Have Your MCT Oil – What’s Next?

I know that beginning MCT Oil supplementation can be exciting, and you just want to dive straight in…

But remember, the body will take a bit of time to fully adapt to even the highest quality MCT Oil products. So, take it slow and remember that this stuff packs a punch.

  • Take home note: Start small, even a little MCT Oil goes a long way.

Got Questions? We may have answers. Leave us a comment below to chat!

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