10 Best Omega-3 Supplements

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Being healthy can feel like such a chore sometimes. Between exercising, trying to eat healthy, and staying in shape, fighting for good health seems like a losing battle sometimes. But what if there was a product that really did promote health and improve your body’s overall functions simply by taking it every morning with breakfast?

Enter omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 helps your body improve a whole host of functions, including muscle activity, blood clotting, digestion, fertility, and cell division and growth. It is also one of the best supplements you can take for brain health and protection.

Regular exercise and healthy foods are essential as well, but taking omega-3 supplements is as good a way as any to supplement your nutrition and just feel better. The following list of the 10 best omega-3 supplements is guaranteed to help you find a product which will help you feel and be healthier.

1. Dr. Tobias Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil

tobias_reviewNo matter where you look on the internet (and if you look for supplements on any other site besides here, shame on you!) the bottle of Omega 3 Fish Oil from Dr. Tobias is hands down the best supplement available.

Now, most omega 3 supplements come in the form of pills with fish oil, since fish are such an abundant source of the oil. However, the Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil has less of a fishy aftertaste and absorbs better into your bloodstream than other products. This really is the best supplement available.

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2. Kirkland Signature Omega 3 Fish Oil

kirkland_reviewKirkland is a leader in the supplement industry, and their omega 3 supplement has proven itself worthy of recognition on this prestigious list. At a killer price, Kirkland offers softgels packed with 1,000mg of fish oil, concentrated at 30%.

After the fish oils help your heart and vascular system, they’ll also help your joints as well. Only because Dr. Tobias whipped out a fantastic supplement is Kirkland’s effort number 2 on this list. This is an amazing value.

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3. Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega

nordicNordic Natural got a little pricey with this supplement, but it wouldn’t be on this list unless it was good. Nordic Natural combines two different types of fatty acids found in fish oils (EPA and DHA) into a double strength formula which is designed to give you the benefit of more omega 3 in fewer servings.

Don’t let the price dissuade you – if you’re looking for a fast-acting supplement, Nordic Natural is the way to go.

4. Viva Labs Krill Oil

viva100% natural is always a good thing when talking about supplements. Viva Labs has delivered an all-natural omega 3 supplement derived from krill oil, and it’s said to be 54 times more powerful than regular ole fish oil.

It’s made in the USA, and is also the first supplement to have been independently tested and certified by the International Krill Oil Standards.

5. NOW Foods Ultra Omega 3

nowfoodsA lot of omega 3 supplements are combining two types of acid (DHA and EPA) in newer supplements, because both acids are incredibly beneficial. NOW Foods’ offering is one of those, and it’s also made in the USA.

NOW Foods markets this omega 3 supplement primarily to help improve cognitive function and cardiovascular support, which makes it a narrow-focused product.

6. GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil

gncGNC put together a good, albeit pricey, supplement with their Triple Strength Fish Oil offering.

Combining 900 total mg of fatty acids in a 1,500mg softgel, the nutrients are definitely very present and are geared towards benefiting joint, brain, and skin health.

7. Coromega Omega 3

coromegaCoromega broke the mold with their Omega 3 supplement – they decided flavor it and reduce the fishy taste present in so many omega 3 supplements. While taste might be subjective, it’s an interesting approach.

Also, this supplement comes in a squeeze packet as opposed to a capsule. This, coupled with no sugar, has been clinically proven to increase fatty acid absorption better than softgels, which is a huge plus to this supplement.

8. Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega 3

nutrigoldNutrigold makes a good supplement that’s said to have up to 1,060 mg of pure fish oil in each softgel, much more than any other standard omega 3 on the market.

It’s also been third-party tested to be proven free of mercury and other harmful chemicals sometimes present in fish oils. It is a little pricier, but remains a good choice all the same.

9. Axis Labs Citrus Omega 3

axis-labsAxis Labs offers another citrus-flavored supplement, but beyond their citrus infusion, this offering isn’t much different than other supplements on the market.

They combine EPA and DHA acids, as well as vitamin E to prevent oxidation. This supplement is priced a little more than others, but it will still deliver the omega 3 you’re looking for.

10. Nature Made Burp-less Fish Oil

naturemadeCheap, effective, and to the point, Nature Made’s Burp-less fish oil delivers omega 3s from only deep-ocean fish, not farm raised ones.

They also claim to help eliminate the fishy burps that sometimes result from fish oils. If a bargain is what you’re after, then Nature Made is your choice. Nature Made always provides a great value product.

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  1. Lou Mason says

    omega-3’s seriously cured my add. I just used the costco stuff.

  2. whats better.. fish oil supplements or omega 3s from plants like in the picture?

  3. Nicholas says

    I heard from a doctor friend that the best form of omega-3’s is Krill oil. Is that just marketing mumbo jumbo?

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