Top 10 Best Weight Gainer Protein Supplements

Protein designed specifically for mass building or, weight gainers, as the nickname goes are the best way to add size to your body.  Let’s put it this way if you want to either lose weight or just had 3-5 lbs of lean muscle then lean protein is the way to go.  If you want 10-15 lbs of muscle mass then a weight gainer is what you want.

A surprising fact that you may not know about protein is that your body needs carbohydrates and fat to help assimilate protein into your system.  Basically, you need a specific amount of calories to efficiently help with muscle growth.  People who have high metabolisms or someone who is consistently doing intense training usually burn through those important ingredients for building muscle and size.  A good weight gainer protein will ensure you are getting the correct ratio of these.

Our experts have made a comprehensive list of the best weight gainer protein powders that will be most effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

1. Mass Tech by Muscletech

mass tech weight gainerMass Tech from the supplement giant Muscletech graces our top spot.  Muscletech takes some flack in the supplement industry because of its widespread renown and popularity.  What we should remember though is how it gained that popularity in the first place, innovation.

Mass Tech truly is pushing the envelope with this advanced formula.  Not only is the mixture a combination of all the things weve found in recent years which help you recover and gain muscle but it’s a ton of it.  When we say a ton, we mean 63 grams of quality protein, 1000 calories, and 5 grams of BCAA’s!

The greatest part of this is the 10 grams of hard hitting creatine thrown into the mix.  Although creatine is famous for its preworkout capabilities it is well know that creatine after a workout can help you absorb protein and regenerate damaged muscles.

2. Elite Mass by Dymatize Nutrition

dymatize_elite_massElite Mass by Dymatize Nutrition is a close runner up in our rankings.  We found the formula to be very similar to our number 1 weight gainer mass complex.

The formula is solid and Dymatize Nutrition has a long history in the supplement industry of quality products.  Their Elite 7 time released protein is a popular lean protein that can be found at most nutrition stores and online.

It has a great taste but is a little clumpy so make sure you shake it very well.

3. Russian Bear 5000 by Vitol

russian bear 5000Dobro pozhalovat comrades! Our next weight gainer on the list is Russian Bear 5000 by Vitol.  This is one of those smack you in the face kind of proteins.  The Russinan Bear boasts tons of calories per scoop so only take the full serving if you are are doing some heavy 2 hour sessions in the gym.

We found the additives very interesting.  The base protein comes from non-fat whey sources and egg whites (albumin) to give you your short and long lasting.  Some of the extra additives to the mix include yohimbe bark, sike deer antler, schizandra and chromium picolinate.  You can learn more about these in some of our benefits articles but these all help diverisfy this product in a way we approve of.

4. Pro Complex by Optimum Nutrition

pro complex gainer reviewPro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition is an awesome product.  Optimum has followed a good formula as far as new age weight gainers go by making sure to have a well rounded time released formula.
The added digestive enzymes make this a protein supplement which is sure to be well digested and absorbed by the body.  It mixes well and is marketed for people trying to gain “lean mass”.

5. Isogainer by Nutrabolic

isogainerComing in at 5 is Nutrabolic’s Isogainer.  The formula is deisgned to not only help build mass amounts of muscle but to help increase energy resources for maintenance, repair and recovery also.

It has a time released complex and 88 grams of quality complex carbs.  Nutrabolics is a newer company on the market but it has proven its quality ever since with products like Isogainer.

6. Monster Mass by Cytomax

monster mass reviewMonster Mass is Cytomax’s (makers of Muscle Milk) answer to the equation hard work + weight gainer = mass.  Monster Mass has a powerful yet easily digestible formula.

They included a 600+ calorie, lipid, protein and carbohydrayte system.  What our team really liked was the high amount of L-Glutamine they made sure to add to their formula, which is great for recovery after those hard workouts.

7. Isopure Mass

isopureIsopure Mass is a quality weight gainer from a popular company.  First off if you are lactose intolerant but want to get huge Isopure has designed this product with you in mind.  It is lactose free but still delivers 53 grams of whey protein isolate.

Iso pure is famous for its ion exchanged whey protein which to put simply is more readily absorbed by the body.  For all you lactose intolerant body builders out there have no fear, your gains shall be stomach problem and emberrising gas free.

8. Real Mass by Gaspari Nutrition

real mass reviewGaspari Nutrition has been pumping out quality products under the mainstream radar for years.  Real Mass, which is part of their probiotic series, is another quality product by Gaspari.

This gluten free blend of 1230 calories and 50 grams of protein is extremely easy to absorb.  Their best attribute is the patented GanedenBC30 probiotic only available from Gaspari. A great weight gainer only helps you if you can absorb it!

9. Real Gains by Universal

real gains reviewUniversal’s Real Gains is that old school weight gainer.  The kind of supplement arnold would have been chugging back in the 70’s.  It has a straight forward formula that they have given slight modern twists to.

If you want to train like those legendary greats then pick up a tub of real gains.

10. Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition

serious mass reviewOh the dog bag.  A weight gainer list would not be complete with Optimun Nutrition’s Serious Mass.  Serious Mass is as simple as a weight gainer can get. It’s simple, but effective.

Optimum Nutrtion packed in 1250 calories, 50 grams of protein, 250 carbs and 25 grams of general vitamins and minerals this is as straight forward as it gets.  The only question now is, are you animal enough to use the dog bag?

What weight gainer supplements have YOU had success with? Let us know in the comments below. Or if this is your first weight gainer purchase, keep us informed on your progress! Thanks for reading!

About T.C. Davey

T.C. has been around weightlifting and fitness since he was young. His father was a professional body builder and made sure his son knew the tools of the trade. T.C. has 6 years of experience in the supplement industry and a degree in bio chemistry. In his spare time he is an avid rugby player and loves spending time with his wife Britta in nature. Connect with him on Google+.


  1. I’ve had some serious gains using isogainer. It’s by far my favorite weight gainer. Should be #1 imo.

  2. Haha 12 pounds of weight gainer is a bit much. must be really skinny to need that much

  3. Ion-exchange actually makes the protein.inferior, isopure sucks.and dirt cheap due to ion-exchange but is actually way overpriced

  4. Midhun Suresh says

    serious mass should come up i guess

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