Best ZMA Supplements 2018 [Value and Quality]

ZMA Buyers GuideZMA is the patented acronym for supplements containing Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. This formula was created to meet the common Zinc and Magnesium deficiencies in athletes and bodybuilders alike.

Today, nearly every major supplement brand contains some form of ZMA supplement. We are here to help guide you to the best ZMA supplement that provides the most bang for your buck.

We’ve tried them all, and below we’ll break down the top 5 ZMA supplements.

But before that, why are ZMA supplements so advantageous?

Zinc Supplementation for Bodybuilders and Athletes

The trace mineral zinc is present in the average individual between 2-3 grams total. That’s a lot right? Almost as significant as the 80 grams of creatine in a person’s body at any given time. So, besides all the boring processes zinc is involved in…

What exactly goes bad when athletes and bodybuilders go zinc deficient? How does proper zinc supplementation like that of a ZMA supplement help?

Here is the research specific to zinc that backs up ZMA supplements:

Zinc deficiencies in athletes are common. This Italian study suggests that 90% of endurance athletes may be moderate-to-severe zinc deficient. A more recent study with elite swimmers found that zinc deficiency was prevalent, and may negatively influence performance.

Zinc contributes to performance and anti-oxidant response. This study suggests that proper zinc intake contributes to improved anti-oxidant activity and overall athletic performance and health. Additionally, this study found that zinc supplementation in conjunction with exercise lead to improved hematological parameters and potentially greater performance and endurance.

Zinc supplementation aids traumatic brain injury recovery and reduces depression. This study evaluated the relationship between brain injury recovery and zinc supplementation. They discovered that zinc supplementation promoted a greater level of resiliency and recovery. While on the topic of the brain, proper zinc supplementation may lead to reduced tendencies of depression. This study suggests the same thing, as well as a reduction in anger. This is important, considering that excessive exercise can lead to zinc deficiency, which can then lead to depression.

Magnesium Supplementation for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Yes zinc is an important trace mineral for athletes… But magnesium is far, far more important! So much so, that we dedicated an entire page to the best magnesium supplements and benefits of magnesium.

We encourage you to click the link above and go check out all the benefits of magnesium. However, for a quick synopsis…

Benefits of Magnesium:

  • Bone Health
  • Mental Clarity
  • Less Cramps and Headaches
  • Greater Testosterone
  • Enhanced performance

And the list goes on… We consider Magnesium to be just as essential as Vitamin D. So, back to the original goal. What are the best ZMA supplements? Here we go.

The 5 Best ZMA Supplements Based on Quality and Value

#1 TL ZMO [Zinc, Magnesium, and Oyster]

Best Zinc and Magnesium SupplementEasily taking the #1 place, is the most innovative Zinc and Magnesium supplement that we’ve seen in the last 10 years.

Made by Transparent Labs, ZMO is the first zinc and magnesium supplement to contain highly bioavailable minerals.

Do you know what that means? ZMO will not give you diarrhea like ZMA supplements using oxidized magnesium do!

ZMO contains:

  • Zinc Picolinate
  • Magnesium Bisglycinate
  • Oyster Extract (trace mineral rich)

View ZMO here on Transparent Labs

#2 VitaDirect ZMA [Zinc mono-methionine, Magnesium aspartate, Vitamin B6]

Value ZMAVitaDirect provides a high quality and economical ZMA formula that you can get conveniently from Each Vitadirect ZMA contains 30 servings for men, and 45 servings for women, and prices in under $20 with shipping included.

Since ZMA is a patented formula, all brands ultimately provide the same product. Due to this, we prefer VitaDirect for their pricing, freshness, and easy access.

View VitaDirect ZMA on Amazon Here

#3 SNAC ZMA-5 and ZMA Nightcap

SNAC ZMAIn third place, we have ZMA’s patent owner, SNAC’s two main versions of ZMA. They are, ZMA-5 and ZMA Nightcap.

ZMA-5 Contains the standard ZMA formula along with 5-HTP to promote better sleep. Its worth noting however that 5-HTP does make some people feel nauseous. ZMA Nightcap on the other hand contains the standard ZMA formula along with 5-HTP and 6 grams of carbohydrates (and comes in powder form).

Both of these SNAC variations are significantly more expensive than a standard ZMA like VitaDirect’s.

#4 PEScience TruZMA (ZMA with Shilajit)

TruZMAPEScience adds to the standard ZMA with 200 mg of Shilajit powder per serving. Shilajit, is a mineral dense type of clay which is suggested to help raise testosterone levels in men.

Will 200 mg of Shilajit make a difference? We’re not entirely sure. Most likely, the ZMA leads the testosterone fight, as it has better research behind it.

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra to get Shilajit in your ZMA to help with test levels, this is a good option for you. Otherwise, cheaper is better since ZMA is patented, and everyone is using the same thing.

#5 Optimum Nutrition ZMA

ZMA by Optimum NutritionOptimum Nutrition is one of the largest brand names in the supplement industry. With that rep, they make a pretty reliable and affordable ZMA supplement.

If you are looking to pick up a ZMA at GNC, this is most likely what you are going to find. And, there is nothing wrong with that!

Just because it isn’t our favorite ZMA, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to take care of your recovery and gains.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA comes in many different quantities, too.

#6 Jym Supplement Science ZMA

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate SupplementWe had to add Jim Stoppani’s ZMA to our list, due to his massive dedication to the fitness world. However, we didn’t feel right ranking it super high based on that merit alone, especially since his ZMA is more expensive.

As well, until the whole Stoppani Vs thing is resolved (hopefully in Jims favor), we’re going to keep JYM supplements on the d/l.

With that being said, if you’d like to get Jim’s ZMA, we recommend that you look to get it off of Amazon instead of other alternatives.

ZMA Supplements Round-Up

That finishes our top 5 choices for best ZMA supplement. We hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. If you have any questions or suggestions – drop those comments right below. We’ll get back to you in a couple days. Keep training hard and check out our other reviews and rankings!

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