Muscletech Hydroxycut Fat Burner Guide

In the diet industry we have hot ingredients that are universally known, like: green tea, Yohimbe, and coffee bean extract… But when it comes to actual multi-ingredient branded products, Muscletech’s Hydroxycut is the most well-known line of thermogenic fat burners out today. But does this wide-known ‘celebrity status’ actually mean that Hydroxycut products are ‘the […]

Comprehensive Quadralean Review by RSP Nutrition

Not all fat is created equal. Believe it or not, some fat is harder to lose than others. Sometimes, exercise and eating healthy just wont get you the results you want fast enough. Whether you have been engaging in a healthy lifestyle for sometime, or if you are looking to begin on your journey there is […]

FENFAST 375 Rapid Fat Burner Review

In my opinion, one should avoid any product that makes claims that sound to good to be true. The word “rapid” in the name “Fenfast 375: Rapid Fat Burner” sets my bull sh*t alarm off every time. But that being said, here at supplementHQ we strive to provide complete, unbiased reviews, regardless of personal word biases. Weight […]

Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer Comprehensive Review

Coming in at 2015’s top selling weight loss fat burner on, Ubervita is certainly selling a LOT of their product, W700 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer. Is it’s Amazon dominance well deserved? I personally, am not fully convinced. See where W700 ranks on our best fat burner post here. This review is 2 parts – 1) my personal experience […]

Muscle Pharm CLA 1000 Review

If you’ve ever had vision of flexing your bulging biceps, and the thin white T-shirt you’re wearing rips from the power of your arms, then you’ve had the same vision as most men. The difference is, most men aren’t reading a product review for a CLA supplement. Most men are doing other things that won’t […]

Thermakor Weight Loss Supplement Review

Looking to burn some fat with a  thermogenic supplement? Kor Nutrition has recently launched a new weight loss thermogenic product called Thermakor.  Thermakor boasts offers a wide range of benefits from there sixteen all-natural ingredient makeup, all of which work together for superb weight loss results. I personally went from 8.9% body fat to 7.4% […]