Smart Drugs: Master Your Brains Full Potential

While we love to body build, the truth is, this website is truly dedicated to smart supplements known as 'nootropics'. We are experts on the topic, and recommend only the safest and most effective smart drugs. Be weary of other sites recommending synthetic pharmaceuticals! They will not benefit you nearly as much as our high quality recommendations and dietary lifestyle plans for optimal brain function.

15 Best Brain Supplements – A Comprehensive Review

Ever have those days when, for whatever reason, you’re super-human productive? And what about the days when, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get into a groove? We all do. The brain is a complex organ and functions at varying levels based on its general health. But what if we could influence […]

AlphaMom: First Nootropic Made Specifically for Women – Full Review

I’ve been testing and experimenting with nootropics for a long time, and there are some really great products out there, but the other day I came across AlphaMom it’s a new nootropic product formulated specifically for woman.  I hear from my friends who are moms all the time about how its hard to keep up […]

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s mane, or Hericium erinaceus, is an edible fungus that grows on the sides of dead and decaying trees in North America, Europe and Asia. It has a host of equally fun names such as bearded hedgehog mushroom, pom pom mushroom and beaded tooth fungus. “Lion’s mane” gives it an air of power that we […]

Comprehensive Neuro Hacker Qualia Review: What You Need To Know

If you are familiar with Nootropics, then you have certainly come across Qualia at least once. The first time I saw it, I just kept looking, having been phased by the $150 price tag. But, upon seeing it again I had to look and see what exactly was in this stuff that could legitimize such […]

Review of Focus Factor: Does It Work?

Before the Nootropic smart drug explosion, there was Focus Factor lining the shelves of GNC, Walmart, and stores alike. Today, Focus Factor still exists and appears to be going strong. We did our first Focus Factor review back in 2012, but now we’re going to completely re-review it and see how it stacks up against the […]

Full Evaluation of the Nootropic Smart-Drug Modafinil

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting (“eugeroic”) agent originally developed in France in the late 1970’s, and introduced to European and American markets as a medical treatment throughout the 80’s and 90’s. It is sold under a wide variety of brand names worldwide, including Alertec, Modalert, Provigil, Resotyl, and Vigimax. The original medical uses of modafinil were […]

Theacrine Supplement Guide

Background / Overview of Theacrine (Teacrine) Theacrine is a purine alkaloid compound that is present in a variety of different teas and coffees, and which occurs naturally in the Theocrama, Herrania, and Camella Assamica plants. The Kucha variant of the Camella Assamica plant, in particular, has a history of use in a number of different […]

Vinpocetine Review: Benefits, Dosages, and Top Supplements

Background Vinpocetine (ethyl apovinaminate) is a nootropic compound that is synthesized from vincamine, the naturally-occurring active compound of the periwinkle plant Vinca Minor. The periwinkle plant has a historical background as an herbal medicine throughout Europe, where it has traditionally been used to treat headaches. Vinpocetine itself was identified and synthesized for the first time […]

Huperzine A Supplements: Evidence Based Benefits

Overview Of Huperzine A Huperzine-A – sometimes also known as selagine – is a naturally-occurring compound commonly found in the Chinese club moss Huperzia serrata. Historically, tea brewed from Chinese club moss has been used for centuries as an herbal medicine in China and India, and contains a large variety of active ingredients that can […]

Choline Supplementation Guide

The Nootropic Choline Guide for Better Focus Choline is an essential nutrient the body produces in small amounts which is responsible for liver function, muscle movement, brain development, nerve function, boosting energy levels, and metabolic maintenance. Choline is basically necessary for the functions of all cells. But choline is also the primary constituent of acetylcholine, the learning […]

Complete Racetam Guide: Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Pramiracetam

A Nootropic is a form of supplement taken solely to boost brain function, a direct opposite when it comes to commonly used supplements for the body. Many nootropic supplement brands have similar claims when it comes to function such as boosting cognition, focus, alertness, and overall mood. Most are generic in use while others specialize […]