Comprehensive Neuro Hacker Qualia Review: What You Need To Know

Qualia Nootropic ReviewIf you are familiar with Nootropics, then you have certainly come across Qualia at least once. The first time I saw it, I just kept looking, having been phased by the $150 price tag.

But, upon seeing it again I had to look and see what exactly was in this stuff that could legitimize such a high price. Turns out, there are a lot of ingredients in Qualia. Enough to inspire me to review it.

Qualia Is a Premium Nootropic for the Elite

Qualia isn’t a ‘one specific powerful ingredient’ type of supplement. Instead, Qualia is a multi-faceted nootropic powerhouse that goes far beyond many of the best nootropic supplements.

What exactly do we mean by multi-faceted?

Well, your typical nootropic supplement will cost you $35 to $60 dollars and contain 1-3 pills per serving size.

Qualia on the other hand, contains 9 large pills per serving size, and costs $150 for a 22 day supply.

Right off the bat, this price-point is going to disqualify many consumers from considering this product… And it rightly should. Qualia isn’t designed for just anyone.

Should You Buy Qualia?

I personally went ahead and purchased Qualia. Before buying it, I was content with what I was getting for the price. The ingredient list made sense, and to buy each of these on their own would legitimately cost a fortune compared to paying a lesser fortune for Qualia ready-made.

After my 22 days reviewing Qualia I don’t regret my purchase.

Despite how expensive Qualia is, I do believe that it was a good investment. This is partially because supplements and nootropics are my thing, so it doesn’t stress me to spend my money on supplements.

However if the idea of spending $150 on Qualia is painful to you, then it probably isn’t for you.

Qualia is a great product, but if you are stressing over the price point, then you are going to be exerting too much pressure on its performance to really allow it to shine. Qualia nor other Nootropic supplements do not do the work for you, they simply aid you.

How Effective is Neuro Hacker’s Qualia?

From day 1, I personally found Qualia to be extremely effective. For perspective, before reviewing Qualia I was using pre workout supplements and other stimulants to keep my energy and focus up.

In comparison, Qualia is a much less ‘twitchy’, energy ‘ups and downs’ way to increase productivity.

But at the same time, you aren’t going to be getting that crazy rush that other supplements may deliver (for better or for worse). Instead, Qualia is a controlled experience.

This brings up an important personality/routine corollary however:

If you are like me, then making coffee and taking supplements throughout the day is part of your nature. Honestly, it’s more likely a form of procrastination.

While taking Qualia, this is going to have to stop.

When you take Qualia, it’s all in there. So much so, that even taking one TruBrain packet will throw you out of whack… Trust me, I’ve tried it a few times. It puts you in that too much focus/headache/productivity-over zone.

Straight caffeine from coffee or a caffeine/l-theanine blend is acceptable though if you dose it gradually.

So Again, is Qualia worth It?

I think it is. If you want a simple all-encompassing solution and demand the most premium of nootropic products, then this one will make you happy. However, if you want the most bang for your buck and would feel a burn from spending $150, then you should consider other options.

Not to mention, if you love coffee break procrastination or adding in your own stimulants… One will have to go, either Qualia or your ritual.

The Ingredients in Neuro Hacker Qualia AM/Afternoon Stack

As we said, the proof in Qualia’s effectiveness comes down to the huge ingredient range. Just take a look at the labels for Qualia Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Qualia Ingredients

To be rational, we aren’t even going to attempt to cover this entire list. If we did so, this review would be ten pages long!

In fact, we’ve already explained many of these ingredients on the full nootropic supplement ingredients list.

If you are familiar with Nootropics then you can tell that this product is loaded. About 5 fold more than the average supplement, for 3 to 4 fold the price… Which isn’t as ridiculous as a first impression of $150 would make you think.

Bottom Line on This Nootropic Smart Drug

Overall, if you want a simple fix for increasing your cognitive power, and don’t mind paying a premium price tag – Qualia is your fix.

However if you like to experiment with your nootropics, limit the types of ingredients you take, or save money, then Qualia isn’t designed for you. In that case, you will want to go through the smart drug portion of Supplement HQ to learn more about other options.

Have you tried Neuro Hacker’s Qualia Nootropic? If so, comment below! Thoughts and questions for this product are also welcome!

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