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CoQ10, also know as Coenzyme Q10, is an essential antioxidant produced naturally in the body. It is essential for healthy cell function – cell energy, production, and maintenance. As you age or experience physical exertion, your Coq10 levels diminish. Fortunately, supplementation can help reinvigorate your levels of CoQ10 in a safe and healthy manner.

NOTE: CoQ10 converts to Ubiquinol in the body. For simplicity sake, we will use CoQ10 and Ubiquinol interchangeably. Studies show that there is no significant difference between supplementing with CoQ10 and Uiquinol. Both in affect, and absorption, studies show no difference.

Benefits of Healthy CoQ10 Levels

Maintaining healthy levels of CoQ10 will benefit oxygen utilization and energy production. Supplementation of CoQ10 has been shown to be effective in reducing the deterioration of the brain. Additional studies have shown a reduction in oxidative stress, aiding in long term brain preservation and disease prevention.

Noticeable benefits of CoQ10 supplementation is increased energy or reduced fatigue. [1]

CoQ10 has been listed as one of the top supplements available for managing migraines and reducing symptoms of depression. Certain diseases have been shown to lower natural levels of CoQ10 such as, Prader-Willi syndrome, male infertility, Peyronie’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Supplementation may help regulate these lowered levels, and aid in reducing negative disease symptoms.

New research is showing CoQ10 supplementation to be highly affective in reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia. According to research done at the University of Sevilla (Spain), patience taking 300mg a day of CoQ10 noticed reduction of pain, tiredness in the morning, and fatigue to a p-value of .001 (which means the chance the findings were do to coincidence is only 1% – clinical standard is 5%). [2]

Safety and Dosing

CoQ10 is believed to be relatively safe for long term use. Clinical studies have been tested for as long as 18 months up to 1200 mg a day. Recommended daily dosage is usually between 50-200 mg/day, although many clinical studies dosed up to 300mg daily with little to no negative side effects. .

Top 10 CoQ10 Supplement Brands

The following is our list of best CoQ10 products based on personal testing, science backing, and online reviews.

1. Transparent Labs RawSeries Coenzyme Q10

coenzyme q10 review transparentTransparent Labs has an amazing reputation for quality and purity with all their products. What’s more is, they offer certificate of analysis for each manufacturing run, so that reviewers like myself can verify purity. RawSeries Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most pure and unadulterated products available. No funny business, just clinically tested and dosed CoQ10.

2. Life Extension: Super Ubiquinol CoQ10

life extension super CoQ10 reviewSuper Ubiquinol Coq10 contains an organic compound called Prima Vie® shilajit. When combined with CoQ10, cellular energy levels have been shown to increase by 56% in the brain. Basically, Life Extension claims that their product works by both prolonging the CoQ10 action and more efficiently delivering it to the mitochondria.

3. NatureWise Ubiquinol

naturewise ubiquinol reviewNatureWise provides a solid product of 100% pure Kaneka QH. Kaneka QH is the first and only form of Ubiquinol available for dietary consumption. NatureWise offers a pure and straight forward supply of CoQ10, with high reported bio availability. You can’t go wrong here.

4. NutriONN’s Extra Strength CoQ10

nutrioon coenzyme q10 reviewNutriONN provides an excellent option of coenzyme Q10, for those looking for an extra strength dosage. This product packs 200 mg (double the standard dose) into each serving. The product is manufactured responsibly and gets high ratings from users on amazon. Additionally, the product contains zero fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. At 37.95 for 120 double strength capsules, this is a bargain.

5. Jarrow Formulas QH-Absorb0

jarrows formula QH absorb reviewJarrow Formulas offers another double dosage formula at 200mg /serving. Jarrow Formulas boasts higher absorption and enhanced stability of their product. However, this product uses only Kaneka QH – the same as NatureWise. The only difference is dosage.

6. Now Foods Ubiquinol 100mg

now foods ubiquinol reviewNow Foods is a huge manufacturer of nutritional supplements, with a reputation for high quality, affordable products. Their Ubiquinol product is no different. This product contains Kaneka QH, gelatin capsules, and beeswax. A solid choice and a great bargin.

7. Nature Made CoQ10

nature made coq10 reviewNature made is another huge supplement brand that can be found just about anywhere (cheapest on amazon through the link below). This product uses the CoQ10 ingredient (commonly called Coenzyme Q10 rather than the Ubiquinol ingredient by Kaneka. CoQ10 converts to Ubiquinol in the body. No starch, glutan, artifical flavors, or coloring is used in this product.

8. Vitafusion CoQ10 Gummy Vitamins

vitafusion coq10 reviewThese little guys pack 200 mg of coenzyme Q10 into every delicious serving. They really do taste like gummy bears, and I find it hard to only eat one serving. The only downside of course, is the inclusion of sugar (3 grams) and sucrose. For those wise individuals who avoid such delights, this could be a deal breaker.

9. BulkSupplements Pure Coenzyme Q10 Powder

bulk supplements coq10 reviewIf you are looking for the absolute cheapest way to supplement Coenzyme Q10, then look no further. BulkSupplements offers a great, pure product, at incredibly low prices. Simply order a bag and mix the powders into a drink of your choice (or into capsules). The only downside is you have to measure and mix/encapsulate yourself. Not always convenient.

10. Heart Savior 6

heart savor reviewHeart Savior contains 6 claimed “powerful” cholesterol fighting ingredients, including 60 mg of CoQ10. Some of the additional ingredients are selenium, red yeast, phytosterol esters, inositol, guggul extract, and policosanol. If your main goal of CoQ10 supplementation is to lower cholestoerol, this could be a great option. However, the CoQ10 levels are relatively low.

Thanks for reading. If there is a brand or product that you think should have been on our list that is not, please let us know in the comments below. Also, please share your experience using CoQ10. Has it helped you in your life?

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  1. Is CoQ10 good for younger people? I can’t find much documentation on supplementing CoQ10 or Ubiquinol for people under 40.

    • The under40 crowd have nothing inside their heads to comprehend what CoQ10 really does in their dumb bodies.

      • @$$, lol.

      • Susanne Parris says

        Seriously? My 31 year old daughter explained CoQ10 to me and then her 30 year old husband came in with extra information and how it would help me with my specific health issues. So just how dumb are they eh!

    • Coq10 is for everyone to take it does give energy but people who take statins drugs normally should take this as it will help them maintain coq10 as the statins drug deplits it. There are two different kinds so you might want to do research on which is best to buy.

  2. People under 40 should have normal levels of CoQ10 naturally. It isn’t until later in life (generally) that peoples CoQ10 levels start to dip. Or health conditions as stated above.

    However, the studies that have been done have shown it to be safe with limited side effects.

  3. I take Genceutic naturals 24hr CoQ10 in 100 mg. I was hoping to see it on your list. It claims 40% more consistent absorption than ubiquinol, and other benefits. I’m very happy with it, and it’s in veggie capsules.

  4. I used to use this CoEnzyme Q10 cream, but recently I switched to the Made from Earth Vitamin Firming Serum and I am seeing amazing results. In addition to the CoQ10, it has all these other vitamins that my face is really responding well to. Getting alot of compliments at work lately !

  5. Lorri Sheldon says

    Hello SupplementHQ Team,

    In 2008, despite being a female aged 60, slim and fit, I had a myocardial infarction and needed a triple by pass – which has been amazingly successful!

    Post operatively I was commenced on a statin. After taking the stain for approx 6 months my body rebelled. My blood pressure was about 160/110 (it is usually around 110/70). Also my creatinine kinase level was elevated to 1060 (from skeletal muscle breakdown) ((levels should be under 160)) and my liver function tests were very elevated. My GP was unable to bring my blood pressure down with medications. My naturopath commenced me on Co Q 10. 48 hrs later my blood pressure was back to normal.

    Bioceuticals brand was used. I continue to use them. You have not mentioned them in your appraisal. Have you checked them – they are usually practitioner prescribed.


    Lorri Sheldon

    • Susanne Parris says

      Bioceuticals is the one I use. Only been on them a short time so looking forward to seeing results.


  6. Dena Wiltse says

    My doctor wants me on 1200-1600mg of CO Q10 q/day and said one Ubiquinol tablet would equal 1200mg of CO Q10. I haven’t been able to find Ubiquinol that equals 1200mg of CO Q10 – any suggestions?

    • Yes, just take 6 200mg of Ubiquinol Capsule, which I think is a lot of Coq10 per day or you can buy the bulk powder Coq10 and take the amount you need .

  7. Luz stella arias says

    Thanks for your advice. What is your opinion about the brand Reserveage Nutrition?

  8. Ana Herrera says

    What do you know about MAX-Q10? They claim to be the best C0-Q10 in the market.

    • pam boatwright says

      I would like to also know about Max -Q10. It has specific ingredients that you have not mentioned

  9. How about Myoqinon CoQ10 which is the only registered medicine for adjuvant heart therapy? It has been used in more than 75 human clinical trials

  10. J ames Duffy says

    Hi i would not say so, when your body is young your body has aboundanc of all it needs, unless a child has some serious problem with its health.

  11. Jones White says

    Works to the best of my knowledge. Doctor says I’m in pretty good health for my AGE!!! I’ve been taking this for a while now, so I guess it’s doing it’s job. I have had no side effects so far either

  12. I took massive amounts of Coq10 when I had active chronic Lyme. It cured my brain fog. Now I just take it for general health.

  13. Carol Garcia says

    Someone at Costco just made a critical comment about the Kirkland coq10. That it was from bovine. Do you have an opinion about this? I just now have heard of this and I’m on my 3 bottle. Grrrrr

    • SupplementHQ says

      They were likely referring to the gelatin gel capsule. Gelatin = cow bone. If you search, there are plenty of veggie capsule options!

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