10 Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements

Best Ketosis SupplementsSupplementing with exogenous keto supplements isn’t like taking your run of the mill fat burner, protein, or multi-vitamin. There are very specific use cases for exogenous ketone supplements; that is, if you want them to work. Given their price, I’d bet you want them to!

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First off, Why Exogenous Ketones?

When your body actively burns fat, this produces ketones. These “ketone bodies” are incredibly energy rich, and your body gets more energy and better productivity off of them.

The problem is – after a lifelong diet of high carbs and low fat – making the dietary adjustment to burning fat as primary fuel isn’t welcomed with open arms. Upon the start of a high fat, low carb diet – you’re body goes through a phase of adaptation.

This is what keto professionals refer to as the “keto flu”. It’s where your body isn’t getting any carbs to use as fuel, yet, it still hasn’t built up the enzymatic reserves necessary to begin efficient fat metabolism (ketone production). Put simply, it sucks.

The keto flu is partially why Exogenous Keto Supplements are so popular.

One of the most recommended use cases for taking exogenous ketone supplements is to help “get into ketosis”. And by help, we mean infuse your body with active ketones to be metabolized NOW, bridging the “Keto Flu” gap between carbohydrate cessation and your body actually being able to make ketones from fat.

But even after entering ketosis, exogenous ketone supplements are still useful.

The keto diet can be tricky for many, and mistakes are going to happen. Even something as simple as eating too many carrots can throw you out of ketosis! This is where having some exogenous ketone supplements on standby can come in handy.

Two fold use cases:

  1. Get back into ketosis without re-doing keto adaptation period.
  2. Fast energy if you feel that you need it.

Sounds easy to avoid, but this happens more commonly than you’d think.

Which types of ketone supplements are best?

Currently, the two popular forms of legitimate exogenous ketone supplements are BHB salts and ketone esters. Of the two, we prefer BHB Salts.


BHB salts are Beta-hydroxybutyrate mixed with electrolytes to improve uptake into the body; whereas Ketone Esters are more of a lab concoction where a ketone molecule is attached to an alcohol molecule.

Comparing the two in real-world use cases: BHB tastes pretty good when mixed with flavoring agents… While there is no saving the nasty, nasty tasting ketone ester supplements!

Note: once you get into ketosis, you can also opt for less expensive MCT Oil supplements to help increase energy and focus. This is a popular addition for supercharging coffee! You can view the 10 best MCT Oil supplements here to learn which ones are easiest on the stomach as well as how to take them.

Exogenous Ketone Supplementation Recap

BHB Ketone Usage Summary:

  1. Exogenous Ketones get you into ketosis faster
  2. Avoid Dreaded Keto Flu (Transition to Ketosis)
  3. Useful for getting back into Ketosis after “mistakes”
  4. Powerful on-demand energy and focus aid
  5. BHB Salts are preferred over nasty tasting Ketone Esters

Most Noted Benefits of Exogenous Ketones and Ketosis:

  • Effective Fat Loss
  • Clear Mental Focus
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Muscle Retention
  • Increased Endurance
  • Anti-carcinogenic

10 Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements (BHB Supplements)

The following Exogenous Ketone Supplements are rated on overall quality based on: active ingredient dosage, servings per container, and additives. The cumulative winner of all 3 provide the best value.

#1 Team Keto FUEL – Right Dosage, Quality, Pricing

Ketosis BHB SaltsTeam Keto products are relatively new, but compared to the over-priced ‘old brands’ and amazon no-website brands I feel most confident with their products.

FUEL provides nearly 15 grams of BPB salts per serving, which is exactly what we’re looking for (what older brands have). However unlike the older brands, FUEL is priced WAY better at under $45 for 20 servings. The only other comparable products are going to be costing you $60 for 16 servings. Ouch!

Price-wise, there are newer amazon-only brands. However we found that most of them didn’t even have websites or valid contact information.

Team Keto on the other hand, has a site, keto program, recipes, and a dedicated Facebook group. What more could you ask for?

View Team Keto FUEL Here

#2 KetoSports KetoCaNa – Quality BHB Powder

Keto Sports KetoCaNa PowderKetoSports KetoCaNa is actually the first exogenous ketones supplement that I tried, back in early 2016. When I first took it, I wasn’t really all about the “keto-craze”.

Rather, I was attempting to unlock additional energy and focus since ketones have a reputation for being incredible brain fuel. With that being said, my first bottle of KetoCaNa was basically an entire waste because I wasn’t actually fasting or abiding by the keto diet.

However when I began actually keto dieting… KetoCaNa went from an unnecessary sidekick to an essential life-force boosting tonic.

Compared to all other BHB supplements that I’ve taken in order to enter ketosis – this has been the most reliable up until I began taking Team Keto products. On top of that, KetoSports remains as the most reputable BHB salt maker in the game.

View KetoCaNa on Amazon Here

#3 Giant Keto – New Player, Attractive Price

Keto by GiantNew to the market, Giant Keto provides a large and effective dosage of exogenous ketones in the form of BHB salt. However, Giant Keto also adds in a few additional items.

Those include: 3 grams of carbohydrates, malic acid (likely for flavoring), corn fiber, l-carnitine, and an assortment of vitamins and minerals.

The inclusion of malic acid, corn fiber, and the carbs is a bit questionable on overall keto goals…

However, Giant Keto is available for about $50 at 20 servings which isn’t too bad considering each serving is loaded with 14.6 grams of BHB.

#4 Pruvit Keto OS – BHB with MCT Oil and Caffeine

Keto OS PowderLike Keto Sports KetoCaNa, Pruvit’s OS is one of the first, and still one of the most reputable ketogenuc supplements maker there is.

It was a hard debate not to put Pruvit’s OS as #2… However, we had to make the judgement call because Keto OS isn’t your standard BHB salt product.

Instead, Keto OS also contains MCT Oils and caffeine.

This means that:

  • Keto OS is awesome to take before exercise, or in case you need a mental boost.

However this also means:

  • Keto OS may be harsher on the stomach if you’re not accustomed to taking MCT Oil.

For this reason, we prefer recommending true BHB salt products ahead of MCT Oils.

#5 Perfect Keto Base – Great Tasting Option

Keto BasePerfect Keto Base is a newer exogenous ketone maker, and they’ve essentially made a KetoCaNa clone that comes in a variety of different flavors.

While Perfect Keto Base doesn’t yet have the street cred that Keto Sports has earned, they cannot be denoted for making great tasting products that still hit effective BHB dosages.

As we continue, you’ll see that choices #5-10 follow this same basic premise.

#6 InstaKetones – Popular Product for Women (High in Calcium)

Insta Ketones Instant Ketones PowderInstaKetones is a surprisingly popular brand on amazon, and delivers a large-dose ketone blast in the orange flavor!

What makes InstaKetones different than other BHB salt brands, is that InstaKetones specifically uses the only calcium and sodium bonded variant of BHB.

This is opposed to other brands that use a mixture of calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium bonded BHB salts.

The result? InstaKetones provides a very large daily intake value of calcium, about 87% to be exact.

For men this may be a bit too excessive, but for women, this extra calcium may provide benefit.

For products #6-10, our judgement is based upon formula speculation, brand reputation, and honest-appearing amazon reviews. We’ve only taken products #1-5 personally. This is because we are very judgmental of what we put in our bodies, and you should be too!

#7 Kiss My Keto Exogenous Ketones – Bargain Buy

Exogenous KetonesKiss My Keto is a very promising up and coming keto brand, with several products available for ketogenic dieters.

We’re keeping a close eye on these guys, as they are likely to become more and more legitimate. This is especially apparent in comparison to the brands below that are less credible.

#8 Healthy Wiser KetoFast – Lesser Known Maker

Healthy Wiser KetonesThis appears to be a clone of InstaKetones. Upon inspecting their website, multiple grammar/English mistakes are present. Enough to make us not sign-up to ingest their products.

#9 Keto Series SHEER Ketones – Under Consideration

Keto PowderSHEER Ketones is made by the brand Sheer strength labs. We’ve known of them for their nitric oxide product: SHEER NO; which is complete garbage.

You won’t catch us trying this product any time soon.

#10 Key Nutrients Key Keto – Valid Addition

Key Nutrients KetoKey Nutrients is a new brand to us, but their product Key Keto doesn’t look bad at all! Don’t let their #9 rank discredit them for being new.

While SHEER Strength created a bad reputation while becoming popular, Key Nutrients is clearly taking the slow and steady, quality product route to glory.

#11 Keto Drive BHB Salts – More expensive version of InstaKetones

KetoDrive PowderLike SHEER Strength labs, we first learned about the ZHOU Nutrition brand through their crappy product: Boost Elite.

They seem more like an advertising company, than an actual supplement formulating Nutraceutical Company. For that reason, you won’t see us taking their products.

Wrapping it all up on Exogenous Ketone Powders

Bottom line, the exogenous ketones market is still very new. With that, we’re seeing a “gold rush” as reputable and not-so-reputable companies alike try to cash in on the high demand.

We suggest you keep that in mind as you fact-check products. Make these brands earn your purchase, and be mindful of who you trust with making supplements that are going to go into your body!

Comment below if you have further questions, experiences, or suggestions


  1. Mark H Schulte says

    I just got two bottles of RSP Keto BHB.
    Calcium – 380mg
    Sodium 66mg
    magnesium 8mg
    BHB Complex 2.4g

    My question is all the salt and calcium good for me and am I paying for sodium, calcium and magnesium when I can buy it at GNC for less?

    In you opinion is this a good formulation?

    • SupplementHQ says

      Hey Mark,
      The minerals (calcium, sodium, and magnesium) are bond to the BHB, together they form BHB salt. This is totally normal, and is required for us to be able to take in the BHB. The spread you shared isn’t too bad. What we really dislike, is when its all sodium BPB and they’re giving you a 200% DV straight shot. That’s definitely something to be cautious about!

  2. Kerry Sturtz says

    What about ketond?

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