Review of Focus Factor: Does It Work?

Focus Factor ReviewBefore the Nootropic smart drug explosion, there was Focus Factor lining the shelves of GNC, Walmart, and stores alike. Today, Focus Factor still exists and appears to be going strong.

We did our first Focus Factor review back in 2012, but now we’re going to completely re-review it and see how it stacks up against the competition with everything we’ve learned.

What exactly is Focus Factor?

Focus Factor is marketed most strongly as both a memory enhancement product as well as “nutrition for the brain”. Meaning, that over time Focus Factor will enhance your ability to recall memories and think clearer.

It’s important to point out that Focus Factor is not a limitless pill.

And they really do not market it as one either… However, if you are looking for a limitless pill, then your pursuit may cause you to view this products claims for more than they really are.

What is in the Focus Factor formula?

While most smart-products include large doses of just a few ingredients, Focus Factor sticks to small doses of multiple ingredients. Of those ingredients chosen, they tend to exhibit high levels of safety compared to other products.

The Focus Factor formula contains a brain multi-vitamin of 23 different vitamins and minerals plus a 692 mg proprietary blend of 14 herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

The best way to characterize our review of Focus Factor is that it is a multi-vitamin for the brain. One that you can pick up for roughly $24 for a 30 day supply. That’s not too bad… But neither is it super competitive or great compared to the market as a whole.

Our 75 day Focus Factor Review (two bottles)

When prepping to review this smart product, we secured two 150 tablet bottles of focus factor each. This is due to Focus Factor’s website claims that test participants saw “a 44% improvement in memory over 6 weeks”. So, we aimed to last longer than 6 weeks to fully evaluate this product.

For us, Focus Factor took a week to notice slight mental energy improvements, and by the end of the first 30 days, we noticed a potentially better working memory.

By day 75, we felt good. But honestly, it’s hard to tell any clear and distinct difference because it’s such a subtle product.

Who should take Focus Factor?

Based on our experience, Focus Factor is best taken as a daily multi-vitamin for your brain. It’s a product that you shouldn’t expect massive benefits from. However, it may allow you to function a bit better, and prevent you from falling into ruts.

Yes, there are more powerful short-term Nootropic options out there. We’ve reviewed many of them on this site.

Focus Factor is a safe long term strategy. It isn’t going to overload you, instead, it will provide a small gradual boost that after the first 6 weeks should have you performing better mentally.

With this in mind, Focus Factor is a reasonable option for older individuals, as well as students and creative workers. Its low impact, and can be added to nearly any diet. For those reasons, plus its ease of availability in stores – we see Focus Factor being a good fit for a variety of people.

However, if you are expecting a huge boost in mental performance, Focus Factor isn’t going to satisfy you. In that case, opt for something more aggressive and cutting edge (and most likely to be taken in short-term cycles).

Our First 2012 Focus Factor Review (below)

focus factor reviewFocus Factor is one of the oldest brain supplements we have reviewed, in terms of length of time on market. It can be found just about anywhere, Costco, Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, Amazon, etc. Does its age and availability for purchase signify a dominant product? Keep reading for further review.

Focus Factor contains 32 different ingredients and requires 4 capsules per serving (23 Vitamins & Minerals + 9 Proprietary Ingredients). Honestly, the vitamins and minerals are at such low doses that they add no more value than a standard multivitamin. Personally, I would rather them take these ingredients out and cut the serving size down to 1 capsule. Who wants to swallow 4 capsules a day just for focus?

The proprietary ingredients, on the other hand, are borderline okay… but keep reading…

  • Total Proprietary Ingredients = 692 mg

Listed below are the recommended/tested amounts per ingredient. You can come to certain conclusions about the formula based on the order of the listed proprietary ingredients (high to low). For example, we can conclude that there are insufficient amounts of L Glutamine, since the recommended daily intake of DMAE is less then L Glutamine. We can conclude the same thing with L-Pyroglutamic Acid, DHA, Inositol

NOTE. Although we find it fishy that many of these ingredients are clearly far from sufficient quantities, many of them work in the same way or have synergistic effects with each other, thus requiring lower doses.

**These are not the ingredient levels of FocusFactor, but the recommended values of their ingredients.

  • Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) 100-300 mg
  • L-Glutamine 500 mg
  • Bacopin 100 mg
  • L-Pyroglutamic Acid 500 mg
  • Phosphatidylserine 50 mg
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 200-1000 mg
  • Choline (there are many sources of choline, but Focus Factor does not specify which is used so we can not provided a recommended dose)
  • Inositol 250 mg

Overall, we think Focus Factor is simply to weak to compete with the big boys (see where Focus Factor ranks on our top 10 brain supplements post). You won’t notice much, but if mild (and cheap) is what you are looking for, then Focus Factor might just be for you.

Focus Factor Review
75% vitamins and minerals at low multivitamin like doses. 25% decent nootropic ingredients and sources of choline
Bacopin has been shown to increase memory in clinical studies.
The B vitamin and DMAE can provide low levels of increased energy
Summarize why you chose this rating
The ingredients within Focus Factor could offer margin benefits to the brain. This is a very conservative brain supplement.

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