Growth Factor-9 Review: Complex Hormone Antecedent

growth_factor-9_reviewGrowth hormone, or HGH as it is more commonly referred, is the ultimate tool for boosting lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, our bodies stop producing (or dramatically slow) after adolescence.

The benefits of HGH are substantial. To list a few, HGH can promote increased metabolism (great for calorie burning /weight loss), increase muscle mass, improved endurance and recover, better/deeper sleep, improved sex drive, improved mood, and even healthier skin.

Popular amongst the hard core athletes and celebrities is synthetic HGH – which can set you back thousands of dollars.

However, Novex Biotech, the makers of Growth Factor-9 have created a patented supplement blend that has been shown to increase your bodies natural growth hormone levels.

A clinically study of Growth Factor-9 showed a 682% increase in serum growth hormone levels. Pretty impressive.

At $100 for a months supply, GF-9 is no cheap supplement. However, when compared to synthetic HGH alternatives, it’s a bargain.

That’s why we rank it high up on our best growth hormone supplements comparison, products that are fantastic stand-alone or stacked with test boosters for HUGE muscle gains.


Basically, Growth Factor-9 is a specific combination of amino acids, that when taken on an empty stomach, work to fuel HGH levels.

L-Lysine HCl: Essential amino acid that is a necessary building block fo protein. Perhaps its most prominent role is in aiding the body with preserving and absorbing calcium.
L-Arginine HCl: An important amino acid that aids in blood flow and nitic oxide levels.
Oxo-Proline: Not a lot of data available on this ingredient.
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: An amino acid that protects cells from stress related damage, aids in muscle recover, and promotes healthy NO levels.
L-Glutamine: Essential amino acid that is benefits the immune system and muscle building. Endurance athletes are often depleted of glutamine and supplementation can help reduce muscle wasting.
Schizonepeta: Japanese herb that has been found effective as an anti-inflammatory as well as promotes healthy immune system.


GF-9 has a solid study to support its claims. Replicate the study scenarios (e.i. take before eating) and you should be able to have similar results.

Buy it from for best pricing.

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