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ripped man bio grobio gro reviewBio-Gro, by iSatori, is part of a new breed of lean muscle building products to hit the fitness scene. Described by iSatori as “fertilizer for your muscles”, it has received an outpouring of positive reviews with consumers for noticeable results in helping to overcome previous muscle building plateaus.

Word around the supplement community is that this may be one of the best new muscle-building supplements since Creatine. Similar to how Creatine supplements work in collaboration with pre-workout products by increasing repetitions, Bio-Gro serves as a perfect supplement to protein products by helping the body to ramp up its natural protein synthesis process. This process helps to increase lean muscle gain, while simultaneously reducing recovery time in-between workouts.

Through our research, we’ve discovered multiple reviews raving of lean muscle gains of 5-7 pounds with only 4-6 weeks of use. Users are not only experiencing shortened recovery time in-between workouts, but they’re also experiencing shortened recovery in-between sets during their workouts!

What Is Bio Gro by Isatori?

The new products that iSatori is putting to market are micro-concentrated Bio-Active Peptides (BAPs), which focus primarily on burning fat, building lean muscle, increasing stamina, and enhancing overall athletic performance. These BAP ingredients include:

  • Proline-Rich Peptides: These help to stimulate cell growth in the body
  • Growth Factors: Such as Colostrum, have been shown to increase lean muscle growth
  • Immunoglobulins: These help to boost the immune system and increase antioxidants in muscles, which help with the recovery process
  • Fibroblast-GF: When used in conjunction with the other growth factors in Bio-Gro, helps to increases muscle growth and the muscle’s ability to self-heal

Aside from being a great product, Bio-Gro is extremely easy to use as well. Simply pour one scoop into a protein shake and enjoy. This truly is a revolutionary muscle-building supplement. Our experts recommend two shakes per day of your favorite lean protein powder (we have several recommended protein supplements here at SupplementIQ) with a scoop of Bio-Gro in each, to promote lean muscle growth and to burn fat throughout the day.

Isatori Bio Gro Review – Our 30 Day Experience

During our 30 days of Bio Gro supplementation we noticed a few things about this product and its usage design.

For starters, we found that the absolute best way to take Bio-Gro is with protein shakes. This is because on its own, mixing a serving of Bio Gro with water is quite light. So, if you are going to go through the effort of routine to take your Bio Gro, then you might as well add in some creamy and great tasting whey protein.

  • So, while taking Bio Gro twice daily, we also increased whey protein intake to 50 g per day.

After the first week of Bio Gro, we felt a bit more recovered.

I wouldn’t say that I felt stronger, like the way that creatine powder immediately increases your strength after week 1. But, I personally felt recovered more, which may be attributed to the extra protein intake.

Towards week 4, progress was made but it wasn’t massive.

At the end of the 30 day Bio Gro window, I felt like I had built a bit more muscle, but I didn’t feel that it was significant. Strength was about average, weight average, really the only thing that noticeably increased was endurance and the feeling of wellbeing.

So basically, I think that the majority of benefits came from the act of consistently taking 50 g of protein every single day in addition to my diet. The bio-active peptides, not quite as sure.

Conclusion on Isatori Bio Gro Supplementation

So, should you take Bio Gro? If you have the money to spend and would like to increase the effectiveness of the protein powder you are already taking, then yes, dive in! But, if you are in a tight spot cash wise, and want Bio Gro to do miracles with your hard earned money… It’s probably going to leave you disappointed.

Overall we give it a 6/10 for value and effectiveness.

If we had an epic budget and were told to get as jacked as possible in 60 days… We would definitely include Bio Gro in our supplementation protocol. But, we’d also include protein, creatine, an awesome pre workout, and the other necessities to max out potential. Because, one on their own is only going to make a fractional influence on total gains.

And you’ve absolutely got to remember that one fractional benefit can be easily countered and destroyed by a bad diet or lifestyle choices!


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