M Theory Quantum T Test Booster Review

Quantum T by M Theory Supplements
Test boosters are like business cards for fitness companies, everybody got one and they are always cheap. Well, until Quantum T.

Quantum T has large doses of the most scientifically backed natural test boosters to date. No flash, no filler, no false claims – just gobs of the ingredients that actually work.

With Quantum T, you are getting two products unless you choose to pick one individually.

They Include

  • Quantum T AM
  • Quantum T PM

If you’re a total fitness geek like us, then you will quickly get the fact that all these ingredients are actual testosterone boosting ingredients!

Editor’s Note: What I really like about M Theory’s Quantum T is that there are well-dosed science backed ingredients. Unlike products such as Testofuel which has D-aspartic Acid as the main ingredient. Why? Because D-Aspartic Acid has more research saying it doesn’t work, than it does saying it does work.

How Do You Take Quantum T Test Booster

Quantum T is taken in two doses. The first is in the morning from Quantum T’s AM blend, the second is in the evening with Quantum T’s PM blend.

This test booster can safely be taken for 3 months at a time, and we recommend going all in if you are bent on getting maximum benefits.
Quantum T Test Booster on Amazon
What to expect from Quantum T:

  • Serum Testosterone Levels will rise
  • Natural Energy will increase
  • Strength Will Increase from training
  • Endurance Will Increase
  • Sex Drive Will Increase
  • Sleep Will Come Easier
  • More Muscle Mass and Less Fat

Learn More About Quantum T and get it on Amazon.com

Basically, all the benefits of high range testosterone will be at your disposal. Trust us, you’re going to enjoy it.

Quantum T Is the Best Test Booster Out, But Why Exactly Is It So Good?

Quantum T is good, because with this product you are actually getting your money’s worth. Just scroll up and look at the ingredients again, and then compare them to any other test boosters that you think are good.

Then, research each of those ingredients and compare the research to that of Quantum T.

What turns up? Quantum T has got an ingredient selection properly represented by clinical studies saying that indeed testosterone is boosted, performance enhanced, cortisol and estrogen reduced!

Here is the quick breakdown…

Minerals in Quantum T: Boron, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Each member of this mineral trio provides essential support for testosterone production. It is extremely common for athletes and bodybuilders to be deficient in boron, magnesium, and zinc – and with that deficiency comes a loss in testosterone production. Think of this mineral complex as setting the ground work for optimal T.

Vitamins and Hormones in Quantum T: Vitamin D3 and Melatonin.

Yes, vitamin D is a vitamin… But did you also know that active D3 acts as a hormone in the body? A very important one at that. There is a boatload of research that suggests most of the human population to be deficient in vitamin D3. And with that deficiency comes low testosterone, lower muscle mass, and hindered performance.

Melatonin on the other hand is a hormone that aides your body’s circadian rhythm. We’ve discussed melatonin in detail here for supplementation, as well as here for alternatives to take to fall asleep more quickly. Melatonin is present in Quantum T PM and helps you to get asleep faster and wake up feeling more rested.

Herbs in Quantum T: Ashwaganda KSM 66, Fenugreek, Forslean Forskolin, Macuna Prurines, BioPerine, DIM.

So, the vitamins and minerals set the stage to fight off any deficiencies you most likely have that hinder T production – but it’s the herbal blend that sends your testosterone rising to the higher thresholds.

Out of all the herbal ingredients available for raising testosterone, Ashwaganda is the gold medal winner. See, Ashwaganda not only reduces stress, reduces cortisol, improves performance, and improves focus – but it raises testosterone!

Why is this such a big deal? Well, it’s a big deal because a lot of other test boosters are either full of ingredients with zero research, or they are packed with aphrodisiacs so you think your test levels are up because of how active you’ve become.

Keeping KSM 66 Ashwaganda company is a fully disclosed mixture of Fenugreek, Forskolin, Macuna Prurines, DIM, and bioperine. Each one of these ingredients has been found to increase testosterone levels (aside from DIM which reduces estrogen and Bioperine which improves uptake of ingredients).

Final Verdict: Quantum T Works

We took Quantum T for 2 full months, and the results were by far the best we’ve ever gotten out of anything natural. If you want HEALTHY gains through a natural testosterone product, there is no other option but Quantum T with its AM/PM stack. We’re counting down the days until we can take more of this stuff!


  1. How long does it take until you feel some effects and I read you can take Quantum T for three months how long do you need to stay off of it

    • SupplementHQ says

      By week 2 you should begin feeling an increase in natural energy and better performance in the gym. This one is safe for long cycles, 100% natural. I’d stay off for 2 months and spend that time focusing on natural dietary methods to keep your test levels up.

  2. To you think it is good for athletes or it is banned product

  3. Zachary Patrick says

    After I take this product for 3 months as suggested,, should I take an E Blocker supplement to counteract my body from producing extreme quantities of estrogen and potentially giving me “man boobs” ??

    The reason I ask is because I notice in the product review you guys said this product is estrogen reduced and I’m currently in the 1st month of taking this as well

    • SupplementHQ says

      No need for a post. This product works with your natural testosterone production. It will not artificially raise your testosterone like steroids.

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