MHP Dark Matter Total Recovery Review

Dark Matter ReviewFor a while quite a few guys thought that Dark Matter was going under the bus. One by one, major retailers stopped carrying it, including MHP’s own website!

But now, we have Dark Matter Total Recovery stocking shelves, the same Dark Matter everyone loved before – just with a bit extra!

Here we’re going to review the new Dark Matter Total Recovery, and at the bottom of this page you can see our historical review of the classic Dark Matter we did a couple years ago.

MHP Dark Matter Total Recovery Overview

Dark Matter is often confused with another MHP product, Up Your Mass. Up Your Mass is a weight gainer protein, while Dark Matter is a post workout recovery that focuses on carbs, creatine, and some protein.

Being a post workout supplement, the optimal time to take Dark Matter will be immediately after you finish exercise. Though, there really isn’t anything wrong with waiting an hour or two later if that means you drink your Dark Matter alongside a good meal.

Important Macronutrients for MHP Dark Matter:

  • Calories: 170
  • Carbohydrates: 28 g
  • Protein: 10 g
  • Creatine: 5 g

New Dark Matter Ingredients

MHP Dark Matter Total Recovery Vs Discontinued Dark Matter

When directly comparing the former Dark Matter to the new Dark Matter Total Recovery, the main thing we notice is the new fully transparent label. Unlike before, we now actually know what we are getting, in exact weights.

To get a better picture, read our historical review of this supplement.

Historical Dark Matter Classic Review (For Comparison)

dark matter review

Dark Matter by MHP is my favorite post work out protein/recovery drink. When I lift at the gym, I push myself and go all out. When it’s time to drop the weights after the final rep, I am ready and waiting for a delicious beverage to quench my thirst and provide my body the nutrients and protein it is craving. From the amateur to the expert, many gym goers know that the 30 or so minutes following exercise is the anabolic window—a window of opportunity to fuel growth so to speak. Dark Matter contains a great ingredient profile that takes advantage of this opportunity.

dark matter ingredientsCompared to other protein supplements, the amount of protein in Dark Matter is much less, 12g to be exact. Per serving, other supplements are around 20 or 30g but the difference is not in the amount but rather how it is utilized. MHP calls it “ProSynthagen” but the gist of it is that the protein in Dark Matter is better absorbed and at a faster rate resulting in better muscle recover and growth.

Adding to Dark Matter’s better absorption and faster absorption speed is MHP’s “Waximax-C3g” which is a carbohydrate that aids protein in absorption through insulin stimulation. Muscle tissues, among other tissues, are insulin dependent meaning they absorb nutrients when stimulated by insulin. The mentality is to drive up insulin levels in the blood and get nutrients and protein from the blood into hungry muscles.

The third member of MHP’s trifecta is “HydroSIZE” which is its creatine and cell volumizing component in Dark Matter. HydroSIZE works together with insulin to bring creatine and other nutrients to and into the cell. This allows muscles to regenerate creatine levels and provides a reservoir that sustains creatine levels.

Dark Matter is a favorite for me. I love the taste and I recover better when I use it. I look forward to taking it post work out and at around $1.75 per serving it won’t break the bank. There are occasional sales and I find it at around $30 or $1.50 per serving.

Dark Matter by MHP
Although only 12g per serving, the way that it is incorporated into the body makes it similar to 25g or 30g.
BCAAs are definitely included (as they are listed) but how much is not explicitly said. This is a downside to proprietary blends.
Flavor and
I tried both the fruit punch and blue raspberry and really enjoyed both flavors. Once mixed, it is a rather viscous drink but if you add a bit more water you have no problems.
Dark Matter is not cheap but it’s not the most expensive recovery drink out there.
Combining all the factors, I give Dark Matter a solid 4/5. Great product, especially if you can find it cheap.

Comparable Supplements to Dark Matter

Overall, Dark Matter Total Recovery is a carbs and creatine supplement meant to be taken after your lift. Yes, there is some protein in there, but only a measly 10 grams.

At the end of the day, this product is all about the carb enhanced creatine. Therefore, to view considerable products go check out our best creatine guide.

Conclusion on Dark Matter

Back in the day, we really liked Dark Matter. Since then, not a whole lot has changed with the product besides a new label.

What has changed though, is our experience and preference towards supplements. And, while we’ll always have great memories with Dark Matter… Now days, we prefer a high quality protein, pure creatine, and a big healthy post workout meal.

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