MusclePharm Z-Core PM Review

Z Core PMIt’s been quite a while since we took ZMA supplements, and we wanted to take the opportunity to re-review the popular Z Core by Musclepharm. Given what we know now about supplements, and how we’ve improved our diets considerably – the question arose, will a ZMA still be beneficial?

Musclepharm Z Core PM vs regular ZMA

Musclepharm does their Z Core PM product a bit differently than other products.

For one, there isn’t the whole 100% DV of zinc or magnesium. This is a good thing, considering the aspartate forms that they use would probably cause a laxative effect at 100% DV in one sitting!

However in addition to the zinc and magnesium, we also have copper, melatonin, and Trigonella Foenum Greacum Extract.

Copper – this is a mineral that acts as a co-enzyme similar to zinc and magnesium. Supplementation with a ZMA can cause a deficiency of copper in some circumstances, so this is a welcome ingredient.

Melatonin – Z Core gets its ‘PM’ due to the 3 mg of melatonin that is included. Melatonin isn’t a vitamin or mineral, instead, it is a hormone. This hormone helps regulate the sleep cycle, so taking it before bed can help you fall asleep faster.

Trigonella Foenum Greacum Extract – this is the fancy name for Fenugreek. Muslepharm claims that Z Core PM is a potent test booster since it includes this ingredient, but we disagree.

So basically, Z Core PM is a moderate ZMA with a few benefits.

How We Felt Taking Z Core PM for 30 Days

Over the course of 30 days, we took Z Core before hitting the hay. Overall, we had a net-positive review. Z Core PM does in fact improve sleep quality and the ability to fall asleep. However, upon waking 7/13 reviewers mentioned extra brain fog and inability to focus.

We believe that his Z Core PM side effect is due to the 3 mg of melatonin, which is a bit hefty. With 3 mg of melatonin, it may take a few extra hours of sleep time to burn off.

Besides the morning fog/grogginess Z Core was a decent ZMA

No one really had outstanding results, at least not the same way as when SHQ first reviewed this product. This we attribute to a better diet, whereas before deficiencies in zinc and magnesium were much more likely.

You can read our first take on Z Core from 2014 below.

Our First Musclepharm Z Core Review When it came out

z core pm reviewYou may just be like me and overlook that whole, “don’t take pre-workouts four hours before bedtime as they may cause sleeplessness.” Well, yeah, pre-workouts will keep you up late if you take them too late in the day. Having done that before, I started looking into sleep aids. When it comes to trying new products, the manufacturer is important to me as I tend to be skeptical. MusclePharm is a company that I trust and I have used many of their products so I gave their enhanced ZMA supplement, Z-Core PM a shot.

does Z-core PM work?The first night I took Z-Core PM I had lifted later in the evening and had taken a preworkout prior to lifting. I did notice that I was more able to get to bed (sooner rather than later) and that I slept more soundly. With the amount of fluids I consume, e.g., preworkout before, water during, and protein shake post working out, I typically wake up once or twice to pee. I did wake up once that night to pee but I was able to get right back to sleep. As for soreness the next day, I did feel marginally less sore and I think Z-Core PM helped with that, too.

As for ingredients go, there aren’t too many items in Z-Core PM. There are a few B vitamins and some minerals but the two big items are Fenugreek, trigonella foenum greacum, and melatonin. Fenugreek is a popular component to many supplements as it aids testosterone levels and melatonin is the chief hormone of the sleep cycle.

Overall I enjoyed MusclePharm’s Z-Core PM. With a great profile and good results for me, the only downside is its cost. A 60 capsule bottle (60, one capsule servings) runs around $20.

Z-Core PM Review
Relatively a few ingredients but the important ones are present.
Sleep Induction
Fell asleep quickly and slept soundly when I used Z-Core.
The downside to Z-Core is its cost. If you can get it on sale, stock up!
MusclePharm is a well-recognized supplement manufacturer. Z-Core keeps up to their standards and is a good choice for when you need help sleeping.

Have you tried MusclePharm’s Z-Core PM? What has been your experience. Please share in the comments below.

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