ORIGIN Performance Whey Review

Origin Whey Review
No matter if we are in an intense training week, or hitting the books hard getting next to zero exercise – team SHQ is always leveraging protein shakes to up our protein to calories ratio.

As of lately, Performance Whey has been our go-to powder for high quality whey protein isolate in a seriously great tasting shake.

Origin Performance Whey Review

For the last 2 months, we’ve been taking Performance Whey post workout, as well as alongside meals low in protein. This all started with when we first began reviewing ORIGIN products, but since then, we just never stopped taking their Performance Whey.

To best describe our Performance Whey review, here are our key points:

  • Performance Whey tastes amazing in chocolate and vanilla
  • Great Profile with 25 grams of protein to sub 3 grams carbs
  • One gram of fat for chocolate, ½ gram of fat for vanilla
  • Made with superior whey protein isolates versus concentrated whey

This is a protein powder that really fit into our lives easily for the reasons above. On heavy lift days where we were not able to get in a lot of food, we mixed 1.5 servings of Performance Whey with 8-10 oz of milk for a satisfying protein, carb, and fat rich post workout shake. For all other days, and for meal additions while outside the gym, we stuck with 1 serving mixed with water for optimal macros.

As a whole, we’ve been seeing great results with Performance Whey physically, as well as no GI issues that are associated with other forms of protein.

Strategies for taking Performance Whey:

  • Post workout with water for low-carb protein nourishment
  • Post workout 1.5 scoops with milk for high protein + carbs +fat bulking
  • Alongside meals in water to add protein to diet
  • With the morning coffee to add protein to a ‘simple’ breakfast

As a whole, performance whey integrates easily into the day-to-day routine. On a serving per day basis, we suggest you keep it below 2.

This isn’t because taking 2 or more is bad by any means, just, from a well-rounded perspective you should always focus on getting quality nutrient rich macros from whole-food rather than protein shakes alone.

Protein shakes are always a helping hand addition to a diet that’s already focused on your goals. If you haven’t already sculpted your daily diet to your future goals, then you need to take a step back and get the nitty gritty work done. This is the best way to get the best results – come ready, leave happy.

Origin Supplements as a whole

As you can tell, we like Performance Whey. Even after our review process, this one is going to stick with us for regular use when we are not occupied with reviewing other supplements.
The brand origin as a whole also has other great products that are worth mentioning.

For instance, their ORIGIN PRE is a very potent high-energy + large-pump pre workout. This is the kind of pre workout where you can take ½ a serving and still get awesome results. Compared to all those other under-dosed pre workouts that take 2+ servings for a decent lift.

As well, ORIGIN AMINO is another loaded supplement, bringing forward 8 grams of BCAAs per each individual serving. This is a massive quantity of vegan friendly BCAAs that is also complimented by other key EAAs and NASSs.

We love it.

And the great-tasting trend continues to both of these supplements which is definitely worth noting.

Where to get Origin Performance Whey

Right now, performance whey is available on the Origin website: www.originsupps.com. After you try it out, you’ve got to come back here and post up your experience taking it!

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