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Origin Pre - all in one pwo
While we are mega into brain supplements on this site, we also love getting our lift on too. Lately, we’ve been getting back into awesome shape, and with that comes a new pre workout supplement review.

What are we taking? PRE by Origin Supplements.

When we first saw this pre workout, we weren’t that sold. The bottle seemed a bit flashy (although we did like the color choice).

But, after shredding the gym for the last 3 weeks, we had to flip around the bottle and take a look at the ingredients responsible for all this glory!

Turns out, Origin PRE is stacked in all the right ways.


As nootropic experts, we don’t put a lot of value into supplements that only contain one large heap of caffeine and then call it quits. Fortunately, ORIGIN is the same way.

The stimulant matrix in this pre workout is more diversified than Vanguard and lays down some serious mental PRs.

Yes, this is brain candy.

We won’t bother listing all of the ingredients here, but believe us when we say that there is a combination of 5+ mental jewels in this can that caught our eye. All of which culminate into one electric energy experience (and energetically written review post-workout).


Something that a lot of pre workouts lack, is, an actual performance matrix that goes beyond the stimulants.

This PRE by ORIGIN does not lack that, at all. Inside, you will find a staggering 8,200 mg mountain of citrulline malate per each single scoop serving.

If you ever wanted to have both the vascularity and ferocious energy of the gods, this is indeed your ticket to glory.

Further down the label you will also find sure-fire winning ingredients like Agmatine Sulfate, Beta-alanine, and Betaine. Well-rounded from start to finish.


In our option, yes. This is a pre workout that we are willing to pay for. Plus, this monster is so stacked per serving, that we have started stretching our stash by taking less than a full scoop. If you are 160 pounds or less, this should be your blueprint to follow – as even a quarter serving will get the blood flowing and brain hammering.


Something that we found to be pretty interesting is all of the celebrity attention alongside Origin. Turns out, all the major fitness celebrities LOVE this stuff, from Bradley Martyn and Calum Von Moger to beyond.


To take it all home, we think Origin PRE is one of the more popular pre workouts for years to come. It’s straight up a pump and energy monster – the one thing that no other supplement has been able to successfully duplicate.

It’s a little bit of a bummer that there are only 21 servings per container. But, that is the normal case with such ingredient rich products. For ORIGIN PRE, we strongly recommend that you stretch the servings out by starting with a quarter to half serving on your first few lifts, as, you will be surprised by how much that bit blows up your body and mind.

To all our readers, enjoy this pre workout. Its rage in a great-tasting cup. Stay posted on more updates as we get back into the gym stronger than ever, taking ORIGIN supplements and more in the months to come! To view ORIGIN PRE Workout, follow that link or go to!


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