Most Popular Workout Supplements for Beginners

workout supplements for beginners
When you begin working out, it doesn’t take long before supplements begin to cross your mind. Can I take something to help me burn more fat? Can I take something to build more muscle?

These are increasingly common questions that beginners ask themselves.

The truth is, you can help improve your exercise potential, recovery, fat metabolism, and even muscle growth through the use of workout supplements.

However, you are still going to need to train diligently and keep your food intake in check.

Below we have an intro into good workout supplements for beginners, and what you ought to know about them.

5 Best Workout Supplements for Beginners

#1 Post Workout Recovery Shake

The post workout recovery shake is the most popular workout supplement recommendation that can be applied to any beginner. Your typical post workout recovery shake will consist of a hefty dose of protein, between 20 and 25 grams (or greater if it’s a mass building shake for hard-gainers) and low carbohydrates and fats.

The whole idea behind the post workout protein shake, is that you can easily increase your daily protein intake. This is valuable since research suggests that higher protein intakes are attributed with greater lean muscle growth and fat metabolism.

When looking for a post workout recovery shake:

  • Consider the source of protein: Whey, Egg, Beef, Plant, or Soy
  • Consider the flavors and sweeteners used: Artificial vs Natural
  • Evaluate the overall grade: Isolated protein versus protein concentrate
  • Pick your favorite flavor: Something you will enjoy every day

We have favorites when it comes to protein shakes, and you can see them on our best protein shake ranking page.

The whole purpose of the post workout shake is to increase protein intake in a convenient manner. In a perfect world, you would be getting 80+ grams of protein per day naturally through the food that you eat. However, realistically that’s not always the case. That’s when protein shakes help fill the gap as a convenient alternative to eating another meal.

#2 BCAAs for Pre Workout to Improve Performance, Recovery, and Body Composition

The second most popular supplement for workout beginners are BCAA supplements. These are powders made up of Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine – 3 critical amino acids that help with muscle growth and recovery.

The benefits of taking BCAA supplements are:

  • Increased performance in the gym and during athletic events
  • Improved recovery and reduction in DOMS (delayed onset muscle fatigue)
  • Lean muscle growth, maintenance, and fat metabolism

When looking for a good BCAA Supplement Consider:

  • Does it have 7+ Grams of BCAAs?
  • Are the BCAAs in the Proven 2:1:1 ratio?
  • How is this supplement Flavored?
  • Does the sugar content align with my goals?

We’ve written about BCAA Supplements, and you can find out how to choose the right one on our best BCAA Supplements page.

Whereas protein shakes make up for lack of protein in the daily diet, BCAAs are a quick and extremely low-calorie way to promote lean muscle health through targeted amino acids. This can aid muscle growth through mTOR activation via leucine, as well as aid fat metabolism by keeping your muscles in a healthy state that makes them continue to burn fat and carbs for energy (as opposed to consuming themselves during times of low amino acid presence).

#3 Pre Workout for more Energy

For the dedicated gym goers, pre workout supplementation is an absolutely essential practice.

Not in a sense that they need it, but, in a sense that they want to take it!

Pre workout supplements are designed to give you more energy, power, and endurance in the gym. That upon itself makes the experience a ton of fun! Our staff all admits to being near-addicted to the rush of energy that a quality pre workout can offer. Not to mention to increase in workload that all that energy ultimately produces.

But, pre workout supplements are not all made the same. Some are skimpy, some are over caffeinated, and some have no excuse at all…

Checklist for your first pre workout:

  1. Am I fine with Just Coffee alone?
  2. Do I want an energy burst, or long lasting energy?
  3. How tolerant to caffeine am I?
  4. Do I want ingredients to promote muscle growth?
  5. Do I want ingredients to promote fat loss?

We have listed a collection of seriously awesome pre workout supplements already. You can view these products on our Top 10 Pre Workouts page to learn more and get solid recommendations.

Pre workout supplements are more-so motivational products than actual dietary aids. While some pre workout supplements do help you to build more muscle or burn fat via their ingredients – the masses just increase your energy so that you go and perform the actions yourself. We talk all about this in the top 10 list linked above.

#4 Greens Shake for Extra Nutrition

One of the most beneficial things that you can do in pursuit of muscle gains and fat loss is eat your vegetables. Not just one serving of broccoli with dinner though, we’re talking multiple servings of fresh, fresh veggies.

Unfortunately, you and I both know that this new style of eating is highly unlikely.

And while we want you to eat fresh veggies all the time, perhaps opting in a green drink once a day is better than nothing. We think so.

When looking for a Greens Drink:

  • Is it non-GMO and pesticide + herbicide free?
  • What do they sweeten it with?
  • Do I want protein added in?
  • How many servings of vegetables per drink?

You can learn more about greens drinks on our best greens drink page. Here, we’ve written about the efficacy of greens drinks, as well as compiled a list of the best products available (in our opinion).

Greens drinks are a way to get in more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in a convenient drink. This is an alternative to several servings of fresh vegetables a day. Many users report more energy from greens drinks as well as discuss ‘alkalization’ as a benefit. To us, greens drinks are better than nothing, but big dosages of vegies, or fresh spinach in a blender may be a better option than this work-around.

#5 Creatine for Increased Muscle Growth and Strength Gains

Despite the rumors, creatine can be an effective aid for both men and women looking to improve their physiques. Most people think that creatine is all about water weight, but that’s not the case.

While creatine has an affinity for water, it also acts as an energy pre-cursor for your muscles and your brain. This allows you to do greater loads of work, while also maintaining a higher state of hydration. Two things that translate into healthy muscle growth.

The Benefits to creatine include:

  • Better muscle hydration
  • Instant Strength Gains
  • Better Recovery
  • Better performance while dieting
  • Better lean muscle retention and growth while dieting
  • All around gains.

We love cycling creatine into our workout regimens, and find that the best time to take it is post workout. You can read all about creatine and our top recommendations on our top creatine supplements page.

Creatine is a natural form of energy currency inside the body. Supplementing with creatine is the most scientifically proven way to increase strength and muscle mass (aside from illegal alternatives). Not everyone will want to use creatine, and it’s certainly not something to simply start without a solild workout plan. But, if you are exercising regularly, putting in the work, and want an extra edge to speed up your results – creatine is an option.

Conclusion on Our Top 5 Workout Supplements for Beginners

This finishes the top 5 list of what we believe is most popular and beneficial for workout supplement noobs. If you have any questions, you can ask them below and we will get back to you at a convenient time.

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