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shock therapy preworkout with best pumpThe original Shock Therapy was the go to preworkout. Universal Nutrition, the same company famous for the Animal line of supplements, recently revamped Shock Therapy.

Universal Nutrition describes Shock Therapy as an “all-in-one pre-workout powerhouse”. A 1.85 lbs can contains 42, one scoop servings. Each serving is about 20g and has a great profile. Each serving is only 20 calories but contains many ingredients and is sugar free. There are four main components that make up the bulk of Shock Therapy: Shock Therapy Proprietary Formula, a muscle strength blend, an enetropic and antioxidant complex, and an electrolyte and delivery complex. The proprietary formula is 5g with the main items being creatine, arginine, and citrulline. The muscle strength blend is 5.5g and includes BCAAs, L-taurine, beta-alanine, and carnitine. The enertropic and antioxidant complex is 1.2g of caffeine, yerba mate, green tea extract, and other smaller items. The electrolyte and delivery complex is 5.3g and composed mostly of carbohydrates and phosphates. Rounding out the ingredient profile is a few B vitamins and some minerals.

My experience with Shock Therapy is bitter sweet, literally. The flavor of the original Shock Therapy was just awful. It mixed poorly and tasted so bad. But, it gave you some unreal pumps and the ingredient profile could not be better. The newly revamped Shock Therapy keeps the excellent ingredient profile and does improve on the taste although it still has a way to go. Priced at around $0.70 a serving, with a great ingredient profile, and a terrible taste, Shock Therapy is an excellent choice if you can stomach it.

Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy
Once I could get this stuff down, I had an incredible lift. Tons of energy from start to finish.
I had an excellent pump after getting into my lift. With a great ingredient profile, getting a massive pump is no problem.
Yes, definitely the Achilles’s heel of this product. The new improved flavor is light years ahead of where the first one was but it has a long way to go
At under $1 per serving, Shock Therapy is pretty inexpensive. It packs a big punch and has lots of great ingredients.
Shock Therapy is a solid choice for a PWO. If they could make it tastes good, it would be perfect.

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