Staunch Nation BCAA Hydration Review

BCAA Hydration reviewWhy do BCAA supplements always got to be a give and take? You know what we mean… When you look for a BCAA supplement to buy, you are stuck deciding between a well-dosed BCAA or a great tasting BCAA. Those two categories never seem to mix! Well, until now.

As we discovered, Staunch Nation BCAA Hydration is both a well-dosed and delicious BCAA supplement!

The newly released BCAA Hydration currently comes in two flavors, white grape and strawberry coconut. We had the privilege of trying both of these, and both are fantastic. If we had to choose though, preference towards white grape all day!

So, enough hype… What actually makes Staunch BCAA Hydrate solid?

Staunch BCAA Hydration Ingredients

The Staunch BCAA formula is direct, simple, and effective. Each serving contains 7,000 mg of instantized vegan friendly BCAAs, 1,500 mg coconut water powder, and 500 mg Sustamine.

Of note, is that each serving does contain 2 grams of carbohydrates. But, that’s really not the big deal that you would think it is, given that leucine surges insulin anyways.

BCAA Hydration Ingredients

To review Staunch BCAA:

  • 7,000 mg Instantized vegan friendly BCAAs (2:1:1)
  • 1,500 mg coconut water powder
  • 500 mg Sustamine
  • 2 Grams Carbohydrates
  • White Grape or Strawberry Coconut Flavors
  • Get it at

Due to these stats, Staunch BCAA Hydrate earned our ultimate badge of honor – the #1 rank on our best BCAAs for men and women.

How to most effectively take Staunch BCAA Hydrate

So, you are planning on getting Staunch BCAA hydrate, or you already got it. Now is time for the question, how to I utilize this product for my gains like the Cal Von Moger intended?

Here is our unique take on the situation:

  • BCAA Hydrate can be combined with the whole Staunch pre workout line. None of the pre workouts in the staunch line contain BCAAs, most likely because they are already overloaded with other important ingredients. Koala Freak for one is mega-ingredient-packed. Therefore, you are totally able to drink both your staunch pre workout and staunch BCAAs before working out, if you can handle all that liquid.
  • BCAA Hydrate can be used for post workout recovery alongside food or creatine 5. BCAAs are great options for improving recovery. While it probably isn’t the best idea to fully rely on a BCAA for all your recovery needs, adding a BCAA to your post workout meal will certainly take it farther.
  • The best and most enjoyable way to take BCAA Hydrate is going to be intra-workout. Judging by the marketing around BCAA Hydrate, this is exactly how this product is meant to be taken. So, after you’ve taken your pre workout and begun your lift – pump a scoop of BCAA hydrate into your water jug and enjoy extra endurance, recovery, and a deliciously flavored drink to ensure you monitor your hydration well.

But, what if I want to take BCAA hydrate randomly throughout the day between meals and stuff?

For a long time, BCAAs and even protein shakes have been recommended for between meal supplementation…. But we’ve got to disagree with this philosophy.

See, every time you eat a meal, you are triggering the release of insulin. Every time insulin is released, your body stops producing as much growth hormone. As well, when you constantly trigger insulin release, your body begins to release lesser quantities of it.

Ok, but what does that mean?

The inherent problem here, is that you are going to keep your body in this constant insulin state, where growth hormone is kept down, fat burning is eliminated, and when you finally do eat your dinner – you’re really not going to get its full worth because your no longer insulin sensitive.

The Alternative – take BCAAs with meals or while you workout

In order to get the most growth hormone action, as well as maintain optimal insulin sensitivity and fat burning between meals, just add your BCAAs to your proper meal schedule or workout window. That’s it! Your body will make use, and during your down-time you won’t cannibalize muscle nearly as much as you’d expect as long as you are getting proper daily macros overall.

SHQ’s Conclusion on Staunch BCAA Hydrate

After taking Staunch BCAA Hydrate for 2 weeks straight and evaluating its ingredients, we knew it was a winner. If you demand high quality BCAAs in their proper dosages conveniently wrapped in a really, really delicious drink – this is it.

Yes, there are 2 grams of carbs, and sucralose is used as a sweetener… But very few people are picky about that (yes, this is our way of letting you know about it if you are the type).

So, from us to you – enjoy Staunches BCAA Hydrate and comment below to let us know how this intra-workout BCAA drink performed for you personally!

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