Staunch Koala Freak Pre Workout Review

Koala Freak Pre WorkoutKoala Freak by Staunch Supplements is no joke. Inside this pre workout, there’s a supernova of different pre workout qualities that smash together all-into-one, in a way that we’ve never seen done right before.

What does that mean? What is different?

  • Koala Freak Is a Super Stimulant Pre Workout
  • Koala Freak Has a Full Pump Matrix (Nearly 8 grams)
  • Koala Freak Contains 4,000 mg Carnosyn Beta-alanine

Simply put, Koala Freak is exactly what diehard stimulant loving rough neck bodybuilders have been wanting all along… The strongest and most viscous pre workout experience ever. Something the average rookie can’t even handle.

Heck, at times we weren’t sure if we could handle it!

Editor’s Note: Consider this our warning: Koala Freak may be too strong for you. This pre workout is not recommended for folks that get turn’t up sipping on C4, nor for dudes that are currently not in the stage of life called – “looking for a pre workout that’s strong enough”.

Letting Loose In the Gym with Koala Freak

Staunch Koala Freak contains many of the same qualities as the pre workout Staunch Original. Only, the stimulant matrix is turned up to maximum, and the beta-alanine is twofold higher.

The pump with Koala Freak is completely spot on. There is nearly 8 grams of ingredients in Koala Freak that directly contribute to nitric oxide production.

And if the pump doesn’t get you going on its own, the stimulant matrix is sure to light you up.

What’s in Staunch Koala Freak Pre Workout?

Muscle Pump / Nitric Oxide Intensifier

Citrulline Malate 2:1 [6 grams]

Staunch Koala Freak packs 6 grams of Citrulline Malate in the 2:1 ratio. That means two L-citrullines per every malic acid. This is the gold standard in citrulline malate related performance studies.

Agmatine Sulfate [1,000 mg]

Agmatine Sulfate is typically dosed between 500 mg to 1,000 mg, and can provide both a pump and a stimulatory effect. Stacking Agmatine Sulfate on top of citrulline malate is sure to create a strong pump, but that’s not all.

Nitrosigine® (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate) [750 mg]

Nitrosigine is a special form of Arginine which delivers much larger quantities of arginine into the blood stream versus standard arginine supplementation. Likewise, this delivers silica to the blood which helps to vasodilate as well.

L-Norvaline [125 mg]

Lastly in the Staunch pump matrix is L-Norvaline. This ingredient is known to halt the breakdown of l-arginine through disabling the enzyme arginase. This allows for more arginine to participate in nitric oxide production for a better and longer lasting pump.

Energy Freak Matrix

Choline Bitartrate [1,000 mg]

Choline is awesome for increasing focus, natural energy, and the feeling of well-being. This pre workout contains 1,000 mg of choline birtrate which is on the high side (in a good way).

Caffeine Anhydrous [360 mg]

Caffeine is the primary stimulant used in pre workout supplements, and it comes as no surprise that the Koala Freak version of Staunches pre workout line contains a ton of it! This amount is equivalent to about 3 cups of coffee.

L-Theanine [360 mg]

While caffeine is reving you up, its L-theanine’s job to make sure all of that focus and energy is functional, and not just a bad case of the jitters. Normally, pre workouts use half the weight of caffeine for dosing their L-theanine content (if they use it at all). Staunch on the other hand, matches the caffeine content to ensure a better high stimulant experience. You can learn about the other benefits of L-theanine supplements here.

Higenamine [100 mg]

Higenamine is a potent stimulant and fat burner that works well alongside caffeine to increase energy and burn hard-to-reach fat deposits.

Hordenine [50 mg]

Hordenine is derived from L-tyrosine and has stimulatory and fat burner effects similar to caffeine, higenamine, or even synephrine. Hordenine stacks well with caffeine to produce a fuller energy effect, without the need for excessive caffeine servings.

Huperzine A [300 mcg]

Huperzine A is a potent nootropic supplement that increases levels of acetylcholine. You can learn all about the benefits of Huperzine A here.

Endurance and Growth

Carnosyn Beta-Alanine [4,000 mg]

In the pre workout universe, beta-alanine is an ingredient of intense debate! There is a split, between the people that love its endurance enhancing effects, and people that can’t stand the tingling sensation that occurs directly after taking beta-alanine… Regardless, Koala Freak contains the full 4 gram clinical dose of beta-alanine, to make sure that you get the most out of your workouts.

BetaPure Betaine Anhydrous [2,000 mg]

Supplementing with betaine improves muscle cell hydration, which leads to better performance and growth.

Peak ATP [450 mg]

Peak ATP is an ingredient made by TSI USA. It boasts and extensive list of performance enhancing capabilities, ranging from greater endurance to strength output!

The Roundup on Koala Freak

Koala Freak isn’t a run of the mill pre workout, it’s a monster that should be locked in a cage! If you want a real dose of Citrulline Malate, a real dose of Beta-Alanine, and a super-stimulant formula all on top of that, look no further.

This is for sure the future of high-stimulant, large-dose pre workout supplements. If you’re after the strongest PWO you can find, this may be it. Likewise if you are new to pre workouts, steer clear of Koala Freak… You’re not ready yet. Go ahead and check out Staunch Original instead.


  1. Are any of these ingredients banned by the fda or not allowed in competition causing one to be sanctioned?

    • SupplementHQ says

      Derek, we do not review supplements with ingredients banned by the FDA, Koala Freak is fully compliant. For competition, most organizations do ban the use of pre workouts and related products DURING events… But off season and training not so much.

  2. Any carbs in this product?

  3. What is the caffeine amount in this compared to the staunch original? Can you compare this to any other pre workouts out now? Looks and sounds legit

    • SupplementHQ says

      caffeine is doubled in Koala Freak compared to the original. As a whole its a pretty novel supplement, anyone else have comparisons for Eric?

  4. I bought three bottles of koala freak I take scoop and half

  5. So far the best pre-workout

  6. Awesome preworkout usually take scoop and a half took 2 tonight feel like I’ve a rocket up my ass whooooohoooo 2 hours in the gym and I’m still buzzing maybe have a minor heart attack 😂😂😂

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