Review of Focus Factor: Does It Work?

Before the Nootropic smart drug explosion, there was Focus Factor lining the shelves of GNC, Walmart, and stores alike. Today, Focus Factor still exists and appears to be going strong. We did our first Focus Factor review back in 2012, but now we’re going to completely re-review it and see how it stacks up against the […]

Best Ginkgo Biloba Supplements

We have created the Best Ginkgo Biloba Supplement List to help you narrow down the thousands of different versions that are currently available online. We have also provided you with some knowledge about everything to do with Ginkgo Biloba to hopefully help clear up some confusions on what exactly it is and what exactly it does […]

Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer Comprehensive Review

Coming in at 2015’s top selling weight loss fat burner on, Ubervita is certainly selling a LOT of their product, W700 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer. Is it’s Amazon dominance well deserved? I personally, am not fully convinced. See where W700 ranks on our best fat burner post here. This review is 2 parts – 1) my personal experience […]

10 Best CLA Supplements

These days, it seems as if we get a new, surefire fix for health problems thrown at us every few seconds on TV. While some companies are focused on newer items, a few of them stick to some old guns that are strongly believed to work, even if the science doesn’t always prove it entirely. […]

Colovexus Colon Cleanser Review

Being healthy is a tough job in today’s world, simply because today’s world demands us working from sunup to sundown with hardly a moment in between to cook a decent meal, exercise, or just relax. Luckily for us, some products exist that help us stay healthy on the go. Colon cleansers clean out your body’s […]

Nature Made Men’s Pack Review

Between wrasslin’ bears with your bear hands, herding unwieldy cattle, and cooking moonshine in your backyard, being a healthy man in today’s world is tough. Alright, maybe you’re not an overly manly man, but the point still remains that being healthy can take a back seat to everything else us guys are charged with remembering […]

Rainbow Light Men’s One Review

Eating Brussels sprouts can become a drag. Stuffing celery in your mouth gets really old, really quick. Not putting butter on your rolls feels criminal. As a man, being healthy can be the single-biggest challenge in your day-to-day. Forget parenting or making sure the big merger goes through, not eating what you want when you […]

The Top 10 Multivitamins For Men

Gone are the days when a steady cowboy’s diet of bacon, beans, whisky, and grease would keep a man moving. Since we men have transformed from running around with raccoon caps and single-shot rifles to walking around in suits with briefcases, a lot of things have changed. An emphasis on health is one of them. […]

InflamMotion Joint Supplement Review

Getting older isn’t all fun and games; in fact, it’s usually all the fun and games you experienced while you were young that make getting older a bit more of a challenge. Your knees hurt, your back aches, and you’re definitely not as fast as you used to be – sound familiar? Luckily, for the […]

Osteo-Sport Joint Supplement Review

Being a weekend warrior is tough. Between evading a honeydo list from the missus if you’re a guy, or having five seconds to yourself without kids wanting something from you if you’re a lady, finding time to exercise and stay in shape can seem impossible. And when your joints hurt, another excuse is added to […]