Coconut Oil: MCTs for lean muscle, fat loss, and health

Coconut is a type of cooking oil that has been used in the Caribbean and many South Asian countries, in recent years it has become very popular in the West due to its supposed health benefits. Coconut oil is made up of 65% Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which have been shown to help with fat […]

Benefits of Omega-3 Supplementation

There are many fatty acids that the body produces, but two of them are not produced there and need to be added via diet. These two are known as Linoic Acid, which is an Omega 6 fatty acid, and alpha-linoic acid which is an Omega 3 fatty acid. We naturally consume large amounts of Omega-6s […]

Dr. Tobias Optimum Omega-3 Review

Being healthy can seem as if you’re fighting a losing battle sometimes. Working long hours at the office reduces the time you have to spend at home, fixing a healthy meal and exercising. Luckily, some smart man invented dietary supplements to help us get the nutrients we need while working busy days. Dr. Tobias’ Optimum […]

Kirkland Signature Omega-3 Fish Oil Review

As today’s work environment continues to heat up, and we approach a globally encompassing information flow, staying healthy often takes a backseat to getting those last reports to the boss. Luckily, solutions exist to solving your health problems naturally when you just don’t have the time to cook a completely vegetarian or gluten-free meal. Kirkland’s […]

10 Best Omega-3 Supplements

Being healthy can feel like such a chore sometimes. Between exercising, trying to eat healthy, and staying in shape, fighting for good health seems like a losing battle sometimes. But what if there was a product that really did promote health and improve your body’s overall functions simply by taking it every morning with breakfast? […]