The Benefits of Yohimbe for Weight Loss

yohimbe bark
yohimbe capsMany people associate Yohimbe with its aphrodisiac effects, and while this may be its strongest effect, Yohimbe also helps those trying to shed a few extra pounds. The stimulating effects of Yohimbe are believed to increase weight loss and decrease weight gain.

Yohimbe is believed to have a thermogenic effect due to it’s stimulating properties. Thermogenesis increases weight loss naturally and also helps individuals avoid weight gain. Due to it’s wide range of benefits, Yohimbe has become a common ingredient in various supplements.

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Yohimbe extract comes from the bark of Yohimbe trees found in Central Africa. More specifically, Yohimbe trees are native to Zaire, Cameroon and Gabon.

Bark from this evergreen is often used for weight loss and the treatment of depression, exhaustion and various other conditions[1].The main chemical found in Yohimbe bark, Yohimbine, provides a wide range of benefits to the body.

Uses and Benefits

Yohimbe has been tested and found to be successful in both increasing weight loss and decreasing weight gain. One study found that the mean weight loss of 20 females during a three-week period was significantly greater in those taking Yohimbe [2].

In addition to helping with weight loss, Yohimbe is also used to treat various other medical conditions. Some of Yohimbe’s other benefits include:

    • aphrodisiac effects
    • treatment of depression
    • treatment of exhaustion
    • decreasing diabetic complications

yohimbine chemical structure

How it Works

By stimulating the metabolic rate, Yohimbe kickstarts a thermogenic response in the body. Thermogenesis boosts weight loss naturally by increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidization.

The thermogenic effects of Yohimbe are stronger in active individuals. Exercising regularly while taking Yohimbe provides greater benefits and should be included in one’s health regimen. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle, men and women can expect to see many benefits by adding a Yohimbe supplement to their diets.

Proper Dosage

A proper dosage of Yohimbe is 15 to 30mg a day for adults. The stimulating effects of Yohimbe may be unsafe for children, so it is not recommended that children take it.

Side Effects

Side effects of Yohimbe are rare when a proper dose is used. However, ocassionally side effects include upset stomach, insomnia and anxiety.


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  1. Great article. Yohimbe’s properties as an aphrodisiac are so well known, people often overlook it’s other benefits like the contribution to weight loss you mentioned or it’s use as a treatment for dry mouth and heartburn.

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