NeuroflexynNeuroflexyn is a new brain supplement that has come out of nowhere in the last two months to become one of the highest-selling brain supplement products online thanks to an incredible marketing strategy but unfortunately their product hasn’t garnered the same respect from customers.

The product burst onto the online scene back in December with the help of affiliate networks pushing their product without much regard for the truth. Unfounded statements like “Neuroflexyn increases concentration by 312% and boost IQ scores by 77%” have not been uncommon advertising tools to attract the masses.

Personal Testing and Review

I’ve spent the last several weeks on Neuroflexyn taking one serving (3 capsules) daily. As can be expected from a product that has caffeine, I have noticed an increase in alertness/mental energy after taking it.

I have been personally testing this product for the last month, following the labels advice of taking 1 capsule twice daily. Like all thermogenics, there is a noticeable increase in energy throughout the day – especially when appropriately timed and spaced out. This is usually do to caffeine and other stimulants (caffeine and guarana seed extract for W700).

I’m not gonna lie, I felt good on this product. Real good. Not only was I more energized, but I also felt more focused (which can be a result of Schisandra) and motivated.

But heres the important question… Did I burn fat and get completely shredded?

The answer… yesish. I lost 1 pound total and decreased body weight from 10.5% to 9.8%.

Not exactly numbers I’m stoked on but not terrible. Obviously this experience comes down to not just the fat burner, but what work outs and what diet I am adhering too (I have done my best to keep these 2 variables consistent over the last 3 months – 2 preceding and 1 during). So really, 1 persons personal experience is not the final word on the issue. I have talked to people who have had much more impressive results than I have. So lets move on to the unbiased ingredient breakdown.



Ingredient Profile Analysis

The product itself is another marketing tool – at first glance the robust list of ingredients and 90 capsules appears as a great value. But if you take a deeper look at the ingredient list you’ll find a different story. A 100 mg serving of Omega-3 at only 6% EPA & 4% DHA in Neuroflexyn suggests you’d need to take about 150 servings of Neuroflexyn in order to get the same nutritional value as 1 serving of the leading Omega-3 seller. Even the 90 capsules is a form of label stuffing considering that you need to take 3 capsules instead of 2 like most other brain supplement competitors.

However, it’s not all smoke and mirrors. The product does have some good things going for it. Huperzine-A, Vinpocetine, and B-vitamins are solid ingredients that are effective as cognitive enhancers.

Ingredient Description


Company Review


Customer Reviews



Neuroflexyn is packed with some quality ingredients but some are at such low quantities that they couldn’t ever be considered effective.  Neuroflexyn has done a fantastic job of advertising their product but there are much better options available. For other options see our rankings of the top 10 best cognitive enhancers like Neuroflexyn.

There is little in the formula that is geared toward improving focus, this is the weakest point of the formula.
Neuroflexyn does a decent job of providing memory enhancers such as Bacopa Monnieri even though the quantity of Bacopa is probably low with only 20% bacosides.
Vinpocetine and Huperzine-A are good ingredients but the formula is still lacking in other powerful ingredients such as citicoline.
At first glance Neuroflexyn appears to be a good value per pill but the pills are stuffed with too many diluted, cheap ingredients.
Although the product appears very well balanced and well priced, a deeper look into the product reveals quite the opposite.


For better and more guaranteed results, check out our list of top thermogenics here.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this review proves helpful. If you have tried Ubervita products, please share your experience in the comments section below. Also, subscribe to our email list for supplement coupons. We don’t spam – we only email you when we have coupon codes or free product to give away.

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  1. Felt nothing from this Neuroflexyn. Waist of money. Your better off making your own nootropic stack or finding a product with doesnt label stuff. Well written article and I agree the formula is a joke.

  2. Doesn’t Cerebral Success make an Omega-3 supplement? Surprised it’s not on this list.

  3. Danniel Williams says

    Neuroflexyn isn’t good people. Don’t buy it. I tried returning the product and it took me 18 minutes to get just the operator. There are other better brain supplements


  5. I tried it. Not bad. Felt a bit more alert and more awake.

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