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BrainStorm Elite is a new trending brain supplement that has worked magic with marketing but unfortunately their product is complete crap.

It seems no one likes this product and we were unable to find a single positive review and with good reason…

BrainStorm Elite operates on a very gray area of the law offering three different pricing structures for different bottle quantities while automatically enrolling you in their autoship program, which will charge you $50/month and send you another worthless bottle.

Marketing claims found on the affiliate websites pointing to Brainstorm elite are also responsible for making outrageous claims of doubling IQ and increasing focus by 200%, etc.

The product only has three ingredients – Ginseng, Vinpocetine and Vitamin B6. Ginseng is known for improving memory while vinpocetine is used in order to increase blood flow. Vitamin B6 is simply an essential nutrient needed for proper nervous system functionality. Although these are not necessarily bad ingredients they are not anything close to what one would call scientifically formulated. If you’re looking to get real results you might as well go order a $15 bottle of ginseng.

Bottom Line: There is nothing special or rewarding about this formula. BrainStorm Elite has done a very good job advertising their product through affiliate networks but there are much better options available.Check out our rankings of the top 10 best cognitive enhancers like BrainStorm Elite.

BrainStorm Elite
This formula is pretty much devoid of anything that will improve focus.
Ginseng has been used for memory but there is no evidence that BrainStorm Elite has an effective dose of ginseng to make any impact. Customer reviews show it may be completely ineffective.
Vinpocetine provides increased blood to the brain, whether or not this will increasse mental energy is uncertain.
The price is 5 times higher than what it would cost to simply by the 3 individual ingredients and the monthly autoship is just there to screw you.
Do not buy this product for any reason. There is nothing redeeming about it.


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  1. This product is a total scam. Do NOT by. It did nothing and when I went to return the product I could not get a hold of the company. Garbage. Do not buy!

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