Thermakor Weight Loss Supplement Review

kor nutrition thermakor weight loss review Looking to burn some fat with a  thermogenic supplement? Kor Nutrition has recently launched a new weight loss thermogenic product called Thermakor.  Thermakor boasts offers a wide range of benefits from there sixteen all-natural ingredient makeup, all of which work together for superb weight loss results. I personally went from 8.9% body fat to 7.4% in only 3 weeks. My all new low! Some of the benefits I’ve noticed, personally, are:weight loss review

  • Boosted metabolism
  • Appetite suppression
  • Boosted focus & energy
  • Improved digestion

Along with these benefits, Kor Nutrition also provides a detailed list of all of Thermakor’s ingredient on their website, which is always appreciated when  looking for a new weight loss solution.

Appetite suppression may or may not be a good thing for you. But for me, it just cut down on my between meal munchies… which are almost always high sugar high fat. So even though I am trying to burn fat and gain muscle weight, it was still possible with Thermakor.

Overall, I feel great while using Thermakor. It provides me with good, clean energy that lasts all day with no crash. Additionally, without going into to much detail, it has helped me dramatically with digestion issues I have been dealing with for over a year.

UPDATE: Thermakor no longer offers their popular “Thermakor Weight Loss Bundle” – but they were kind enough to supply the readers of SupplementHQ a unique coupon code for 10% off. Use coupon “supplementHQ” for 10% off!

See where Thermakor ranks on our best thermogenic supplements post.

Kor Nutrition: Thermakor
Thermakor is packed with leading thermogenic ingredients like green tee extract and caffeine anhydrous
Fat Uptake
Ingredients like Yohimbe, Codonopsis Pilosula Root, and Inula Racemosa work to prevent fat uptake within the body.
Thermakor gives me solid energy and focus leaving me completely unconcerned with eating
At $59 for 1 bottle of thermakor, a weight loss BMI scale, and a decently helpful ebook on eating healthy, the price is actually quite a steel. If you are buying the product seperately than it can get expensive. Our recommendation - get on their monthly plan. Every 3rd month is free!
An effective and fair priced product with lots of awesome extras.

Have you tried Kor Nutrition’s Thermakor? What’d you think? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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  2. This review is great! All of the necessary questions that a new customer will ask. I’m definitely going to give this a try!

  3. Ok, I am just really curious if you actually tried the product. I have been to about 15 different websites, and oddly enough Thermakor is #1 on every single site! So, either it’s really good, or this is just a mass marketing campaign for this new product!

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