Top 10 Best Gamer Energy Drinks

Best Gamer SupplementsEnergy drinks and video games have been entwisted like ying and yang since the beginning of NES. Something like an inseparable force, you know? Like blue ghosts to pacman, mushrooms to Mario, the Buster sword to Cloud, boom headshot to counterstrike!

We’re not going to lie, the reasons that gamers take energy drinks to rage on for hours past the body’s mortal limit may not always be in the pursuit of justice or world peace… But it is a hell of a ride.

Man, if only the OTHER karate kid knew about these drinks… Everything would have been different.

But hey, be the change you want to see in the world, right? Yes, this is exactly what Ghandi meant.

And to make that OG proud, you better plan on taking the best supplements for video gaming energy. Don’t believe us? Just check back to the old texts and stack them up by order of importance, you’ll see he recommended us to share these supplements with you right on top (true story).

10 Best Energy Drinks for Gamers (Indisputable)

#10 Store Bought Red bull, Monster, AMPED, ETC ETC!

Ranking in at #10 we have the legacy options for getting charged up with energy. These are, the standard old-school gas station energy drinks in a can!

Guaranteed, you’ve got some swell memories with cases of these bad boys. Just remember the energy rush and neon green pee!

But, drinks like these are only short term wins. Canned drinks are loaded with sugar, preservatives, and a laundry list of other bad-news that’ll have you fat and pimply skinned in no time flat.

With that being said, what else is at your disposal? Continue scrolling down and check it.

#9 X-Gamer X’Tubz
X-Tubz by X-Gamer
X-Gamer is a United Kingdom based gamer supplement company who offers X-Tubz and X-Shotz of their energy formula.

The branding behind this company is cool, but when it comes down to the actual products… It’s just caffeine, taurine, and some vitamins. YES, this is miles better than taking red bull or monster… But, C’mon… Could they not have put in a bit more effort?

The higher ranking companies below sure did!

#8 Stim Pack by Stimpack LLC
Stim Pack Supplement
For the ninth spot, we’ve got the pill based product STIMPACK. This is the only product manufactured by Stimpack LLC, and in it you will find: Theobromine, L-Theanine, Caffeine, and Vitamin B12. Pretty much, all the good stuff inside coffee mashed down into pill form.

BAM! That’s Stim Pack.

This is a 1 pill serving size, and each bottle is loaded with 45 servings. Consider this option if you like light, caffeine focused energy that can easily be scaled by taking more pills if you desire. On we go!

#7 Gamer Supps “GG”
GG Energy Drink
So, yes… Gamer Supps GG will give you energy. For that reason, we bring it onto this list. But… We’ve got a problem. See, Gamer Supps says “GG is healthy zero-calorie energy”

That’s interesting… Because: GG contains a meth-like stimulant – Octadrine, GG contains artificial sweetener, GG contains artificial flavors, GG contains artificial colors.

But it’s “a healthy zero-calorie energy drink”? It really isn’t a problem that they have some of these things in there… Its just the fact that its in there and they pull the ‘its healthy’ card… When it isn’t.

Is it better for you than standard bottled energy drinks? Most definitely. But still, that doesn’t imply healthy… Only less bad.

#6 BPI XP Level Up Energy Formula
BPI XP Level Up
Naturally, the pre workout supplement industry is going to want to make an energy supplement for gamers, and here is our first example to show you! XP Level Up is a small-formula yet high energy and great tasting drink that will definitely beat out canned energy drinks any day of the week.

This is probably the only supplement on this list that you will be able to find in a GNC or other supplement shop.

BPI XP Level Up’s primary ingredients are: Caffeine, GABA, and CDP Choline. If you’ve tried it, let us know what you thought in the comments section at the bottom!

#5 Neogenics FPS Energy
Neogenix FPS
Ranking just barely above BPI XP Level Up is Neogenics FPS Energy. This is a pill based formula focusing on green tea, guarana, L-theanine, and Ashwagandha.

While the formula itself isn’t ‘supercharged’, it is worth noting that with this stuff, you’re not getting the artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and preservatives – Which ultimately add up and make you dumb + slow.

For those reasons, congrats FPS Energy for making such a high ranking! Keep doing what you are doing.

#4 Controlled Labs Gamer Up Powder
Gamer Up Supplement
Controlled Labs Gamer Up is a larger formula in comparison to the previous lower ranking products. Each serving of Gamer Up contains: Taurine, Tyrosine, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Bacopa Monnieri, Caffeine, Alpha GPC Choline, Lutein, and Huperzine A.

This is a major boost in ingredient count, and, for literally the same price as the previously covered gamer supplements.

This easily gives Gamer Up the upper hand it needs to rank higher.

#3 SmartX
SmartX Brain Supplement
SmartX isn’t par-say a gaming supplement, but there is no denying that it works fantastically for this purpose. More-so, compared to the previous gamer supplements – it is a much more thoughtfully made product.

If you would like a supplement that you can take once a day to game harder while performing better in school – this is it.

Granted, SmartX isn’t going to give you hyper-drive energy like some of the other products, it probably is the best one for you in the long run.

You can learn more about SmartX on the top 10 nootropics ranking.

#2 MOD
MOD Energy Pill
MOD ranks in second place with its large nootropic/energy based formula.

What we really like about MOD, are the ingredients which include: Bacopa, Choline, L-Theanine, Ginkgo Biloba, Theacrine, Caffeine…. And more! Pretty much everything good is in here for ultra-laser like focus.

Just one pill – boom – and its on.

We expect MOD to be popular among the older generations who really need something strong to get them into the game. However, for the younger generation who are better at video games, our top ranker is ideal.

#1 Gamma Labs G-Fuel – Hands Down Most Dedicated Brand for Gamers
Best Gaming SupplementRanking in as the KING of gamer energy supplements is G-FUEL by Gamma Labs. These guys, are without a doubt the most dedicated gamer supplement makers, having more years in business making G-Fuel than many of these competitors combined.

G-Fuel isn’t ‘the strongest experience ever’, resorting to pseudo-illegal ingredients like octodrine. But nor is G-Fuel weak or compromising.

Instead, G-Fuel is literally a better tasting alternative to energy drinks, that gives you way more energy without all the sugar and shame. And yes, this stuff will improve your reaction times and comprehension (AKA make you BETTER).

Plus, G-Fuel comes in something like 16 different flavors and is represented by some of the best professional gamers in the industry! Just take a look here to see who G-Fuel Sponsors. No other Gamer Supplement company comes close to being this committed to you.

Go ahead and look at G-Fuel here on Amazon!

Gamer Supplements Round-Up

That’s it guys! Our take on the best energy supplements for gamers. We hope that this list simplifies your search for the right drink to power up your game nights. Likewise, we hope that this helps you kick he habit from raw and unhealthy energy drinks… They cost too much per serving and are bad news for your six pack!

Like on all of our articles – go ahead and leave your feedback below. We always want to hear from you! Likewise, incase you are wondering – G-Fuel did not sponsor this post. We don’t play those games. PEACE.


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