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TruBrain ReviewTruBrain was first started as a collaboration between Chris Thompson and Andrew Hill a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. TruBrain is one of the most well respected Brain Supplements on the market and with good reason. They have done a very good job of marketing quantifiable scientific results for TruBrain. Additionally, they have done an excellent job of maintaining transparency and a professional experience for their customers. At SupplementHQ we recently had the chance to test out their new think drinks and the results were positive…minus the taste. Here’s our review.

The think drinks are certainly a convenient choice for people that want to grab a packet on the go without needing to carry a box, a bottle of capsules or a water bottle. The drinks provide a noticeable boost in concentration and focus and it had no negative effects on stomach irritability.

TruBrain’s focus appears to be more on brain health and focus and less on memory. The formula is devoid of ingredients like bacopa monnieri, which is a well tested and regularly used ingredient within many brain supplements for memory. Another thing that we found puzzling was that their morning dose has 80 mg of caffeine while the turbo and the afternoon have none. This makes sense for people that need help waking up in the morning but it doesn’t make sense for people that need a boost of energy in the afternoon. The formula caters well to people that are looking for an alternative to coffee as a “pick me up” for work in the morning.

TruBrain’s formula includes well known ingredients like L-Theanine for relaxation and focus, L-Tyrosine for improved cognition under stress, and Citicholine for neurotransmitter production. TruBrain also includes a couple more controversial ingredients ‒ oxiracetam and piracetem. According to the FDA, neither of these ingredients are classified as dietary supplements due to the fact that they do not come from a plant or herb. However, many studies have shed light on the positive benefits of oxiracetam and piracetam on cognition.

TruBrain is packed with ingredients that are proven and the blend has been shown to have a positive effect with preliminary scientific research. TruBrain is a great product if you’ve got a big budget. Click here to see how our TruBrain review ranks on our 10 best cognitive enhancers post.

Thanks for reading. Have you tried TruBrain? What did you think? PLEASE leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. They key ingredient in trubrain products is of the racetam family. It is their differentiator and it is the most researched cognitive enhancer on the planet. No other companies dare use it for legality reasons. Trubrain must spend a lot for good lawyers.

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