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Wean Caffeine Quiting AidBetween regular coffee consumption and all of the caffeine containing supplements that we experiment with on this site, at times, we deal with serious caffeine over consumption issues.

Caffeine over-use is really a bizarre ride when you think about it.

When you start drinking coffee, or taking pre workout supplements – it’s like a miracle. You can finally squeeze into your day a few extra activities that you would have regularly lacked the focus/energy/motivation to pursue.

But over time, caffeine begins to lose its effectiveness.

So what do you do?

You drink more and more caffeine containing beverages in order to continue on, business as usual.

The problem is, this caffeine tolerance occurs for your own good.

Because, all the extra energy that caffeine gives you can come at an extreme tax to your body over the long term if left un-moderated.

But for all of us, quitting caffeine simply isn’t an option until its too late and you hit the proverbial “wall”.

At which point, things take a serious twist.

This is when caffeine stops helping you focus. In fact, it begins to give you anxiety and lack of focus instead, sometimes even headaches.

Even worse, without caffeine – these symptoms are just as bad.

At this point, you have to begin detoxing caffeine but the whole idea of it is dreadful and costly to the productive lifestyle you’ve adopted.

We’ve had to quit caffeine first hand multiple times

We’ve literally tried everything.

  • Cold turkey quitting
  • Slowly cutting down caffeine beverages
  • Special herbs that allegedly “help”
  • And even replacing caffeine with other stimulants

The truth is, all of these methods sucked. What’s worse, is they resulted in a lot of unproductive, grumpy, wasted time.

Until the last time we detoxed caffeine with Wean Caffeine

It all began after investing into an office espresso maker, caffeine consumption seemingly tripled in a matter of days.

Basically, our office went from 2-3 regular coffees (about 150 mg caffeine each), up to 2-3 delicious and tiny espresso shots (250 mg caffeine each).

That’s right, on any given day, we were each taking in up to 750 mg of caffeine, and that’s before reviewing any caffeine containing supplements!

After two weeks of hyper-productivity – the demise began.

Headaches, moodiness, lack of sleep, death to all productivity. We were all suffering hard.

This was the worst case of caffeine burnout we’ve ever gone though.

Author Note – if you think going through caffeine burnout alone is rough, imagine being surrounded by half a dozen grumpy, headache, burnt out people!

So this time, before beginning one of the previously mentioned methods, we searched the internet and came across the product Wean Caffeine which was highly recommended by a few caffeine authority websites.

As it turned out, that was a fantastic decision.

Wean Caffeine is an affordable caffeine detox program

In its essence, Wean Caffeine is a program that contains a mixture of caffeine and l-theanine (l-theanine is pretty awesome) that slowly tapers your caffeine levels down.

There isn’t any strange pill math, instead, each box of Wean Caffeine contains punch-out packs that go from day 1 to day 30, which each day slowly lessening your caffeine.

They’ve done this for us, in a way that allows you to reduce caffeine just right – so you avoid the heavy headaches and productivity crash.

Since we were taking 500+ mg of caffeine, each staff member reviewed 5 boxes of Wean.

How to take Wean Caffeine

This meant, we started taking:

  • 500 mg on days 1 to 3
  • 450 mg on days 4 to 6
  • 400 mg on days 7 to 9
  • 350 mg on days 10 to 12
  • 300 mg on days 13 to 15
  • And eventually, we were at just 50 mg from day 28 to 30.

After that, we were completely off caffeine’s hook. All without the nasty symptoms.

So what makes Wean Caffeine so effective?

The ‘magic’ to Wean Caffeine is that each dosing segment is perfectly measured. If you were to try to measure caffeine levels out yourself through coffee, there would be a ton of discrepancies which would ultimately sabotage you.

Just as important, is Wean Caffeine contains L-Theanine

Something your coffee lacks, is good old L-Theanine.

Found only in a few herbs, L-Theanine compliments caffeine by promoting a tranquil mind-state as well as significantly reducing the heart-rate increase effect of caffeine.

When caffeine burnout is at its worst, this goes MILES in helping you stay on task and keep headaches down.

Taking Wean Caffeine: What you need to know

Wean Caffeine is super cheap, which is awesome. However to get maximum effect we recommend you follow their guidelines:

  • Get one pack per 100 mg caffeine (or cup of coffee) that you are currently consuming.
  • Replace each cup of coffee you’d normally drink, with a Wean Caffeine pill.
  • Follow the taper program listed on the push-packs (day 1, day 2, etc).
  • And enjoy the ride, knowing that you are crushing your dependency to caffeine the smartest way possible.

After getting over caffeine burnout, you will be amazed at how your relationships, sleep, productivity, and overall quality of life improves.

So, where do I get it?

We got ours from www.weancaffeine.com. No middlemen, just the best priced program straight from the makers and extra fresh.

Is taking Wean Caffeine absolutely essential?

No, nothing is for that matter besides food, water, and a bit of sleep. However, in our experience Wean Caffeine is an investment well-made if you value your productivity and well-being.

Share your experience below, we’re eager to hear from you!

We had a great experience with this product, and would love to hear feedback from other users and even skeptics. A lot of people just like you are going to read this same article… So if you have a question or advice, share below to help them out!

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